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Great theme! I think I found a bug: if I open the preview I get the following error: Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /srv/www/ on line 206 You don’t have an attachment.php within your theme, maybe a correct template would be a solution for this problem!?

I have been warned by my hosting not to use this theme anymore since it has been hacked 3 times by a large timthumb vulnerability…...the hacker adds 2 files to the theme using the exploit and takes over your entire wordpress installation.

Is this going to be updated at all with fizes for various bugs

I love the theme! I am using it on one of my sites.

I wish there was an easier way to modify the color scheme than modifying all the images.

I am having issues with the cufon header, page titles and almost any titles that use cufon. When you first load the page or refresh the page, all titles appear in white and then immediately disappear. I did research and added IE 9 info in header and it still does not work. I uninstalled the theme, deleted the folder and reinstalled it and the title text is still not showing. How can I fix this?

TimThumb Vulnerability Issue I am using this theme and found a fix to this for the timthumb problem. See Here

ok, i also need to remove large breadcrumbs location area, so i can better use the space avaible, can you help me?

hi, I use Version 1.2 and at this moment I want to upgrade Version 1.3. How did this?

Hello it says that style.css could not be found when i tried to upload it help?


I installed this theme after using another one – all fine apart from the top level menu has gone!! any ideas?


Send me an email from my profile page and I will try to help.

Thanks guys for the timthumb vulnerability warning. i have installed the Timthumb Scanner plugin from the WP directory and run the scan. It detected the existing version to be version 2.8 and vulnerable. I upgraded to the safe version 2.88 and gone through my site and have not seen anything break so far :-)

Paz should come in and advice his customers and offer an upgraded package.

Nice theme and i like it.

anyone who want to whmcs template for this theme, please buy first and contact me :

After I had HostGator migrate my site the Slider picture and a few other things wont work. I replaced all the old links I could search for in Phpmyadmin but still have the problem. Is there any thing else I can try to fix it?

If you are wondering if Phenomenon works with WP 3 .3.1, it does. Even if you have installed additional WP themes in the past, you NEED TO FOLLOW Bluz’s install instructions in the documentation folder of the .zip download or you will have problem right from the start. I’ve had a couple of questions since I purchased Phenomenon, and Bluz has responded within a day when I sent him a e-mail from his Themeforest profile page. I for one am happy with both the theme and the support.

Thanks laldrich :)

I just purchased this theme and am running word press 3.3.1 and the BluzPanel does not load properly. Is this a known compatibility issue with WP 3 .3.1?

Never mind. Fixed it.

Glad you read the FAQ :)


I’ve a problem: When i try to upload the theme in WordPress, it say’s there is no style.css sheet in it. How can i fix it?

Thank you.

Read the FAQ please.

Thank you for this awesome theme! :)

I’d like to have my menu items continue to appear “selected”, EVEN THOUGH the user goes on to a sub-page of the respected “menu item”/page.

How would I do this?

This is not possible at the moment.


Hi Bluz,

Had the theme installed for nearly 6 months and i have watched all your demo videos, read all your documentation fully as well as going through the entire forum here and have so far managed to resolve all the minor issues that i had in the past.

Today, i suddenly had my 3rd pricing box drop into another line and my slider is also broken with only first slide visible. Can it break by an update of a plugin? as that is all i can think about and no one else has changed anything.

As said i had everything right for 6 months and it is not due to wrong installation on my part. I have now resolved the pricing box by using the method on page 8 of the forum by user Igikloppers by editing the style.css and the boxes are alligned, but with some empty space on the right, i am guessing due to the remaining 10px? and do you have a code to distribute the 3 boxes evenly?

Not sure what to do about the slider. Can you help please?

Current Fix for pricing boxes: FIXED : Changed style.css .plan { ... margin-right:30px; ...} to .plan { ... margin-right:20px; ...}


Hi Bluz,

Have also emailed you from your profile.



does this theme support Right-to-Left languages? Is it possible to setup it for Arabic?

Hi Sina,

Not at the moment.


Nevermind about the timthumb question, I overlooked the changelog.

I’m getting this theme.

Hi there Bluz! I want to buy your wickedly sick good theme.

Just a question, is the theme package updated now or I still have to run those vulnerability checks?

I am currently weighing my decision on which theme works out of the box, this or the other hosting theme available (there are only 7 here in themforest ;) )

You prompt response will be much appreciated.

it’s updated but I don’t think it’s up to date with the current version. You should always make sure you cover yourself with vulnerability checks.