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Hello, Can I set timer to count my date in this project? Can I change background for one image without animation?http://themehelite.com/themeforest/phly/index-info-countdown.html


You can set up your own end date.

Yes, simply disable the animation in the code, it’s explained in the documentation attached to the download package.

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Hi I just purchased and installed the theme…however the social icons and the X icon to close the more information section doesn’t show up. They show up as empty boxes.

Ok I solved the problem…I had to upload the web fonts folder. BUT now my problem is that it loads very slow. How can I improve loading time?


Sorry for the delayed response, can you provide me a link to see what’s going on?

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revblaze Purchased

Hey Madeon,

I purchased this product a few years ago and I just wanted to start by saying that these templates are awesome! Great work, keep it up!

However, back when I first purchased this product, I also requested that you add support for true WebKit compatibility and fluent WebKit animations (specifically for the Waterpipe template, however, many of these issues are universal across a majority of your templates). I believe you guys said you’d work on it and get back to me about this. Additionally, since then, there are now issues with the initial page-load spinner, as well as the particle effect.

When loading these templates in a LOCAL WebKit environment (Safari and custom WebKit apps on all macOS, iOS and iPadOS platforms), I experience the following:

1) The spinning loader animation – at the beginning of the page-load – either spins at 1 frame per second (no fluent animation, just moving parts every few moments) or simply doesn’t spin at all. SOMETIMES, after reloading the page, the cache seems to carry the weight and the loader animation will run smoothly. However, this only happens sometimes. Reloading the page or requesting a fresh page-load will yield a broken animation 9 times out of 10. Note that I am running these tests from a local environment.

2) The Waterpipe animation is still very laggy and will often load in parts – as opposed to a fluent transition-in from left-to-right. Occasionally, on iOS/iPadOS, there will be no animation at all – it will load as if the animation was a static background image. However, when scrolling down and back up again to the top of the page, the animation will re-run itself smoothly. Loading the animation in Chrome provides a much smoother experience, as expected.

3) The particle effect will often present itself as static during the Waterpipe animation. Once the Waterpipe animation has loaded, only about 10-15% of the particles will be animated while the rest remain static. This can be fixed by switching to another tab and then back to the Waterpipe page again. All of the particles will be animated when returning to the tab.

I wanted to bring this to your attention because Apple is making a very heavy transition to WebKit-dedicated rendering in the latest update of Big Sur (macOS 11). Anyone using an Apple product is very likely to be running your templates in a WebKit environment. It may be a good idea to start focusing on total WebKit compatibility.

That, and I would really like to continue using your product on my web pages. However, given the latest analytics, the majority of my mobile/tablet customers are running these templates in a WebKit environment (specifically Safari or WKWebView clients). Furthermore, recent analytics have shown there to be a steep rise in WebKit-dedicated desktop browsers regarding users running macOS.

Thank you for reading and once again, awesome product! Have a great day!


Thanks a lot for this very detailed feedback!

I am currently working on a big update of the template, I’m trying to release it before 2021.

Every issues will be completely fixed.

Your feedback is very helpful and appreciated.

Best regards

Hi, i’m wondering how to change the background image of the hole page and I dont know how to activate the countdown.


I’m using the constellation template, but i couldn’t find anywhere the place to change the images of the background slide.


Check out the documentation provided in your download package.

See “Slideshow / Ken Burns” section, it works the same for Constellation variant.

You will also find information regarding the countdown in the section “Countdown / Set up your end date”

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