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Great work! Good luck with sales :)

Welcome to the forest ! :)

Awesome template LoxDesign, good luck with sales mate! ;)

Really good design – good job!


im using the decimal spinner in my form, if i put 1.135 as a value then as soon as i change to another field, it will automatically round up the value to 1.14?

how to prevent the spinner from rounding up values?

Hi, to get the value 1.135 you have to change the jquery call of the spinner in the file: ”<script src=”js/specific/forms_elements.js”></script>” from $(’#spinner_5’).spinner({ step: 0.01, min: -100, max: 100}); to $(’#spinner_5’).spinner({ step: 0.001, min: -100, max: 100});

With the “step” parameter you define the precision of the spinner to get always the expected value.

First of all thank you very much for all of you the nice greetings and tfeera I will give you an answer later today because right now I am on my iPad.

Does the layered PSD include all the sample page / elements in the live preview ?

No. The CSS sprites are included as psd files. I have a basic design in psd about the project but I was coding the element directly in HTML .

How does the email work? does it become its own server or is it just a location to see other email?

In the “new message” tab the file uploader is an integrated jQeury plugin ( https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload ). In the project you find a folder called “server” where it saves the uploaded files, but you have to run it from a server to be able to see it in action. For the email list display I used the datatable plugin ( http://datatables.net ). The actual email display is an HTML example, that part you would have to integrate it with your own server.

If you have more questions, just let me know :)

thanks for help with the spinner, one more question.

im building a form and i need to use the styled io checkbox, in addition to the well nice forms radio buttons, the problem is i must specify the section type like,

<section class=”welly form_align”>, in this case the ios checkbox will work fine but not the styled radio buttons.

if i put <section class=”welly uniform_styled form_align”>, then the ios checkbox will not work but the styled radio buttons will work fine.

so how should i make them all work fine in one form?

Welcome anytime. Well what you could do is creating a separate class name like “myFormStyled” and assigning them to the checkboxes which you want to style nicely and with the uniform plugin and making the javascript so: ”$(”.myFormStyled”).uniform();” and for the ios button you would make a separate call like this $(”.os_chbox”).iButton(); The important thing is not to call the uniform plugin for the whole form, instead making separate targeted calls.

how can i integrate php values fetched from database to show in charts?,

i cant find the place where i can edit chart values? thanks for helping me!

In the file ”<script src=”js/specific/charts.js”></script>” you will find all the “charts.html” specific script calls and their are all commented out.

For integrating the php values after reading it from the database you could put them into a hidden input filed and reading it from your javascript file and assigning them to the plugin.

Hope the idea is useful.

This template looks very unique and nice, but my question about the fact that it is all javascript and based on bootstrap twitter gave me a question. I’m not well-known with this twitter bootstrap thing. So my question is it hard to deal with? And about the panel, is it simple to edit the design and using php to fetch data like user information and user tables at the pages?

Hi RoelSQL. First of all thanks for the nice comment. Answering your question it’s not hard at all. It’s just HTML , CSS and JavaScript prepared for us to make our life easier :) About editing the design, when I was coding it, I tried to make it as simple to edit the HTML and CSS as possible with the help of SASS and if you don’t know SASS the CSS and also the JavaScript is well commented and if you still get lost I am here to help you!

Best regards


Awesome template! I noticed in the details that it contains PHP files. Prior to purchasing, I would like to know if these files are necessary to functionality or if they are provided so that the purchaser has PHP as a choice if they would rather use that?

Hi zodiacmarketing. Thanks for the comment. The php files are used in a few plugins which require it, for example the file manager, file uploader and tags plugins, but they are not necessary for the whole template to function.

Best regards


how can i show the notifications without the need of user to click them ?,

for example if the user did an action and i want to use the notifications to pop up automatically in the next page to tell the user that the action was successful?

i hope you get what i mean.

Are you referring to the top menu notification beside the chat button ?

just forget about that, another question.

how do i change the time format for the datepicker from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy? thanks for the help man!

Hi tfeera.

1. – For the jquery UI datepicker you can change it so:
 $( "#datepicker_ui" ).datepicker({ dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy' }); 
2. – For the glDatePicker just in case you need it, you change it so:
      onChange: function(target, newDate)
              newDate.getDate() + "/" +
              (newDate.getMonth() + 1) + "/" +

Best regards.

Hi there, I found some bug in your template.

If I – for example – would delete all widgets in the Dashboard site or if I would just have one widget which would be small in height it will autoscroll to top if I scroll down. This seems like an unwanted behavior as if I have my scroll ste fast enough or use the MacBook scrolling via Touchpad it flickers like hell (as of the downscrolling and instant upscrolling). Also the ‘To the top’ Button on the lower left right is blinking like hell (as of the permanent down/up events which trigger the animate).

Just try yourself: Go to the Widget page. Delete all Widget div’s there and voilla you will have this odd behavior. Hopefully it can be fixed. If you can’t reproduce I could provide you with a video which shows the effect/bug.

Thanks in advance!

Addition: if the overall height is small enough the bug disapperas (tested by increasing the height of the developer toolbar inside chrome thus reducing the overall content body height.)

