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When I manage reviews I don’t know how I can use the “Overview” and “Item title”.

You can open a ticket at for assistance in this matter. Our support team will look into the matter for you to solve this issue.

Can anyone provide me with an url of a site that is running this theme, and working regarding responsiveness

Last update resolved all responsive issues and it is working fine now. please get the update that was given in November last year.

I did update in november but it is still the same.. Why don’t you try your own demo site on a smart phone ??? It’s not possible to zoom in/out on the text, and it is not adapting to screen size properly

Why not, I will give it a try for that. Thank you for pointing out the exact issue, I will get back with solution if problem found.

Hi, we are trying to open a ticket on your support page but form doesn´t accept the purchase code. We wan´t to know how to remove header banner from categorie pages and how to customize post views (we want it to show thumbnail image) in categorie pages. Thank you!

Support system is well on track and you can try it again by filling in all required areas. We can help you in this issue by looking into your backend, for that you need to open ticket and give us your detail. If your are not able to open ticket at al, you can use our “contact us” form (write your purchase code there).


I like to buy this awesome theme, but I have two questions before buying it:

1) Does the plugun Ubermenu also work on this template? 2) Can I also drag/drop pages with the sitebuilder?

Hope to hear soon from you.

Grtz, Martin

Hai @ kloppers. It should work, however we have not tested it. And, there is a pagebuilder which you can use to build pages, but there is no sitebuilder.

tnx for the answer Yeah I noticed there’s a page builder. But can I add other pages with the pagebuilder to a page? or only slideshows, testemoninials,portfolios, but not other pages? Thats what I want to know.

You can manage all pages which are there in the in the page builder of our theme. However, adding new page is not option we our page builder offer.

Hi. Great theme!

Question: Is this theme Buddypress and Woocommerce – capabale?


Hai @ ewise. Thank you for words of appreciation. No, its not Buddypress and Woocommerece-capabl.

Love the theme, but I am having problems creating a look to match your home v6 review sample. Is there a particular slider I should be using as the flex slide is going full screen vs left…

Ok, scratch the last question.. I used the rev slider and it worked… my question now is.. right above the slider it says: “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” although I turned the SLIDER option OFF in the theme settings!!!!! Please advise

We have to look into your backend to get onto the issue. Please open a ticket at and provide your login details to our support team. They will do it for you for sure.

Can you tell me how to enlarge the font size in the main menu?

you can do it from style.css. You have to change the code in that css file for that. If you feel any difficulty doing it, please feel free to open a ticket at


i would like to buy this theme, got a question before buy it.

Can I combine Home v6 Review Site with Header style 12?

thanks Ivan

Yes, you can do that.

How can I add a lightbox to the homepage, or maybe a sidebar? In other words “recent work” to the homepage?

You can add recent work by adding another portfolio on home page.

I saw this perspective theme and i love it. please how do i purchase from Nigeria? tried the both methods but none is working.


I’m reading in the documentation: Sidebars can be used in all pages and posts layouts. Just select the layout with sidebar and select the sidebar from drop-down.

do I have to set sidebar style in every single page or can I do it by setting in admin panel just one time?



You have to set it on every page. You cannot do it once for all.

Is there a reason why the shortcode COLUMN contained in the POST appear on the POST abstract on the homepage ? (the post looks fine on the post page) I just posted this question on your support with an attached file and it returns a page not available error…. Many thanks, k

Your Ticket number is 1329. Please use that to get on to support team.

brillant I have a lot of problems

Everything will be sorted for sure.

I was really excited about this theme, however I agree with other posters, it does not work responsive.

WE have sent the update with all the fixes. If you check it once, you will find it working smooth and fine.

Hello all

The only reference number I have is from the Theme purchase is: 4MJ91206K4423013N and my purchase code does not work.

I have just completed a reload of my machine’s software and all of the annoying upgrades. Once wordpress was back in working order I have found that the Layer Slider videos are all scrunched up and not visible when I am using a wamp served on “LocalHost”. Developement

when in editing screen,all looks OK.

From my reading I understand that this problem is common and editing of the java FitVids file is in order.

My question is where do you find this script file to edit?

Don Keeley Metro Marine Modellers

In script folder locate the file flexslider.js. Here wp layer slider is installed plugin that exists in perspective->include->plugin->layerslider->layerslider.php Here you can find the code about layerslider. HOwever, the issue is common with our clients. Furthermore; as an alternative method, you can make your site live, create a ticket at and provide your login details to our support team, They will look into the issue and will resolve it for you.

How do you pick one of the home page options when setting up the template?

You need to import dully data in order to make it like demo.

I have imported the dummy data and yet I cannot see the setting

It sets like demo automatically as you import Dummy Data. If it is not happening, please create a ticket at and provide your login details. Support team will look into the issue and will solve it for you.

why do i see the related post of an article linking directly to your site ? did you come accross this pb defore? The title , athor, date is OK bu the link is wrong…. i have looked at the source, the .php but cannot find anything… is it because i adapted one of your pages many thanks I also posted a few hours ago a message with ticket number etc i hope somebody using this theme could help also somewhere

Hi @karineb. Posts slug as been changed,its just data entry issue.if you will delete that posts and make new one i am sure will work fine.

Is posible create a Gallery album? Thanks

This is quite possible to make, but requires a bit of customization. This theme contains no feature like this feature. But we are going to offer it in one of our next product.

Is there a quickstart available for when installing the template?

Please follow the documentation while installing the theme. Documentation file comes with the package which you purchase. It explains everything in a very simple way.


I’ve purchased this theme and it’s going quite well, but there is an issue I couldn’t solve out:

Every time I use the “&” operator on a string inside the page builder, as soon as I save and update the page, it crashes, both on admin and on user end sides, accusing unexpected PHP errors.

Once crashed, the only way of undoing this is by removing the string directly on the WP database, deleting the record.

I’ve tried to use ”\&”, and it stopped crashing, but it deletes the rest of the string I’m using.

This problem does not occurr if I add content to the normal WP edit window.

Is there any solution for this issue?


Hai @ peticris. Thank you for your input to get things right before getting to us and we appreciate your knowledge. Will you please create a ticket at We will see it there for you and will help you resolve it.

If i turn on maintenance mode, how can i see any changes on pages? all pages directed to the counter page!

is there any way to get full access to the frontend pages as administrator user?

It should not behave like this. Please create a ticket at and explain your issue there. I am sure it will be resolved.