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Hi, Fab theme… Just a quick question. Is is possible to hide the page titles? I want to use a default page template as the homepage and it’s showing the word “home” with a wavey line below it. Is it possible to remove?

Hey Locko! Thanks! And thank you for your purchase! Yep, you can hide a page title, with custom css, if you send me a link to the page you want to disable the title on, I can send you back the css. To disable the recommended plugin nags there is a link at the bottom of them that says “Dismiss this notice” just click that and you’ll be in business :)

Hi Unfamous, Thanks, I have actually just edited the functions.php file and removed the piece of code that asks for the file to check if plugins are installed. As for the CSS code, I just need it for the default page template. I have used a default page as the website homepage… If you could send me the CSS code, that would be great.

Add this to Theme Options > Custom CSS

body.home.page-template-default #content .entry-title {display:none}


theme seems really great. I have one question same as locko69. I can dismiss those plugins from popping out in my dashboard, but, if i want to use Wordpress SEO plugin it seems that i NEED to install and activate all your recommended plugins.

After i try to use WP SEO, i instantly get redirected to a window asking me to install and activate all plugins from the pack that are disabled atm. I can’t use it without activating them.

How to get rid of that? Thanks

Sorry, I read that sharing question the wrong way.. Ok make sure you have gone into Settings > BS Shortcodes and untick insert Bootstrap JS and CSS, then hit save. Thats likely to be the problem with the share drop down.

There is a theme update going through today, you should get an email once that is live, see the comment below on how to update..

I’ve added in a new option, goto “Theme Options > General” and there is a new check box “Disable Recommended Plugin Nags”. :)

A+ support! Thanks, Everything’s ok now

is it possible to make the woocommerce section responsive? like described here (http://77webstudio.com/make-woocommerce-responsive/) , i have tried the settings & css changes with no effect.

pls help

Thank you for the super quick update! Is there a way to make the images bigger when they are in a single list (iPhone Size)?

and theres also a bullet in front of all items ie. http://lazyones.ca/wp/

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile ( http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous ) and I’ll take a look for you :)


When you have the top menu bar activated its shows the menu twice on the mobile phone device, also when bootstrap plugin is activated the theme does not allow you to click the dropdown menu

Kind Regards

Thanks for your purchase :) as it says on the description page and in the documentation.. go to setting > bs shortcodes and untick the top two checkboxes. Hit save.. If that has not fixed everything send me a message via http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous and I’ll take a look.

also the phone number does not display on the mobile device it is just a black box


All good, just check my reply to your comment above, should be the same problem. If not, shoot me a message. Cheers, Mike :)

I am trying to purchase the theme but the paypal link seems broken. Is this theme not available to purchase right now?

Not sure if you could get it yet, but I heard Paypal has had issues and sometimes the only way to buy a theme on Themeforest is by buying it via a mobile browser.. then going back to your computer to download it.

I was able to purchase it finally. Thank you.

Woohoo! Thank you for your purchase :)

I don’t see on the homepage slider tab where I can adjust the speed of the slider. Please advise.

I did do that. The top one is unchecked. But when the bottom one was unchecked our Custom google map on retail locations did not work so i checked it back.

I just unchecked both and still the slider did not start automatically.

can’t we just add a code to the js to auto start? if so what is the line of code?

if you want to shoot me through a WordPress login on http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous I’ll take a look.

what a beautiful design ! i love this so much. <3

Just a quick question… Can I change the background image, and header image? thank you :)

Hey! Thanks! Yep you sure can :) you just have to replace a single file and make a css colour change for the main blue sky background.. The header has a few images in it, you can easily swap out the dog + dog house and the bone from the theme options.. The grass and soil image can be edited in illustrator and you just have to upload the new svg file over the old one… The source files for the artwork are included.. you can also use them in your other branding if you wish. Anyways if you get stuck with something just shoot me a message.

thank you! you are so kind. Surely I will purchase this design. I must say again I love it so much. :)

Are .po and .mo-files included for translation?

Just letting you know, PO files are coming in the next update… Just finished “internationalizing” the theme off now :) you will have to translate the PO file I’ve provided with a program like Poedit, and upload the new PO and MO files it generates.

That’s great!

Po file is now included :)

Hi! I’m incredibly interested in buying this theme for the practice I manage. However, we are an all cat clinic. Is there any way to get a different header image that doesn’t have a dog on it? Thank you! Kelly

Yeah that would definitely work!

A new header cat has been added to the theme! Check out the description page to see :) You can also edit or add to the artwork, original vectors are included.

