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Thank you so much for adding this to themeforest =)

No problem :) Thank you for your purchase.

live preview not working for me in IE8

Just tested it on IETester and it works fine for me.

Quick question about the login with WHMCS . I have my whmcs installed to members- is there anyway to modify the login to accept this? I watched your videos before and I believe you said it has to be in the WHMCS folder. I’d rather not name my folder WHMCS =/ I’m already paying for no branding! Thanks =)

You can change it to whatever you like.

Open your footer.php file and look for this line: <form method="post" action="<?php bloginfo('url');?>/whmcs/dologin.php?goto=clientarea.php" />

Change the “action” attribute to whatever is the destination to your whmcs login.

Hope this helps (and it would be awsome if you rate the theme with 5 stars, if you like it ofcourse :)), Paz.


Open up a support ticket at and we can help with this.


Great release, I’m sure loads of people have been waiting for the WP version of this theme!

Any plans for a second hosting theme?

Thanks, maybe I will release another hosting theme.. we will see.. :)

Can add-ons, widgets, plug-ins and etc, still be added for WordPress even though I purchase and use your theme (Phenomenon – Premium Hosting Wordpress Theme)?

Can I change the color from black easily or do I have to use a PSD editor like GIMP or PS?

I don’t provide psd files to customize the color but I have a few customers who did it himself just by editing the “jpg” and “png” files across the site. example:

is it easy for me to change the colors? if i dont want black

I don’t provide psd files to customize the color but I have a few customers who did it himself just by editing the “jpg” and “png” files across the site.


After installing your theme, can I still use any other plug-ins for WordPress?

Yes you can.

in the screenshot for the plugin, you have a slider that has 3 buttons in it.. how did you manage to get all 3 buttons to show up on the same line? are they 3 boxes of one_third layout?

Please watch the slider screencast to learn how to create slides:


Does this font support accents?

This specific font doesn’t but I can provide you with another font that does.

Hey Bluz,

Thank you for response!

I don’t want to bother you, but can you gimme a sample with this other font?

well it can be any font you like. One customer here used “myarid pro”:

I am loving this theme Paz. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job – Oh, and I urge people to watch the YouTube tutorials as well as they are a great help! :)



Thanks Andy, Glad you like it :)


I love this theme, it’s GREAT , however I have one problem:

I can’t use cyrillic in the widget title … it’s not showing.

Any idea how ti fix this?

Thank you.


I’m glad you like the theme. I didn’t understand what exactly you can’t use, can you provide a link and some more details?


Thank you for your reply.

I have test installation here:

At the lower left corner you can see AsterHost.NET? It should be: ????? AsterHost.NET?

Titles written in cyrillic are not showing.

Also in the pricing boxes if the name of the plan is written in cyrillic it is not showing up.


This site is not showing the cyrillic too :)

You can change the cufon font by generating one yourself if you don’t know how to do it then send me a message from my profile page and I will help you out.

It worked!! :D

Thank You!!!


add me to the list of people that love the template, but want a different color. I would purchase this theme, but I don’t have time to manually alter each element one by one. Since others are requesting this, have you considered either: 1) making the psd’s available for quick color changes 2) adding several color choices or a dynamic color picker (my favorite)

Let me know when you can.

Loving this theme so far Bluz. How would I go about putting a livezilla chat button to the left of the login button?

You’ll have to do it manuly. I’m not familliar with how livezilla chat works but send me a message from my profile page with some more explination and I will try to help.

The preview does not work for me on IE8 , looks great on FF and Chrome.

Try again please. Just tested it and it works great.

This theme would be perfect if it had some more styles. Do you have any plans to add other color schemes?

I’ll consider that after hearing so many people wanting that.

I love this theme. I have it installed on my site I have never used Word Press till now. With the manual and videos that you provided on your site. It was a breeze setting this up. I had an issue with at first with the login button not working right but I then realized that it was the action command that was the issue. Once I fixed that, it all fell into place.

Great work Bluz A++

Glad you like it URPad ! Thanks for your kind works!

I think this theme is great and am currently debating purchase. Not sure how easy changing the colors will end up being, so put my name down as another who’d love to see it with a few different color options. Great work though! I’ll probably end up purchasing anyways lol!