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Wow! Look out Theme Forest! This is going to be a hot item!! All the best in your sales and congrats on such a beautiful and well thought out template!

- Bryce Wisekal

GREAT WORK !!! Two questions, can the slider be turned off and have 8 boxes appearing instead of the 4? It would be used for selling up-and- coming-artists art.

Also on the Gallery page, can the photos be clickable to a page instead of having the lightbox?

thanks kevin


Yes you can remove the slider and have 8 products on the fromt page

WOW mate, I assume this is in response to my request all those months ago?

Looking awesome, just one thing though which i’m not sure if it’s even possible, for photographers to get the best out of this it could do with DRM (digital rights management) attached.

It’s great that you can choose a size of the photo, but it also needs a way of telling the purchaser what they can do with the photo, eg can they sell it on, use it in print, web, make copies of it etc.

Digital Rights management is a pain but essential to photographers otherwise copyright issue come into play and a picture you have taken and sold get plagerised.

I can talk to you more on this if you want :-)

Anyways not detracting from an awesome theme bud


Thank you very very much.

Please email me.

Hi me again, sorry one more observation, if you choose a different size from the dropdown should there be an option fo rthe price to change eg a smaller image should cost less than a larger image?

Sorry not being picky but if these little things are sorted I think you have got an absolute winner on your hands.

Like I said before there are not any DRM style WP themes out there and you could have photographers jumping to buy this if a little DRM is put in :-)

Cheers Rich


This is just live demo, to show the design ,but Yes I make it the way you say

Thank you very much

Heads up.. the live preview is not loading.

Thanks for noticing, already up and running

OMG , Mark, this is absolutely Great Theme! Congrats for the Concept and I’m wishing you tons of sells! :)

Thank you very very much, Hope you are doing well BTW


First fantastic theme! Beautifully designed and implemented.

Three pre sales questions please:

1. The red Sale banner mid page is changeable re: color, content etc?

2. Is there a way to add the Share functionality that you have with individual products to the blog posts as well?

3. Is there way to show different image views of products via a gallery or slideshow on each product page? For instance you want to sell say pottery and want different angles/views of a piece on the product page?

Thank you, Derek

Thank you very much

1) The color is not changeable but we can make that ribbon of any color you want upon request, the content is based on settings in your backend, you can create a coupon that will be displayed like this or, you can set your own content/rules.

2) There is, It requires enabling some settings in “share” plugin that comes with the theme

Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please let me know about the 3 question.

Also might make a great update to the them to allow end users to select the ribbon color from the backend as well if that would be possible.

I will be buying your theme today and best of luck with sales!

problem no visualization demo site

Please try again


Can you send me your email address please, so I can update you on DRM :-)


PS sent you a private message so you should have the email address

Pretty impressive. Good job! :D

Love the simple, clean aesthetic and the typography! Great job!!!

Thanks a lot

Hello, great theme, congratulations! I would like information about: what is the wp-ecommerce module manages the sale of products to download? (a bit like the ThemeForest) In advance thank you

Yes it does, you can set up the product as downloadable

Thanks. One more question : Is it possible to display the products categories in the main menu (not in a dropdown “shop”)?



Great theme!

I tried to make a purchase, to test the checkout page, but it wouldn’t let me.I enter my details and hit the ‘Purchase’ button, but it tells me that everything I entered is not valid.

This is just a live demo, in real site you will be able to checkout with paypal or credit card

Any chance to replace photos with videos?

In Documentation it reads:

E) Google analytics – top

In order to use “Google analytics” you have to setup your analytics snipet. To do that go to “Appearance” -> “Phomedia settings” and enter your analytics ID under Google analytics tab. Hit save.

Don’t see “Phomedia settings”

Fantastic job! Good luck, wish you sell a million copies :)

compliments I wanted to ask if you can change the price based measures?