Fantastic! Thank you!

My website is http://pawsitiveinteractions.com/

My drop down menus wont drop down. Kills the point eh? Any idea why? I made a link in the menu and put # into it.


No probs, in the WordPress backend, goto Settings > BS Shortcodes and make sure you have the first two checkboxes unticked (we want to turn off include bs css and js). Then go back and try your drop down menus, if it still doesn’t work let me know :)

Hi Unfamous,

Love the theme!

Having 2 issues though.

1. Homepage not displaying slider / links.

I’ve watched the youtube video you posted in the other comments and it has not helped.

I’ve entered all the info sections in the homepage links settings; and for the slider I’ve put in 2 slides with image, headline and link all filled in and tested with 2 images that are both 1180×460.

Is there a setting or plugin that is needed to be used to turn on the homepage slider/homepage links?

2. Submenu’s are not working. I’ve setup the main menu with a 2 level menu. e.g. 1. Dog 1a. Dog Bed 1b. Leads.

The menu shows the submenu arrow however the submenu dropdown as used in your Features example does not work.

Is there something that needs to be done?

Thanks heaps! Mike Other than that everything else works

Hi Unfamous. Just tried it with and without them selected. If selected, the dropdown menu works only, no slider / links. If not selected then the menu dropdown doesn’t work and no slider / links.

Anything else we can try?

If you’re working online, please send me a message with a link via the contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous and I’ll take a look.. if you’re working locally, let me know.

Will do :)

Hello. Good theme. Although it would be better if it came prepared for WPML (we would have saved some work).

Our problem is that the dropdown menu stops working as well as other features made ??with JavaScript. The URL is “agro-natura.com”. Could you take a look and tell us what is the problem? Thank you.

It’s late here, I’ll check it out soon.. But if you’ve created a child theme, copy the JS folder from the theme into the child.. (Fix for this coming soon).. Also goto Settings > BS short codes and untick the first two checkboxes. Will take a look at wpml support :) thanks for your purchase.

It’s already fixed. It was enough to set the BS Shortcodes as you said. Thank you!

will you be adding a option for search page, now it shows Images real big for a store thats selling we want it to be the same size and the cat layout

The search in the header is built to search pages, posts and products, so its not designed to work in a grid.. You could edit the form in the head file. But, for now the easiest thing you can do, is add the wooCommerce product search widget to the top of your sidebars. Due to a recent update, It needs some extra styling, so add this minified code to your Theme Options > Custom CSS http://cl.ly/code/0p1e3w2J0A25 . A similar CSS fix will be in the next update for everyone else. You can also hide the search bar in the header, just goto Theme Options > Customise and look for the option.

Trying to use a child theme and no changes will show up. Event with adding !important tag. Please advise.

Shoot me message ( via http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous ) with your CSS and site address and I’ll take a look :) Thanks.

Great theme! Is there a way to make the “back to top” button on the bottom smooth? Without using a page anchor as ’#’ ?

Thank you for your purchase Luxerman :) Ok cool, add this to Theme Options > General > Google Analytics Code

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
var duration = 300;
jQuery('.topbutton').click(function(event) {
jQuery('html, body').animate({scrollTop: 0}, duration);
return false;

You can speed it up or slow it down by changing the duration number.

To fix the Android phone number bug, just open style.css and change line 57 to:

.contactbone span.number{font-family:"Oswald";font-size:28px;font-weight:700;text-transform:uppercase;line-height:33px;letter-spacing:.6pt;}
Update going live on ThemeForest today.

Hello, congratulations for the theme, it is wonderful.

I have two questions before making a purchase:

1 – it is possible to change the order and which things appear in the home, for example I can put a sidebar on the home and just blog posts?

2 – I can insert widgets in theme as in other normal theme?


Thank you :) .. Yes, the homepage (aside from the head slider and links, has been created with shortcodes.. So you can put anything you like in that content area. You can use a plugin like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/ to add sidebars to the homepage content, then you can drop widgets into it. However, I’ve have not tried it..

There are sidebars on the right hand side of the inside pages and posts, where you can insert widgets. There are different sidebars for different page types, eg: post, blog, page, and contact page, so you can have different widgets depending on the page type… Also, if you don’t want to fill in all of the sidebars, you can just add to the blog sidebar and if the others are left blank, the theme will use the blog sidebar by default.

Hi Unf, I sent you a message through http://themeforest.net/user/unfamous. Please have a look. Thanks.