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Wow, awesome theme, liked it immediately. Great product imagery too, so important with e-commerce sites and often neglected. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion.

Thanx 8-) Also much more powerful OpenCart version will be released within a week (or two).

How about the “Secure Server” how could i have this?

-Is this include inside the file or have 2 get separate?

Sorry for the ignorance question:-( but is better now to ask as later!


really good work but i didn’t find “shipping options” & “shipping calculator” while checking out …...... how would we sort out this problem

Shopify offers “weight-based rate” and “price-based rate”. You can setup shipping cost for your country and International Shipping. Also there is available automatic shipping cost calculation from UPS and USPS .

Shipping costs aren’t known until the buyer completes the form on the first page. You can open an online demo store here: http://www.shopify.com/ and see how it works.

nice work…

I updated my theme settings (as described in your FAQ ) but now nothing happens when I press “Apply Changes”. Any idea of what’s happening?

Thank you, I love everything else!

I have just tested theme settings on the live demo and everything works fine. Maybe open a test shop here http://www.shopify.com/partners ...and I will install this theme.

When I go to Theme Settings, it only has General options. And even that doesnt match the one screen printed on here. I cant edit anything because non of the settings come up

Why is that?

Yes I read that and Im trying to do that, but it keeps saying this “There were errors saving your file: Invalid JSON string: ‘{ presets: { } – current: { logo_image: “logo.png” use_logo_image: true background_image: “background.jpg” pagination_1: “10” pagination_2: “5” thumbnail_size: “medium” product_box_width: “139px” product_box_height: “180px” s_product_height: “300px” s_product_height2: “60px” welcome: “Welcome to”


Ignore that, Sorry and thank you for a great affordable theme :)

Great looking theme! I have a question regarding the display of product images. I have uploaded images that are 250×250. However, The Featured items and product view are using a rectangular box to display the images and regardless of the size of the image, cut off about 1/3 of the image. I can pad extra space into the image but then this looks bad in the expanded view. Where are the dimensions of the displayed image box set?

Thumbnail size can be changed under theme settings.

I also forgot to say that the issue is not accepting accents and Latin letters what should I do to bring up the accents’ `Ç ~ O and the letter, thank you

Just select font which contains more glyphs. You can do it under Theme Settings: http://bechtelar-and-sons6947.myshopify.com/pages/theme-settings

Where is the settings page you sent me ? In fact it would save me a long time I had to spend to have to replace all images and links to your site…

I’ve searched all the folders and files download the theme that you bought and did not find anything like a control panel is very nice


Are you talking about OpenCart or Shopify? Theme settings are available only for Shopify theme. Also please read chapter called “V. Don’t see some font glyphs?” in the documentation.

Please i want to put one swf banner in home.tpl instead text how can i do it?


home.tpl file doesn’t exist in shopify.

i mean in opencart… Please i want to put one swf banner in home.tpl instead text how can i do it? tks

If you are talking about OpenCart version of this theme then you should post your questions here: http://themeforest.net/item/phantom-shop/discussion/381434

You can put SWF file inside:

<div class="under-slider">
<div class="clear"></div>

can I add a search feature to this theme? I’d need for my site visitors to be able to go straight to the item they want rather than having to sort through categories…

The search field is on the left side under logo.

I’ve downloaded this theme and have installed it (minus the PSD & PNG and HELP folders) into shopify site as a theme. When I try to activate it as my main theme, I get this error message:

“Role cannot be set to main: missing required files layout/theme.liquid, templates/index.liquid, templates/collection.liquid, templates/product.liquid, templates/page.liquid, templates/cart.liquid, and templates/blog.liquid”

? What am I doing wrong?

I do have another theme active but I want to switch Phanton Shop instead :(


I have just uploaded whole PhantomShop.zip (including the PSD & PNG and HELP folders too) on the test shop, clicked on “Published as main theme” and everything forks fine. You can send me password for you admin panel and I will check this.

Thanks. I tried renaming the file to its original name before uploading and that fixed it :) Thanks!

I’m adding my custom logo within the themes settings section and it is not replacing the Phantom Shop logo with mine.

Also, how can I get the top bar navigation to look like the demo? It is placing my navigation along the bottom as white letters….not in the black bar along the top.

One last question…can you tell me why the main part of the page is no longer centered? I want to remove the background image but there is no option to do that in the theme settings page.

Thanks for your help :)

Here is the link for your reference:


Speaking about logo, there was a tiny bug in settings, I have used .png extension instead .jpg.

Please download bought theme once again and replace following files:

Navigation on your website looks fine. Main part of the page looks fine too.

Background image is in the stylesheet.css.liquid it’s “body” selector. Also you can remove preloader image from “html” selector.

Can you tell me HOW I can get my product images to show up? I added an image when I created the product, description, etc but ONLY the product price shows up when I visit the page.

My featured images that appeared in my previous theme are also not showing up. Neither is my custom logo I added to the upper left. WhenI upload it (and check ‘add image logo’) all that shows up is the name of my store in text very tiny.

There must be something I’m missing…none of my images are showing up.

Is there a page for each item I create that allows me to edit the code? I know that I can edit the ‘theme’ code, but that’s not where I access particular products.

I see that product images on your site are displayed correctly. Speaking about logo, please read my previous post.

install is a no go on this theme for me…. getting errors.. specifically :

“Warning: fopen(/hermes/web06/b2435/pow.cineo/htdocs/client-sites-files/eac/main/wp-content/themes/phantom-shop/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/web06/b2435/pow.cineo/htdocs/client-sites-files/eac/main/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4339 Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /hermes/web06/b2435/pow.cineo/htdocs/client-sites-files/eac/main/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4342 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /hermes/web06/b2435/pow.cineo/htdocs/client-sites-files/eac/main/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4345”


WP message

Broken Themes: The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Phantom Shop Stylesheet is missing.

This is not WP theme.