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Awesome Design , GLWS :)

Sweet cheers!

Good job! GLWS!

Thanks! I like your work :)

awesome design.. good luck!

Thanks Codeex ;)

Good work! GLWS ;-)

Good looking!GLWS :)

Thanks man!

To the Author=leegrant Does the template (item/pet-care-dog-kennels/6768394) have an ADMIN? My search says it does… want to know before purchase.

Hey Joan,

I’m afraid not as yet, this is the design for a website.

Hope this helps,


Hello! I want buy your product and make wordpress theme, then place this theme on http://wordpress.org/themes/ for free. Can I buy this product with regular license?

Hi there,

I’m afraid not as I’m already developin this design into a wordpress theme.

But thank you for asking my permission first, I appreciate that.


when is it possible to buy this theme for a wordpress page?? I am really interested.


Hi there,

I’m hoping to get something up by the end of the month, the HTML version will be released beforehand if you’d require it faster.


Thanks. But I already found another theme. I am a little bit in “hurry” and couldn’t wait :)

No problem and good luck :)

Do you have any hover effects for the buttons?

I do not see them in the download can you possibly add them or if they are indeed in there can you let me know exactly where?


I’m still waiting on the upload to clear, if you email me I’ll happily respond with the psd.


Okay I will do that thanks.

I really like what you have here! Looks amazing! Is if available for wordpress theme yet?

Thanks dude,

It’s in the making at the moment so hopefully wont be too long :)

keep me posted and I will keep an eye out! Would absolutely love to have this theme :)

Sweet :) Make sure to follow me or sign up to the newsletter for updates :)

I really like these as well – do you have a date when the wordpress theme will be ready?

Hi there,

I’m hoping by the end of the month this will be ready for download :)

Any news on the Wordpress release date! Im itching get going! Thank you.


Really hoping for something next week, apologies for the delays.


Great, will keep watching, thanks.

any more updates?? Could really use this theme!

Sorry it’s a little behind, we’re not too get off ;)

Lee, any further news of a possible release date. Do you think it could be early May? Hoping so, please can you give some kind of ETA! Thanks.


Can only apologise as there has been a set back in the development – we’re looking at the end of May time.

I do apologise for the wait.


Lee – do you want us to develop it – could split revenues…


Thank you for your offer but I’m not far from finishing.

Thanks again

Where are you now with this?

Sorry but I’m developing it myself now as a previous offer fell through, so I’d like to work alone on my items for the time being. But thanks again for the offer.

well we have moved on to a different theme for the client..

I’m sorry to hear that, but I wish you all the best.

Hi Lee, do we have date for June for the Wordpress release? I need to get this done this month and can’t wait for July. Thanks.

Hi there,

I’m going to be uploading the file by the end of the week, but the review queue is around 10 days at the moment, hopefully it’ll go straight through :)


Is it available cooming soon for Word Press? This morning, I buy it and then, I read that it is not a WP theme.

I need this because it’s perfect for me.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear, but the good news is that the WP version is currently in the review queue so hopefully won’t be much longer.