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Hi, unfamous. I can not change doghouse.svg/cat-forhead.svg for categories(cats and dogs) on wordpress Custom CSS. How can i


Ah yes! Ok like in the demo? So in the custom css you would add

.category-34 .doghouse, .page-id-466 .doghouse {
    background: url(http://unfamo.us/petsandvets/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/07/cat-forhead.svg) no-repeat left top;

And replace the category ID number, you can find the number to replace it with if you hover over the category in the WordPress backend under categories, it shows up in the status bar.


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www.wdpugs.com can you help me fix this please!

Very sorry for the late reply, ah yes, I can see whats going on there, this has been fixed in the latest copy of the theme. However you have customised yours, I’ll check to see if you sent me a message and get back to you there, other wise if you message me via my profile https://themeforest.net/user/unfamous and send me a user name and password I can get in and fix that for you.

The font-based icons appear to be broken for us (social and otherwise). Any thoughts?

Is this theme compatible with woo commerce product add-ons plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/ ?


I messaged you by the contact form in your profile, about some issues and questions.

Hope that you will answer me soon.


Hi again,

I am still waiting for your answers, by the way I have one more issue… I have tried the code you give in past comments for custom css and changing the dog house (header image) with cat in some of the categories of the site, but it didn’t work.

Is there a way for changing dog with cat and bone with fish only for some categories with custom css. Also is there a way to be different images for every main category products?


Thanks! Just found it, will check out now! Sorry I missed it :) Yes for changing the top images with css you can do that, I do that in the demo like this: You get the category ID from hovering over the category in the backend, or looking at the class on the body tag of the page you want to change the images on. Hope that makes sense. So you would add something like this to the theme options:

.category-34  .doghouse, .page-id-466 .doghouse {background: url('http://unfamo.us/petsandvets/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/07/cat-forhead.svg') no-repeat left top;}

.category-34 .contactbone, .page-id-466 .contactbone {
background: url('http://unfamo.us/petsandvets/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/07/fish-forbone.svg') no-repeat left top;

.category-69 .catbird, .page-id-466 .catbird {
background: url('http://unfamo.us/petsandvets/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2014/07/dog-forfoot.svg') no-repeat left top;

Cheers, Mike

HI again,

I am still waiting for your answer about the email I send you before more then 3 weeks…

When will your next update be?

I’m not sure sorry, I would like to do an upgrade with some new features but just time poor at the moment. If anyone notices a bug please feel free to let me know and I’ll put out a fix update.


anri4 Purchased

It’s really nice theme for vet store thank you I have a little problem I have to store in different location Can you please tell me how to add 2 address in contact us page I try to use this code [googlemap address=”Sydney, Australia”] but it didn’t work Thank you for your support Anri

Hi There

Interested in this theme but a bit concern about compatibility since you have not updated the theme in over a year.

Are you still actively updating it ???

Is your theme compatible with : Woocommerce : 3.1.2 WordPress : 4.8.2

Hi! i want to change the images in the header dog to cat + fish forbone, please show me easy way

many thanks LS

Good Morning! I bought your theme but I can not configure it I would like to know if you can help me with an information. Where should I access so that the theme name is not visible on my site? And in the example, says that it is possible to add the virtual store but I do not find this option as well. And I’m also having difficulty setting up Ex pages: menu, setting up contact form and reminding me that the main is removed from the theme name. because I bought the theme for a natural dog food website. I hope you will respond to me this time.