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Awesome work ! Good Luck bro :)

Could you please answer the open questions on here?

Nice work!! Unfortunately this comes without a PSD.

who said that man it come with PSDs.

Sorry about that! I assumed it didn’t since it doesn’t say in the files included. Just made my purchase. Cheers!!

Very nice theme, is this woo commerce compatible?

Waooooo..Awsome product, mile-long feature list, excellent comaptibility. Its one-stop shop for all my needs. Just loving it.

Unlike other good responsive themes here, this one presents a responsiveness issue on IE (Nokia Lumia 920). I don’t have this problem with other themes I bought here. I’m asking to the author to fix that issue and post an update because I paid for a product which is supposed to be responsive and not “respective except IE browser”. The support team sent me a fix and asked me to do it by myself doubting on my intent. When you get money for something deliver what you claimed. If you can’t fix it, refund.

“responsive except IE browser”*

Do you have a 2 column layout option that isn’t as wide by default.

There is a 2 column layout included. However, can you please elaborate your questions to enable us to help you with that.

@tantration thanks for posting.

I was going to purchase but saw your comment about the IE browser issue.

Hmmm Something you need to test by yourself rather just trusting on other reviews, Its fully responsive included IE Mobile Browsers!!! Give a Try and Let me know, if we can make help you in any ways…

Don’t try it on a website like responsive tester, try it on a real mobile device. Quite another story. Even the free theme of the month works on my Nokia Lumia 920. Chimpstudio couldn’t send me a picture of a nokia lumia 920 or any other windows phone where it works until now. I sent several screenshots of mine showing that their theme doesn’t behave as it should. I hope they will fix it up one day for their own good. Till then words are only words.

Thumbs Up for you guys. Looks like wonder work. I would like to make purchase if you offer 2 or 3 column portfolios? Good Luck!!!!

Nice Job. Do you offer customization of theme? @Tantrition make me confuse its work on my lumia :) . but till i am not sure will not do purchase(thinking since 3 days), waiting for developers answer. if anyone can make that solid product i am sure if that will be the issue will need there seconds to fix it and i can see Chimps have 60+ Products and elite Author..
At-last again its nice Product..

I bought the product because I considered it’s a fantastic theme. But at office, we tried with three different Lumia 920, two different ISP to avoid cache issue. I’d have liked it to work but it’s not. Work great on Apple devices though. We tried on iPad and iPad mini. I’m sure it’s not a big deal to fix but it’s not my duty to do it. It’s the people who got my money’s.

The permalink keep changing itself back to something like: when I updated the post in second time even I changed the permalink to, not sure if it was the theme's problem?

@xzmaxtoy Can you please Create a Ticket at and leave you login detail so we can test it for you ..

I am having the same issue with changing the header as everyone else. I submitted a ticket.

How can I see this theme working on a mobile phone please?


Can’t seem to be able to click on the call-to-action buttons in the Home slider (Discover More, Read More etc.).

Please confirm, can they be configured to be clickable?

Hello, I’m having same issue on Header 11, customizations (turn on or off social buttons) does not update. Downloaded less than 5 days ago. Do I need an updated version? Where can i get it? I also need to use html on top strip. Is that possible?

hi, my collegue purchaced this theme, I have to configure it but have problem with the customization of the header. It don’t change selecting different header style! let me know plz.

You need to open ticket at for your issue to get resolve. Our support team is there to help you by all means.

Hi, Does this theme calendar view in events, or when your other theme (Lovepray) is gonna be available because I can’t found it in themeforest anymore.

Yes, it offers calendar view in Events. Lovepray is being updated and will soon be available.

What happen to your lovepray church theme. I see this them is close to it but I went to purchase the lovepray church theme and it was gone. Is there anyway to buy it still?

You guys make killer themes.

It happened good with LovePray for sure. LovePray had been taken back by us for improvements and value updates. We had taken it back for improvements and value additions. It will back as soon as gets approval by TF as it has been uploaded already.