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Hi do you have a dummy file with content to import? Your forum is not working. Thanks!

Hello I just purchased this theme. After downloading, the theme is completely blank. Typically, a word press theme will come filled with demo content. Is this theme supposed to be blank (so I need to build it myself)—or is it supposed to be filled with demo content (so I can just go through and adjust the content to fit my needs)? Any response/help is appreciated.

Please follow the video tutorials on how to set up the theme

I have a question. Is there anyway to change the slideshow size on the front page?

Don’t install WP-Super Cache or WP-Minify with this theme. You are better off jumping off a cliff. Save yourself.

Use Total Cache plugin instead 42 people say it works. 131 people say it’s broken.

Considering the trauma I just went through with WP-Super Cache (the premier choice – and highly regarded) I think I’ll pause on your recommendation before putting my client through additional turmoil. Also – I think I tried it about a month ago and I had to rebuild the site.. I can’t remember as I have had to rebuild it 6? times now.

Had no other recourse than to try it. It worked for a day. Then It crashed the WP interface. Can’t use anything remotely closed ot Minify without it crashing.

Hi Transparentideas,

You ignored my question. Please answer this.

Is this the complete code to change the countdown timer? .countdown({until: new Date(2013, 8, 30), format: ‘dHMS’, timeSeparator:’:’, layout:’{dn} day(s) {hnn} : {mnn} : {snn}’, labels: [’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’], labels1:[’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’]}); I added it but it doesn’t work. Please provide the code. I want to change the format to days-hours-minutes

change this:
layout:’{dn} day(s) {hnn} : {mnn} : {snn}’
to this
layout:’{dn} day(s) {hnn} : {mnn}’

Can’t fix performance issues.. but I guess the theme demo has them too –

OMG I can’t believe I’m researching Pragma: no-cache and SetCacheability. I have no confidence in my site’s stability and I have zero confidence in its ability to work with mainstream WP plugins. The effort to rebuild my site is tremendous and daunting. :sick::sick::sick:

transparentideas – your approach in asking for the username and password to ‘fix’ things on your own doesn’t work for me and the fact that we have thousands of dollars of product on our site. In addition, your unhelpful approach of not posting common issues with your theme either by using your knowledge base or even helping your PURCHASED customer base in the comments section is simply un-nerving. Retire this theme already since you aren’t supporting it. Save people from going postal.

Hi There, Can I run this theme on wordpress 3.5 or do I need to download 3.4?


You can use 3.5

I have an issue when trying to sell a product from a third party link. I create the product, add the url for the product and make it live. I go look at my “store” page and there is a “Buy Now” button on the product. When I push the “Buy Now” button the third party opens in a new browser (as it should). The product is also added to the shopping cart on my website at the same time. How can I make it not add it to my shopping cart and only open the third part url?


Hi. Really like the theme. I am currently trying to make my check out page secure. However, some content loaded on the page is coming from an insecure location, namely the banner and share icons. Could you advise me how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you have to configure your web server to send the images and ather assets as well through https when the sites connection is through https

I seem to be missing something. I downloaded the link themeforest gave me and I tried uploading it to my WP site. Wordpress said there was an error and there was a missing stylesheet in what I downloaded. I couldn’t find any further instructions on how to upload. Please inform me if there is an issue with the download or if you have a link to ‘how to download’ that would be great! Excited to use this theme!


you have to unzip the package first, the instructions on how to set up the theme and the theme itself is in the package

I bought this Phomedia Wordpress Theme – A WP E-Commerce theme several days ago, but there is no demo products data, pls contact us as soon as possible, or you can send the data to this email address

hi, this is legend again, sorry to bother you again.

but we checked the data you sent us and we found there is no any photo in it.

so could you send all the photos of this data to us?

thank you very much!

what’s more, could you tell us “How to hide the products attributes(Variations) on category page”? how to set, or if there is any more detailed documents about this?

I have one question that is very important for the store I’m going to build. I see that every item in the store has option to show different sizes, but the price is the same for all of them. It doesn’t make any sense for sales process. Can I assign different price for every size and change them dynamically, so visitors can add to the shopping cart one chosen size with appropriate price?

hi, do you have support via email for questions about configuring your theme? i checked the forum and this seems to be dead at the moment.


How can i deactivate/not show the top menu bar(nav id=”sub_links”)? up in the top right of the header?


I cannot choose Product Download->Select from existing files in Firefox. When I select a file and try to save, it reloads the page and discards any change (addons disabled, WP 3.5.1). In Chrome there is no problem. Maybe this is Firefox related and you could fix it?

Hey, I tried to upload the dummy data (database.sql) to my database put it ran this error what can i do now? :(

You must install the sql into an empty database make sure you back up the oldone

Hi there!

I have a problem about Contact page there is not look like your demo the text-area and the button don’t be no the right side. how can to fix it?

Hi really like your theme :) and I followed your setup video thoroughly, have watched them all like 4 times now but I have some problems with the gallery and contact form. they wont show up and instead they show the store. I have tryed everything now and was wondering if you could help :)

The site is If you need to get into the site just send me a email at