Addition2: It seems/could also to be some issue with the mCustomScrollbar as the menu won’t scroll all down when the height is too small thus ‘hiding’ some objects.

Hi Blackskyliner,

Thanks for the info. The reason for the flickering is because you have the affix and also the customs scollbar enabled on the same sidebar and it seems they don’t like each other. The easiest way to get rid of the problem is disabling the affix plugin where you have few content on the page: just delete ‘data-spy=”affix”’ from your sidebar.

If you have more doubts just contact me.

Best regards.

Well is there any way to disable the affix dynamically (like if some element with the ID of #content is smaller than 300px)? So I could have a JS which decides when to enable/disable it? As I got one big main layout for all my subsites (Using Twig and Symfony2). Thus I just don’t know how large my side will be in the moment I render the menu/sidebar.

EDIT : Found an issue where someone had the same problem and got it fixed layout wise: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/issues/4647 (maybe also applies here)

EDIT2 : I got it! I know what causes the error. First the menu is some element which has an size and takes it inside the body because of its relative or absolute behavior. Now we switch to fixed and the whole menu gets detachted from the content boundary thus shrinking the contentbox. Thus reducing the size of the site so no scrolling is needed anymore and the browser just displays that resulting in the feeling it scrools up but in fact it just displays the whole content as no scrolling is needed anymore. After that the menu gets attached again, because we are at the top again and though attaching itself again with a relative/absolute position and occuping its old size extending the content area. So I just have to find a way to set the min-size of the whole contentframe to the size of the menu so I will (hopefully) fix it. Maybe you got a more clever idea of fixing, now the problem is clear. :)

Hey Blackskyliner you are the MAN :). Thanks for the good advice, I will consider it and hopefully on the upcoming update it will be fixed.

Thanks again.

i have finished coding my website using the template, but the theme color changed to rose, it was orange before. and i have removed the color picker for the left sidebar.

so how can i make it permanent orange?

Hi tfeera I am happy that my template was useful and made your life easier ( at least I hope :) ). Well there are two ways to change the color of the theme:

1. If you have SASS installed it´s a matter of commenting and uncommenting two lines of code and after that regenerating your theme_light.css file. To do this you would comment this two lines of code:
$theme_color:     #ff9c8d;
$theme_name:     'rose';
and uncomment the following two lines:
// $theme_color:   #ff9e02;
// $theme_name:   'orange';
in your _variables.scss file.

2. If you don’t have SASS installed than you would do a simple “Find and replace” in your theme_light.css. Finding the color value ”#ff9c8d” and replacing it with ”#ff9e02” and for the images and icons again a find and replace, this time finding “rose” and replacing with “orange”.

Hope the info was helpful. If you have still more questions just let me know.

Best regards.


could you add some alerts?

Like info, warning, error and success?

I dont mean jgrowl, i mean otification Bars as you can see it on other templates. With an X to close on the right side.

Thats really important for me. Then i buy it :)

Hello TheTechnoMan.

Do you mean the notification bars what I have on the bottom of this page : themes.loxdesign.net/phoenix/forms_layout.html ?

Best regards


thanks. Dont saw them because therey are on the wrong place :P (in my ippinion).

But i found another ptoble. When i visit a page ovr the iphone, the loading thing which appear while loading, wont disappear. Sorry for my bad english, but i think you know what i mean ^^

thanks man for all the help, the template is really nice to use with my code now, i have coded a software for my own company. how sweet is that right haha!

when you say replace the color value in the themelight.css, does it go for all of them in the css file? like i should change them all?

one more thing how to set up the background texture?

thanks man :)

Hey tfeera, that is really sweet :)

Yeah you have to change all of the occurrences in the theme_light.css file.

Changing the background color is really simple. In theme_light.css you just change the background (url) value of your body tag:
body { background: url('../img/bg/bg_1.png'); ... }

For example to use the second background you change it to “bg_2.png”.

Welcome always :)

wow so helpful man!. one more trouble with the wysiwyg editor or named cleeditor.

for example if i write test with red color. and press the show source code i will get

<div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><font color="#cc0000">test</font></span></div>

so now the question comes, i want the editor to send the source code value to be stored in MYSQL DB, so next time you open the notes page you will see that there is test red colored exactly as you saved it last time.

now the editor is sending the shown textare, for example if i write test with red color, it will just send test to MYSQL DB.

do you get what i mean?

Hi tfeera.

Check out this page: premiumsoftware.net/cleditor/docs/GettingStarted.html Maybe you will find an answer for your question on this page.

Best regards

I have been using this for a few weeks now, and it’s very nice! Also it’s very easy to edit, it works great on all browsers so far I saw. I can’t find anything that isn’t working well or hard to modify so great work LoxDesign, also it’s very low priced for what you offer.

Greetz, Roel.

Hi Roel,

Thank you very much and I am very happy. You just boost my motivation to 100 :)

What you just told me was actually my goal, making it easy to customize. If you just in case find some bugs just let me know. I will correct it as fast as possible.

Thank you and best regards, LoxDesign