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A very nice work! Best wishes! :)

Thank you :)

Congratz nice work :)

Congrats mate! :D


Error in Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 No Numbers for countdown and the above one…Working fine in Chrome 23.0

The number does not display on smartphone, a theme COMPATIBLE, it’s stupid.

@sylvain33 i am using it on my desktop not on a smartphone….

There were issues with some browsers. I have submitted an update that should fix them. The preview already uses the fixed version, it should be fine in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE10. Safari 5+ is not supported since it uses hardware acceleration and crashes on windows. That is a Safari bug and a discussion link can be found in the theme description.

For any other browser, please test before purchase.

For those who already purchased the theme, please wait until the update is reviewed and download the updated version.

Thank you for your patience!

@TonyBogdanov Good Working fine now with firefox Good Luck With Sales Nice Template :)

Thank you :)

Just FYI your JS package in the file breaks on mobile. I copied the JS file from the demo site and it works.

With the included JS the countdown numbers do not show up in the circle on iPhone (any browser)

Yes, you are correct. That should be fixed in the updated version, which is already available. Please download the updated package.

Good luck with sales :D

Hi, nice work on the page. My client is asking why the twitter message in the foter aswel as flickr need to be uploaded to the site, is it hard to set the live feed from twitter account?


Hello and thank you for the interest.

No, it is actually really easy to setup a live twitter feed, but the template had to be plain HTML, and you will need some PHP coding for the feed.

You can contact me through my profile page if you need further assistance.

Another question. I changed the dates, the date when the site is online will be in 14 days, the counter keeps stating 44 days?

var stop = “February 21 2013, 00:00:01”; var start = “February 6 2013, 00:00:00”;

Disregard last message, the times start /stop is a switch :)

Brother in Safari its Fantastic. But in mozila and Chrome there is a problem. “SECONDS” inside Knob (orange) Blinks. Can you please give me a solution?

Sorry for the late response! I’m quite busy now, but I am already looking into the issue. Once resolved I’ll push an update :)

Hello i have a problem with 22h let’s see good job

Hello, I’m really sorry for the late response. I’ve updated the theme and fixed the counter issue. It will be available for download as soon as it gets approved. The fix is in ./js/style.js file only and it has already been uploaded in the preview. So, if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for the approval, just download

No pb ;) thanks :D