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how u edit logo position on that template ? position & logo width & height Thanks

You’re gonna have to buy it to get an answer.

Hi, I’m having few issues, hopefully you can help. 1 – How can I move the logo image to the top, you can check at 2 – I’ve purchased “CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress” from codecanyon and I can not align it with the them, here is an example 3 – I would like to add some images and text below the boxes on the main page. I can not see any option.

Thanks Sam

Please email me and I will solve it for you.

Do you have to install shop cart pluggin to integrate and process paypal online purchaces? What plugging supports?

Thanks Gabriel

This theme does NOT come with it’s own shopping cart solution. You can use a lot of solutions but it’s going to require some knowledge in coding.

Im having an issue with IE9 any of my Heading Tags will not display is there a fix for this at all?

First thanks for the nice theme. I am stuck on whenever i enable the timthump in the Bluz Panel some of my pictures go to the “Red X”. I have the cache folder permissions set to 777 and picture path is correct because works fine if i disable the timthumb. Thanks for any help.

With any question, please email me from my profile page.


I’m trying to get a slider on the main / home page, with the 4 key benefits – but it is a PAGE rather than a POST /BLOG… I think I need the slider on the main page with a specific category (key_messages) and then the normal slider on the blog page with just that specific category excluded ?

How would I go about doing this ?

Thanks .. Ken

hello. *where do i edit the order butting to sign up and redirect it to an page with signup options? *And How can i create a pricing list like the one in the demo?

awesome theme


your instructions on installing the correct Phenomenon folder are horrible. be clear when telling people how to install. don’t just tell them to upload the Phenomenon folder to the themes dir, tell them to upload the Phenomenon that is insides the Phenomenon folder to the themes dir. because of this you made me waste so much time, pisses me off. now i have to redo everything. pain in the ass.

When I say “upload the Phenomenon” folder I actually meant the “Phenomenon” folder and not the “Phenomenon 1.x” folder.

and why would you need to “re-do” everything?

I presume that like most other wp themes, this looks great and all sounds good until you get to the payment part and find it has nothing included and you are left stuck on your own trying to find a developer to integrate a payment gateway!!!

Dude, are you for real?

@ pcfitness

Why would you need to “re-do” everything?

Also its common sense to check folders your uploading before uploading them.

@ richrich123

Dude, its a theme, what do you expect? Do you buy a car and moan because it doesn’t have wings? its a THEME for wordpress.

Payment gateways are your responsibility, There are plenty to choose from do you expect designer to include them all in theme? Just install the billing software/gateway you want and install it.

@ Bluz

Nice looking theme, this is on my shortlist. Looks like you havent updated this in over a year, do you have any plans on updating/adding any new features?

There are a lot of stuff I want to update in this theme, I just don’t have the time for it. So no updates will be made in the near future man, sorry.

Hello! This theme looks great and I would like to know if after I get I will get help getting compatible to Hebrew. Would it be possible to get support with that?

I won’t be able to help you with that since I don’t offer freelance services at the moment. but you can hire someone to do it for you.

Is this theme still ” going strong ” ? :)

I wanna buy it but i am not sure yet.

I did sent you a message from here but so far no reply, but it has not been so long since i did sent the message, i know i can not get a reply asap ;D

What do you mean by going strong?

I had to remove the Phenomenon Theme and WordPress and then re-install both because I accidentally deleted all of the Theme pages and Menu. After re-installing, I only have one PAGE (Sample-Page), one POST and no MENU . I need the original pages restored. Please help!

Realized that I didn’t import the XML dummy content….duh!!

No worries, it happens. :)

mean like, up to date etc. ........ but just forget my post, i found another solution …...

I’ve got the theme from my cousin who bought it for me, you might ask.

What my question is, how can i import special characters in this font, like:

š, ?, ž, ?

Or do you recommend any other font?


I tried to install the template serval times but im still have this error ?

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

What do i do wrong ?



Im trying to add a paypal subscribe button to my hosting pages and something is messing it up, could you see whats up?

It doesn’t look like you have any script connected to the paypal button image. There is no reason for it to work.

This is not theme related, but still I’ll do my best to help you with that.

Thanks, that is just the default script from paypal, it works fine locally on my test server, but uploaded the button goes all over the place like that.

This template is nice. I saw it on already, and many other sites, else I would have used it myself. I ended up going with RackHost’s template only because I wanted something less used! Thanks, and feel free to stop by @ Thanks, ServNat

Hi Bluz,

thank you for great theme, i have a little problem, i see a link into template that is

where i find it to delete? i’m searching into all file but i don’t see it, can you give me file in which there’s it please? thank you so much. Regards