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Nice theme, good luck! :)

Thank you !

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thank for your kind words !

Contact page seems to be missing?

Hello Sir,

Be so kind to tell me, which CSS-framework have been used within this awesome project?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards,

We used Bootstrap CSS-framework. You can see link here: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

Nice theme, Are you thinking about a Prestashop version or any other platform? Good luck

Hello, Thank for your idea. We will think this

hi magentothem,

i change the font type in the configuration section, after I click save nothing happen. I am using mozilla.

Do i have to use chrome in order to look its change?

hey i how to use latest products module, I see in your demo, you can enable sale and new tag.. Is it by default Latest Products show the latest product we upload?

I already used the “Set Product as New from Date” and the “Special Price From Date”. but it did not work.

For your info, i already make sure all setting is correct.

After you used the “Set Product as New from Date” and the “Special Price From Date” you can re-index data. System > Index management > re-index data

i already done that, also i clean a cache If i want you to take a look, should i contact your support? if so, tell me i will do so.

am gettin this error when importing sample data

SQL query:

— —Table structure for table `admin_assert`

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `admin_assert`

MySQL said:

1046 – No database selected

edit: i tried it again and it went through this time.

What does hosting you are using ? We have tested it work. We don’t see you problem.

its working now i had re-up the database its comes up fine

the images on site looks pixelated, and faded how can we fix this

i sent you and email already please chk its coming from tony (at) grbmediaworks.com

also i want to change the social image am looking for the file can’t find it which file this is in

You can change social images in the admin > CMS > static blocks > footer_ social static block.

What is you original font on the menu navigation on the demo version?

yes i know, but what is the original font that comes with your template?

If you don’t set font in the admin option. It will use default font like our demo

thanks you very helpful, never regret bought this template

1 more thing to ask, which is the file i have to modify if want to change the color theme?

owh ok thanks..

i already to change the color like you said, i change this 09959F to f7a91c all of it. I cleaned my cache and reindex and nothing change. is there anything that i forgot to do?

you can disable cache in admin > system > cache management > disable all cache

hello, i have buy your template and if try to go in


have this problem:

Fatal error: Class ‘Meigee_ThemeOptions_Block_Adminhtml_System_Config_Form_Field_Customfieldfont’ not found in /home/bachecav/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Layout.php on line 590

you have solution for this problem?

best regards

You can re-upload template to your server. We think you upload missing files. If it still occurs you can provide your URL to support@plazathemes.com . we will help you solve it.

hello, i have reinstalled system and solved, thx

hello! do you offer installation service of this theme and is it compatible with magento


hello felipe,
If you want use our theme for magento we will custom it compatible then install it for you.
Kind regards,

How do I determine the correct size for the slides and banners? When I look at the PHOTOSHOP template that comes with the theme, these items seem smaller than when they are on the actual website. If I right click an image (banner for example) I see the size is: 470px × 118px (scaled to 551px × 138px).

This theme is responsive because the image of the banner auto resize depend browser. You can make images 551px X 138px.

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback! Great theme, we love it.

How can i change the menu background color? And i know it is in styles.css but what is the color code for it? thanks..

You can find and change in the styles.css file line 2824. border-top: 2px solid #09959F;

j2t add to cart doesn’t work when I enable secure url. The addtocard URL always redirects to secure URL. How I fix this problme?

Sorry, The j2t add to cart free version doesn’t work with secure url. We’re fixing this problem.
Kind regards,

Please send me an email to tyt@cabothealth.com.au when the problem fixed. I need this feature work on my shopping cart ASAP. Cheers,

Hello, where i found support for this theme??

You can contact direct us via support@plazathemes.com or contact@plazathemes.com .We will help you.
kind regards,

I need to create a virtual shop for my parts store for boats. This theme comes with a tutorial explaining how to set up shop? How do I pay the people who will buy in the store?

Thank for your interested. This theme for Magento CMS. You need know Magento CMS and use it for your store and manage it. http://www.magentocommerce.com/
Kind regards,

I am interested in purchasing the ‘Pharmacy – Responsive Magento Theme’; however, could you please confirm if it’s compatible with Magento Go?

Thank for your interested.Our theme don’t compatible with magento Go. Them compatible with magento CE version.


does this template existe traslated to french

thanks for your response


This template exist translate to french. You can install then setup in the admin panel. It’s very easy. If you don’t setup we will help you. You don’t worry.

Hi, i have problem on my site. when i am adding custom options to my products i am getting 2 price circles displayed and because of this add product button and quantity has been shifted to the right. Hope to hear you from soon. Regards,

We have checked on our demo. It’s working. You can provide URL , screenshots your problem via support@plazathemes.com We will help you solve it.