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Looks nice, good luck!

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

this is a simple and traditional looking website template, good luck

Looks nice. Before I purchase, does this have a page builder for the homepage? Or how is the homepage created? Thanks.

Also – we would like to put a latest news widget/block on the homepage. Is this possible?

Yes, it possible to put latest news widget on the home page…. there are several widget position in the page: Main Top, Main Bottom, Content Top, Content Bottom

Awesome work!

@all thanks for the feedback :)

By far the most difficult template I have ever attempted to use. Theme builder is non existent and the sidebar system is not very user friendly or effective. Why would you make us develop the sidebars from scratch each time? This is my first complaint ever on theme forest.

Is your slider responsive to browser size as well? I checked out the live preview and resized my browser and the homepage slider image is just getting cut off. Please advise.


It should responsive… we will check this issue, I will let you know tomorrow… thanks

Not the best theme I’ve used so far, difficult to customise and documentation doesn’t give sufficient support. Not worth the time.

How in the world do you setup the home page? I can’t figure out how to replicate the demo page, even after importing the XML file.

Your documentation doesn’t give out enough support, and the theme in general is very difficult to customize.

While the theme looks great, without a full documentation on how to effectively customize the theme, it’s not worth the time and effort.

What do I need to do in order to replicate the home page you have on the demo?

TO add to my last post, this is a horrible layout. The sidebars get transffered to all of the pages. I continue to change the layout and it messes up pages that were previously built.

Not worth the price without an actual theme builder.

Just purchased and been trying to develop the last 24 hours. This has got to be the worst theme I have purchased. Really difficult to use no useful documentation. the menu system is flawed. What a waste of money!!! I will be complaining and asking for a refund


I seem to have a problem with wordpress v3.1.4. The widget area of (Home content top, home content bottom, Portfolio content top, ) are missing. Is there a quick fix? Keep in mind that i cant update the wordpress because my client runs php 4.4.7!

I tried all previews versions of Content Aware Sidebars but still I am getting the same message!

Do you want me to give you access to the website so you can check it out yourself?


Please send the questions and info via our support form http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


I send the question 2 days ago and didn’t recieved any feedback!

is it wpml ready? is it responsive?

Yes, its wpml ready and its responsive, you can try the responsive in the demo… thanks

the fancybox in images are not working.


I’m considering buying your theme. I have some questions: 1. Do you have an option to change colors? 2. Will it be easy to replace the social media icons in the top right corner with 2 other images I have? They are not social media icons, they are a bit bigger and I need to have them there instead linked with other resources.