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Hi I love the theme but I am having a few problems. I’m hoping you can help me out.

1. When I choose “Homepage with List” it shifts all of my featured images down one slot so they are all on the wrong post and the first post is blank.

2. How do you hide breadcrumbs?

3. What is your recommended featured image size? It seems to resize my images no matter what size I go with.

thanks, Mike

Please list your issue with our theme and send to themeloy@gmail.com

Thank You. This is the best theme and the best support ever! Also how do I remove the “main menu” I dont want a menu on my header. And also How do i delete where it says “home” at the top left of the blog? You can see my site at www.reachnyc.com

Hi mrfermin, please create an admin account for and send to themeloy@gmail.com (note: list an issue that you have no mail.)

I have problems with the demo xml data … not like the theme. where I can get a correct xml data?

Dear bonerank, our demo file is not provide image we provide only post content.


I purchased your theme and it is great. I am using the shortcode [button class=”btn_biggold”] on some of my pages, but I want this shortcode to open in a new window with target=“_blank”. Could you please let me know where to change code to do what I need?

Thank you.

Ok we will make it.

I just purchased the theme and tried to import the dummy content and got a whole error list of “Failed to import post tag”

What am I doing wrong?


if you want to import dummy content for test your website you should empty post of tag in your website. IF you want us help please create admin account and link website for us make it for you. Note: write title dummy content and got a whole error

I love your theme, Do you set up my site like your demo if i buy your theme? I will send to you account info.

Sure we can setup your site like demo version.

I am from Nigeria and we are not allowed to own a PayPal Account hence I cant purchase this your theme. The Moneybrook is equally not supporting Nigeria. What do I do? I want to be able to buy with Credit Card directly.

Sorry for late reply
For image thumbnail it crop your image equal or bigger than thumbnail size if image smaller than thumbnail size it will use your default image.
So you should use image size 730×430 it will work all thumbnail

I noticed that the theme will not maintain by post format and copied format MS Word. It mixes up the content with no proper spacing. See:http://www.ibomnewsdesk.com/2014/03/2015-israel-monarch-akpabio-dilemma-oro-ikot-abasi-james-abang/

Hi, when you copy text in MS Word the wordpress visual edit would convert it into XML Format.

Hello ,

When next version for boxed width option for this theme? has the same options as theme rush ? Hide tag in single post? Hide comment in single post ? Hide categories in single post ? Hide author in single post? Hide Author Profile ? etc… this theme sopport top ad banner 728×90 ? thanks !

Hello, I bought 2 themes (Rush and Phnom Penh Daily ) could answer me please ? :( When next version for boxed width option for this theme? (Phnom Penh Daily) << sorry for my english >>

Hello Your theme is really cool, but I have some problems: I can´t see previews of my posts. The “Review and Post option” don´t allow me to show or hide options , it only shows the comment in my posts.

Sorry we don’t have this option but we can custom css for disable it.
go to appearance -> themeoption -> custom css and add this code .image_review_wrapper span.review-wrap, .reviewbox{display:none !important;}


I have a problem with the theme, when I want to write a post the button insert link (http://s2.subirimagenes.com/imagen/previo/thump_8888133addlink.png ) not working. I tried with the theme default wordpress ( twentyfourteen ) with this issue, it works fine. How can I fix it?


Please share us your website link and admin account for check this issue.


Sorry for not writing earlier, had problems with the computer. Now I send data.

Hi, the problem is solved.

Is thene any way you can make the thumbnalis rectangle instead of square? Also the featured image should be rectangle and not square coz it’s taking up space.

can I use a search box in mobile mode?

want to know if width can be reduced to 980 or a bit less and if background can be replaced with an image

Sure it can, but we need to custom some code.

The theme was easy to setup and looks great. I’m having trouble with the custom menu colors. How do I activate the specific colors for each menu item? It says, “color class name “color-1” just add to menu class”. Where is the menu class where I enter this? I am using Wordpress 3.9.1. Thanks!

go to appearance -> menu and click option on top right wordpress you will see option for enable menu class.


I emailed the author a few weeks ago and again last week, but no response. My theme is running EXTREMELY slow. I have switched hosting companies several times and they all tell me the same answer…..the theme has issues according to all 3 of my hosting companies. Would it be possible for you to look at the site? broadcastbeat dot com. It’s loading EXTREMELY slow, sometimes 30 seconds.

Please email me ryan @ broadcastbeat dot com.


sorry for late reply. I just check your website.

The problem isn’t just come from the theme alone it also come from the plugins like mobile you install it shows 404 not found.

the solution is to install cache to handle speed. this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/ might be useful.

Hi I have the same issue with the theme loading extremely slow too.. Can author please reply here as there is problem in custom theme files. or email to allangan85@gmail.com


For solving the problem you could use W3 Total Cache or super cache plugins

how to change sidebar from right to left ?

if you want we can custom some code for you please share us your website link and admin account to themeloy@gmail.com for do it.


I would like to have another mobile menu like: http://pmag.djwd.me/blog/darren-johnson-and-frank-pignatta-make-it-official/

Can I change it, and how?


Love the theme but noticed when importing the dummy content did not contain the hompage page.

Is there a way to do banner ads at the top like your rush theme?

I have problems in theme option, please help me.