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Hi There,

I was able to acquire this template from Envato for free. Question, how do I exactly change the menu setup? I’m currently using Homepage-8 and I have no idea why I cannot change the menu setup?

I just tried removing the entire thing, and the list of menu items are still the same as the demo.

Please help

Thanks, Jason

Hi Jason,
Thank for download. For manage the menus you can open Appearance > Menus > Display location, tick Top Navigation box :grin:

Hi, thank you so much for your quick respond.

Although I do have a few questions.

How come I can’t edit my background icon, it stays at the exact color https://imgur.com/d7mygjq and how do I also edit my link text?

How can I acquire the exact same style from the demo shown for footer https://imgur.com/BChzbm1 And then lastly again, I would also like to alter my portfolio text color whenever I hover on it. https://imgur.com/L3zR1FF

Please I hope you could help me fix this issue.

Hi again!

How do I add a Contact Info bar similar to the demo on the right side?

Hi, Support and updates are not provided for free files

The hamburger menu doesn’t work on pages with a responsive tab.

Thank you, we’ll update soon

Updated :grin:

Hi – I’ve just send you a message via your contact form in regards colour changes made in the theme options not changing in the from end. I sent you access to my site so you can advise, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank, our team will reply your message immediately.

Site logo wont show on Mobile. Also button color wont change either.

That adds it to the stick menu but it still doesnt show up on the mobile screen. go to ameriscape.net and change inspect to mobile and you will see.

it will show up on the sticky menu on mobile when you scroll down, but not when you first load the page

i figured it out, is there a way of using two seperate logos though?

Hello, Am having issues view my cart and then I saw this message…

Your theme (Petro) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:

Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version. If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.

Kindly assist.


Appearance > Theme Options > Advance , and put your purchase number and get notification . :grin:

It was offered to me for free by envator, so there’s no purchase code . So how do I achieve the update?


Hi Sutukpe,
By downloading free item, you agree to the terms of the Regular License. Support and updates are not provided for free files :grin:

how can you make the petro slides responsive as on mobiles and tablets it cuts of the picture

Petro slides took responsive, please double check :grin:

when you visit the website via a mobile its cutting of most of the slides

Hi, how can I change the text “Show All” in portfolio? I tried looking at .po files and theme options but I could not found. Thanks!

Hi, check the add-on plugin

Hi. How add gallery in page builder?

Hello, Lovely theme. I have 2 issues though. 1. A search bar icon keeps appearing on top of Logo, in mobile view, cant get it out. 2. Anytime I use the ‘Responsive Tab’ element on a page, I can access the main menu dropdown in mobile view. Please help. Regards

Please send your issue more detail ( screenshoot and url ) by Support Form
Best Regard

Hello! How add gallery in your page builder?

You can use text element. Insert wp gallery. :grin:


Is this template compatible with Elementor Page Builder?

Best regards and thanks!

Hi, the theme using standard templating and shortcode shouldly compatible for WordPress Plugin but we are not make test for special plugin ( ex: elementor )

Hi, I’ve got a problem with the child theme header file. When I add Google tag manager GTM code to header.php in the child theme I can’t see it on the site.

To test if the child files, were being loaded I added this code: wp_die(‘it works’);

to the functions.php file and saw ti works on every page. When i added it to the header.php child theme file and reloaded I didn’t see “it works”

Any ideas? Thanks

also all caching has been disabled

Hi, thanks for the links. Am I looking for anything specific? The header.php in the child theme was created from the header.php in the main theme folder. We haven’t done anything different to what we normally do and have published dozens of Wordpress sites. Thanks

Hello! Please I have noticed texts on ‘Portfolio Grids’ don’t appear well on Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. Please check your demo http://petro-wp.themegum.com/homepage-7/ on any of the 2 browers and hover the projects. Please its important you look into this error.

Hi, please use Support form, send your screenshoot, browswer version etc.

The bug issue fixed, update your version to 2.2.4


Thank you for your quick reponse and theme update. On IE it is fine but on Edge it is still thesame. I have cleared cache, cookie et al. I have also tried your demos on Edge and the problem still persists.


Hi there,

I have an issue of displaying the products on product-category page, also on product-tag page, attributes..

On the screen is only showing “No products were found matching your selection.”

I anyone there who have the same issue?

Looking forward for this problem to be solved.

I also tried with another theme like Twenty Seventeen and is working. So is something from Petro – Industrial WordPress Theme

Hi Alphaomegabeta,
Thank for buying, Please send screenshoot or orl using Support Form

Hi there, I have an issue of edit to custom post type taxonomy. How can i edit the “tg_postcat” ?

Hi There,
The taxonomy name not changeable ( will impact many layout ), but you can change by harcode on the ThemeGUM Custom Post plugin.
Cheer :grin: