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Wow! what a beauty. Wish you success.

Thanks! you’re my first ever comment.. just wanted you to know that.. haha..

Haha.. The pleasure is mine!

We need to see lots and lots and lots more theme like this on TF! Very niche, yet awesome. Great work and good luck with the sales!!

thank you! very kind :)

Very nice!

I could definitely see using this if it weren’t based on the older Bootstrap as I don’t like buying items with already very dated frameworks regardless of how aesthetically awesome they are.

Hopefully you’‘ll sell a bunch anyway due to many buyers not knowing what Bootstrap is or that there’s been a much improved, newer version available for months.

Unique designs like this deserve to do well! :-)

Thanks! The theme now runs on the latest version of Bootstrap 3.1

Great theme :) like it

thank you :)


Love the graphics! Congrats on having the courage to do something different! :)

Thanks mate! :)

Nice. Integrate buddypress (so every animal that’s looking for a new home can have their own profile) and this could be a winner :)

Brilliant idea! :) thanks

Thank you! :D

Nice design! :)

Thanks! :D

Really happy to see things like this added to the Marketplace, great job!

Thanks! I’m very glad its been so well received.

Man, I wish I had a pet store just so I could use this theme. It’s really nice :)

Haha thanks, well, can also be used for anything else.. if you just switch out the animals for something else :)

Woohoo! Congrats man. Welcome to ThemeForest :)

Awesome design

:D thanks dtb!

hi if i want to change the images in the header and footer do i need to edit these in photoshop how do i then upload them to see the changes regards

The animals (if that is what you would like to change) can be replaced with your own images from the custom css tab under theme options. eg ” .doghouse {background:url(img/yourimage.png); .catbird {background: url(img/yourimage2.png);}” The current doghouse(with dog) image is 411×210px and the catbird image is 288×208px, if you keep within those sizes, you wont have to worry about any other css.

If you want to just edit those images, its best to open the svg files in illustrator and make your changes. To upload, just save the svg back to the themes ‘img’ folder, or upload via Media > Add New, and then follow the CSS instructions above with your new image file path.

I’ll try and release a theme update tonight, so that you can upload new/edited animal images from the theme options. Thanks you! :)

How easy is it to change the name from Pets and Vets to something other name? I do not use Photoshop??

The logo in the demo is an image, which is part of the Photoshop file. You can change the logo image from the theme options > general. If you just want it to be exactly the same style, but with new words, purchase the theme and message me what you would like it to say and I’ll send you back an image to upload. :) Cheers

Thanks for the offer. I think I will purchase and take you up on that. Thanks again.

Do you have any plans on upgrading your theme to the latest version 3.0 of Bootstrap.

Seeing as a few people seem to really want it, I’m testing a BS3 update at the moment. Will let you know how it goes.

Just letting you know that we have upgraded the theme to the latest version of Bootstrap 3.1 :)

I purchased your theme. Install no problems, You told me in a past support message that when I purchase the them you would create me a new logo file with the name of my website. The website name is Pets and Video . If you could use the same font as you done in your demo that would be great, Thanks in advance.

Yep, no problems! Will send it to you first thing in the morning :) Thanks

here you go :) save this and then upload via theme options. http://bit.ly/OwLdf0 also, set the logo height and width in there too.. height: 110px; width: 259px;

Is it possible to remove sliders from the main page

Yes, you can goto “theme options > custom css” and enter

 .homehead {display: none !important;} 

Thank You

unfamous, Did you happen to create me the logo file we talked about yet. My email and the server was down for a few hours and was wondering if you may have sent it to me during that time? If you are still working on it, no problem. I am not going life for a couple of days. – Thanks in advance.

Richard Gaspa richardgaspa@gmail.com

Wow! what customer service. I got your reply and the finished product in less than five (5) minuets. That’s a record. Thanks in advance.

Happy to help!

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unfamous, I got the file and uploaded it as instructed. Also made the file size changes as you said all in the theme General page. I still am seeing your logo that comes with the theme and NOT the logo you made for me. Tried about 10 times . still no luck.

Ok, I’ve tested it locally and it works perfectly. So I’ll just give you some step by step instructions..

1. Goto “theme options > general”..... 2. Can you see a browse button, if so skip to the next step. Can you see the logo I sent you? If you can refresh and see the logo, that means it should be working on the front end, if however it isnt working shoot me a message and I’ll have a look for you. If the wrong logo is showing there, click the remove upload link under it…... 3. If you see the browse button there now, click it…... 4. Click “select file”, find the file I sent you on your computer….. 5. Select it, click open…... 6. Scroll down, and make sure Full Size (259 × 110) is selected. Click insert…...7. click the blue “save changes” button at the top of the theme settings page.

Now if you go back to view your website. You should see it, if not. Hold Ctrl down and hit refresh. If it still isn’t working, let me know :)

Still cant see my logo (name of website) Tried everything you asked me to do at least 10 times. I am stumped.

Ok, please send me a message via http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous and I’ll take a look at it