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I was being silly, sorted. :0

How do I get rid of the Text or replace the text in the WHY CHOOSE US ? section. I cant seem to find out where to edit it at

It’s inside following file: templates/index.liquid

Hello I’m having an issue where my product pictures are showing horizontally on Mobile devices (iPad and iPhone)

It does this when i click on the picture and atttempt to view the full image. FYI : On a PC it shows correctly

Theme wasn’t tested on mobile devices, but it looks fine on ipad here: http://ipadpeek.com/ and not so bad on iphone here: http://iphonetester.com/

Is there a way to add a youTube/Vimeo video to the hompage slider? if so can you provide me the instructions. Thanks

Unfortunately Nivoslider doesn’t support videos.

Having a little trouble resizing the slider. I’ve changed all the code I can find that relates to it’s height but have found despite having the image itself in the right place and correct size, the ‘click’ function still acts as if the slider is the original height and the previous and next buttons are in also in the same place, as if nothing has been resized.

Did you change height of images in the index.liquid?

Done! Thanks, silly again. Two last questions. How can I make the navigation (or ‘collection’) buttons/links central in the header? Also with the frontpage products, I’d love to just have the images clickable to go to the details page. I’ve removed the magnifying glass, star and details link, but can’t figure out how to make the remaining image clickable? Thanks in advance.

http[colon]//the-projects[dot]myshopify[dot]com royohl

Try change min-width for this

#header-container { min-width:815px; }

Superb :> Thanks for the great support.

Hi Diabolique, It appears that the photos are not automatically resized to fit the thumbnail size, is this deliberate? generally it resizes for the thumbnail.

I have a shopify theme, accidentally posted on opencart

Size of thumbnails you can change under theme’s settings.

Hi Diabolique,

I have changed the thumbnail to the larget size, but it is cropping out some of the image, as opposed to reducing its size

Is this normal behavior?

Yes it’ normal. You can increase Product Box width and height too under theme settings

Hi Diabolique,

I have resized the product box width, which has resolved the issue with the thumb nails on the front page, however on the actual product page, the images are still being trimmed, like so:


is there anyway I can get around the trimming?


Open product.liquid and replace:

product_img_url: 'large'


product_img_url: 'medium'

thanks mate, that sent me on the path of finding http://wiki.shopify.com/Product_img_url and now am all good really appreciate all your support

Hi Diabolique,

one last question i promise.. do u know how to centre the images on the nivo slider?

Images or whole Nivoslider? You can’t centre images inside nivoslider, you can only centre whole nivoslider changing margin-left
#slider-container { ... margin-left:30px; ... }

sorry mate, the only other thing is it doesnt seem like the purchase.psd is included?

It’s inside checkout.psd, both buttons are the same. Check “Shape 5”

hey mate it seems the styling has dropped off from the links in my footer, any ideas?


I can’t help you because I can’t see code source. Probably you have corrupted some file so you should recopy all files.

can’t find the setting to change the product page and sidebar background colour?

You can’t find it because it’s not possible to change it.

Anyway you can change background editing stylesheet:

#main-child { ...background:#000000; background-image:url(bg-main-child.png); background-position:645px 0px; background-repeat:repeat-y; ... }

Where abouts do I edit that?

On your dashboard is a file editor, but if you have problems with such basic things then do not modify anything because you will corrupt code.

Hello Diabolique

I have just purchased your phantom theme for shopify.

I have noticed that the drop-down options for each product have been rolled into one rather than having a separate one to pick colour then one to pick size. Can you help me to resolve this issue?


I’ll fix it tomorrow.

I just uploaded fixed file – modified stylesheet.css.liquid and product.liquid files

It will be available for download when you’ll see Last Update 15 August 12 on right column (on this page)

Thankyou very much

I will keep my eyes peeled :)

Hi, just wondering if it should have updated by now?


Update was approved almost 2 days ago so you can download it.

Thanks for your help with the dropdowns works great now

I have just started work on the site again after a long while off, i am trying to get nice dropdown menus on the front page as you have in the example but i cant seem to get them to display. I know it will be something simple im missing, can you help?

I have tried this and still cant get any to display

It’s impossible. Delete all category lists and add again.