Discussion on Petition WeChange - One Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on Petition WeChange - One Page WordPress Theme

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Any plans to update this theme?

AlexPeter Author Team


The theme has not been updated in a while, as we haven’t added any new functionalities. Still, the current version is stable, there are no reported compatibility issues with new WP or PHP versions. We will release an update if it will be necessary in the future. All the best.

How do i setup the petition after installation? Sorry I’m a novice and attempting to navigate this on my own. I cannot see where to enter information for the petition and setup the page exactly how the demo theme looks


After the theme install, you should follow by importing the demo content. The dedicated documentation chapter covers everything you need to know about the process: http://docs.curlythemes.com/wechange-wordpress/#importing-the-demo-content If you still need our help, please open a ticket on our support platform. All the best.


I’ve bought the theme but i can’t change anything on it. It has problems. For example i couldn’t edit petition settings. When i try to change text, it says hoops, something is wrong. https://prnt.sc/ryhvun Any solution?

it is related PHP version, i downgraded it to 5.6 and it is working. It was PHP 7.3 before.


As far as we know, WeChange should work fine with current PHP versions. It could be related to a different local conflict also. If you open a ticket on our support platform, with WP login info for your dashboard, we can investigate this further. All the best.

hey there

does this theme support multi-language plugins like Polylang?

Greetings Jojo


We have several clients using the theme successfully with WPML, so if you have some WPML experience, you should be able to set it up. We can’t say if it will work or not with Polylang or any other multi-language solution. All the best.

Can I export a list of people who sign the petition?


The signatures are stored as WP users in your WP database, so you can export them with any tool which allows WP users export. You should be able to find a free plugin for Import Export WordPress Users on WP repository. All the best.

hi im building a website for a client .i downloaded the demo content . but firstly i dont understand why it s not possible to change element in the home page . its say : “sorry the content area is not found in your page ” you must call the “content” function in the current template, in order for elementor to work on this page.

i can change each page but not element in the home page . i mean i want that “sign” it ” will be in the top of the page instead of below


Please open a ticket on our support platform: https://my.curlythemes.com/#/ , with a screenshot of the element you wish to change or move, and we will let you know the solutions you have available. That error is related to the Elementor plugin, not to the theme, WeChange does not include a builder plugin. All the best.

Hi, so this is a single petition theme ? it’s no like a wechange clone right ?


Yes, the theme is built to hold one single petition, you can not hold multiple petitions on the same site. All the best.

i’m having an issue where users try to submit/sign the form and nothing happens. hours later they can try from the same computer and browser and it works fine. let me know how i can help troubleshoot this.


We are not aware of such an issue with the current version of the theme. Please open a ticket on our support platform with a link to your site and we will take a look. All the best.

Great theme! Thank you very much.


We are glad to hear you are enjoying our theme. Let us know if you need help with anything. All the best.

hello , is it compatible with WordPress 5.0.3 ?


Yes, there are no reported compatibility issues with WP 5.0+ versions. It should work fine. All the best.

Question 1: Where can i retrieve the details of people who has signed the petition?

Question 2: Is there some sort of analytics tool that comes together with this theme? Analytics that show total overview of people who signed and their details etc



The signatures will be saved in your WP database as WP users. We do not have any analytics tool, but you can use a third party tool to export the users as CSV and then use the CSV for analytics. All the best.

Icon on hover not displaying. See screenshot here http://i.prntscr.com/yfaEIMFqQ6q1x_EsflzJqg.png. Website is here http://humberbaynatureconservancy.org.superdorx.com/. Same issue on your demo site. Need this fix ASAP please.

It should be an easy fix, so hopefully we will release this week a new version which will address this. All the best.

Found another bug in the same gallery section. See screenshot here http://prntscr.com/kd45xt. Thanks!

We were not able to replicate this on our platform. Please open a ticket on our support, with WP login info for your platform and we will investigate. Thank you.

Hello! One of my clients wants to emulate citizengo multi-petition campaigns, is it possible to make something like this with WeChange?



No, the theme is built to host only one petition. The only way you can host multiple petitions is through a Multisite, to create a site for each petition. We would recommend you a solution for multiple petitions hosting, but we are not aware of such a theme on the market. All the best.

Alright, thanks.

Hello. I am interested in buying this theme. I have some questions before I proceed.

1. Will this theme work with latest version of wrodpress? 2. Does this theme support rtl ( arabic ) ? 3. Can I show the petition form directly under the supporter mileston bar? 4. Is there any statistics for Petition in backend? waiting for your kind reply.


Yes, the current theme version is fully compatible with the current WP version. We have clients with a RTL site, but we can not guarantee compatibility, as the theme was not built with RTL in mind. You can change the order of the sections how you want in the one-page structure, so you can have the form section right below the hero section with the counter. We do not have a statistics panel integrated in the backend, but the signatures are registered as WP users and you can use a third party plugin to export them as CSV, so you can use the data. All the best.

Ok everything is good. But my website will be in arabic Langauge ( RTL ) is I buy the theme will you be able to help me with RTL ?

We can not guarantee compatibility with RTL, since we haven’t fully tested all theme elements for RTL, and the theme was built with a LTR display in mind. If you encounter display issues, we can take a look and try to help, but again, we can not fully guarantee that everything will look great. All the best.

Hi! I would like to change some form fields to “optional”. Now all fields are required, it is not good for me. Where to modify it? Which file do I find in the code? Thanks!


If you want additional fields or other changes to this area, the Sign-it page can be modified through style.css, page-sign.php and sign.php files. For rules related to fields, you should take a look in the class.petitions.php file. Still, we do not recommend trying such changes if you are not very experienced with WP coding. All the best.

Hi! If I want to do more petition on one website, how I need to do it? Do you have an instruction?


The theme is built for one petition. If you want to host severals petition on the same install, the only solution is to use a WordPress Multisite. All the best.

Hi, when I insert text copy on the home page (across hero image), select Heading 2, the colour is automatically grey. However, this does not work with my hero image. When I change to white, the H2 text shrinks to a quarter the size. How do I maintain the H2 size and change colour?


Please open a ticket with a link to your page and we will take a look. If what you are trying to achieve goes against the section rules, we can give you a CSS to make it look how you want. All the best.

Hello, Error Activation theme :

” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘Do’ (T_DO), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in C:\wamp64\www\wechange\wordpress\wp-content\themes\wechange\framework\classes\class.noerror.php on line 166.” Can you help me.



Please open a ticket on our support page: https://curlythemes.com/support/ with WP login info and we will investigate on your platform. All the best.

I want to change one of the name field on the form. Is this possible? I saw your answer above, and I did that. However, the default name remains in the background.

Where can I find that information to change it?


It could be an issue related to cache. If you still see the old label, please open a ticket with a screenshot and we will take a look. Thank you.

Is it possible to add a street address field? Thanks!

Thanks! How do we set the signature number goal on the progress bar?

Also, how to get the petition text to display styling (i.e. bold characters, links, etc.)?

You can set the petition target number at Appearance > Customize > Petition Settings > Petition Settings > Petition Type > Needed Petitioners which will reveal a dedicated field. In the counter, you can use the following strings: {{COUNT}} – how many supporters you have currently {{TOTAL}} – the total target number of supporters or {{NEEDED}} – how many supporters left until the next target number is reached.

For bold styling in sections that do not accept it, we can give you a css line, if you open a ticket on support.

All the best.


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