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I installed the theme. Uploaded all files to my server and enabled the theme.

The only problem that occurs is that a product detail page is completely empty. With default theme it works.

My testserver is pharmaforyou.be/aaatestserver/

Thanks in advance.

You can use the search to find products. Use “Bioderma” for example

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets We will check and help you fix it.
Hi, I have some issues with the product display prices. The prices are overlapping in the grid after search, and it didn’t look well to the customer. http://www.cumparbio.ro/catalogsearch/result/?q=amazing

Hi, You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ . We will check and fix it for you.

HI, i like very much your theme. Great job!

Do you plan to release a Wordpress / Woocommerce version?

Currently, we don’t plan to release a Wordpress / Woocommerce version

I cannot find the install instructions in the zip file. Hate to sound dumb, but its been a while since ive worked with magento. Can someone help?

You can see instruction install template in documentation/template/index.html file. If you need more help you can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets


I love this theme, I would like to buy but since I am new to magento, does this come with the demo content/ quick installation? so i have a copy that looks exactly as the demo on your website?


You can install quickstart package with database sample. After you install your website like our demo.

Great, I will buy very soon. Thanks


I have purchased the theme as promised, it is awesome!

However I am a newbie to Magento, I have had a problem installing quickstart theme the other day and got some help. Now i am facing the same problem again.

I have created a database and imported the file… then when i am trying to configure the database i constantly get “database connection error”. what might be the problem? is it the host name? I am sure I am entering everything else right

please help :)

I have sent you before couple of days ago and you installed the gemini theme for me, even though I have left many messages asking for the admin password, but i finally managed to change the password through the database.

now please show me where I go wrong as i dont wanna keep doing this mistake again and again

I have left my details before and this was the support ticket id #202287


You need fill correct database connect ( host, data name, user, password). You can contact you hosting provider and get info.

Got it , thx

How can i add “NEW” label Tag into new added product, same like demo site. Thanks!

You can set new product by attribute
Set Product as New from Date 
Set Product as New to Date

Hi, I’m interest to buy your theme but it doesn’t seem to support the latest version 1.9. Are you going update your theme to include quickstart for 1.9?

Thank for your interested. This theme is compatible with Magento 1.9. The quickstart 1.9 doesn’t available. If you want we can install 1.9 for you.

ok I just purchase, what do you need to install this for us

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ and provide your website info. We will install this for you

I need to upgrade this theme, we still on magento 1.17.02, is there any instructions or change log what files was change in theme to meet new magento standard.

You can make a ticket plazathemes.com/tickets . We will check and help you

hey slider and featured slide not showing.. sent to you screenshots on your help system… thanks

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ and provide your website info. We will check and help you

sorry ignore this. post got duplicated…. refer to above post

hi, i have purchase the theme and all is working good but Best Sellers product is not working proper in the home page , the url is http://magicgoods.com/shop/ so visit the website and please help me for this…..

When you order products they will display on the Best Sellers products.


I an working on this theme but my site is very Slow, so what can i do to speed up my magento site… ?

Is this compatible with Magento 1.9?

This theme is compatible with Magento 1.9. You can use it for your website. If you have any question or problem. You can contact us. We will help you.


how to change slider image?

Hello, You can change in admin > Magentothem > banner7 > manage items.

How do I get number of reviews show on this theme?

that’s different, I would like number of reviews show next to the rating star in the front end not the admin. Can you help?

You can open a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ and provide detail. We will help you

Hi, how do I add the newsletter and social icons like the live preview?


Hi, You can open a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets and provide detail. We will check and help you.

When you release the magento 2.0 theme version?

Sorry, we don’t know because we’re developing extension for it.

Can we customize the Product page description tab interface with our custom html data. We dont want Reviews and Tags to show in Product info tab inerface. Instead we want to use our own custom html description. Is it possible to customize these attributes and how?

When we add New Attribute for Products, it does not display under Product Information > General tab. We want to add extra description for each product with this new attribute. What could be the problem?

Best Seller scroller not working. What parameters need to set for Products to be visible under this scroller ?

You can check your email again.

new products, newsletter, featured products are not working in, we will have update to support this version? I need change something to fix this issue in my installation?


Fixed magento 1. Go to Magento Admin >> Systems >> Permissions >> Blocks. 2. Click to “Add New Block”. 3. Block Name > enter cms/block, banner7/banner7, timer/timer, categorytabsliders/advanced, catlist/catlist, blog/menu_sidebar, testimonial/sidebar, vmegamenu/vmegamenu, newsletter/subscribe, newproductslider/newproductslider and bestsellerproductslider/bestsellerproductslider > Is Allowed > select Yes > Save Block 4. Save.