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Hi, Is there a lot of font options for the navigation bar etc? Thanks

Hi, i sent you an email. I have changed all the headings font except having trouble changing the main navigation bar font? How do i do this with css, not sure what bit to call to place my code…if that makes sense! :)

Also i was trying to set the catergories slider to just show 4 catergories, but trtying to set it so say the boxes are 110×25 each (or whatever the width of the slider is divided by 4) but the boxes never seem to change from the set squares.

I’m completely new to all this. I uploaded directly to wordpress and activating it that way but it seemed to be missing a lot. I read the readme doc and it says to do it via FTP but I’m having difficulties understanding what to do with the files.

Is there gulp a step by step idiot guide somewhere for getting this theme up and running using FTP…for non technical people like myself?


Yes, please check the theme’s page there is a set of video tutorials that will help you set the theme step by step

Read a bunch of tutorials and managed to get it up and running via FTP. But it doesn’t look anything like the demo version….no images, only only a link saying home…I know i have to create my own pages etc but I thought there would be some examples?

Please email us to we will send you sample data

I bought this Phomedia Wordpress Theme and I got a problem on contact page because the block of message and submit button doesn’t look like your theme demo.

wp-ecommerce cannot add the variation. can you tell me how can to fix it.

Please follow step by step video tutorials that are available on the theme’s page

went back and started from scratch – style sheet is missing?

You have to unzip the package that you have downloaded everything you need to set the theme is inside

i need XML file that i can update my database i created,please i need you help

Hello, I need sample data, would you please email me at

The pagination is not working when I click on the page number or Next/Previous. Please help.

Also, “April 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm | Edit this entry” shows at the top of the Products Page. How can this be removed. As a matter of fact, can the page title also be removed?

The Home page also contains “February 20, 2013 at 11:12 pm, by Hollywood Locs”, sharing links and “No comments” at the bottom of the page. How can this be removed?

Thank you so much. Great theme, by the way.

Please tell do you use permalinks and if so what is it’s configuration

It is set up to use post name, i.e.

Please email us

Also, I cannot get other pages that I create to actually show up. Is there something special that I need to do besides the usual set up of pages for Wordpress?

And the Latest products on the home page … is there an option to have products that I’d like to choose as opposed to the latest according to the date that products were published? If this isn’t possible it would definitely be a great addition to the next upgrade.


Checkout button takes me no where. How can I fix this?

This is the message I get when trying to install the theme & it’s missing all the plugin’s. The tutorials are terrible do you have better ones to suggest.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

You have to unzip the package that you have downloaded from themeforest them theme is inside the package, not hte package itself


Your forum is not avalible. Coud you give me a link for demo data?

If I do not use the coupon widget, a portion of a blog post shows at the bottom of the page. How can this be fixed and simply show a blank space?

How do I add multiple images to a product? I have a shop, and if I have 3 images for a bag, I can only add one via featured images. How do I get the other two images there? And I do not mean in the message, because he is double on the homepage.

I’m getting an error message and unsure how to resolve. Thank you for your help!

You are currently using WPeC 3.8.11. We have included a fix for a bug on the User Account management page. We are able to fix this automatically on most sites, but it appears that you have made changes to your wpsc-user-log.php page. For that reason, we have some simple instructions for you to follow to resolve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


I have to increase height for GOOGLE MAP in contact page. Can you suggest me any solution ?


Just say Hello transparentideas !
Are you still support for this template?

Hi, is it possible to add more images to 1 product page?

I would like to display 2-3 images under the main product image. Is this possible?

I’ve emailed and sent a message on your profile and I’m still waiting to receive the XML demo file. I needed to start this project yesterday. Why is it not included automatically like other themes? Having to wait for it to arrive is crazy when I just paid for the theme and expected to get started right away.

If there is anyone who has purchased this theme that can please send me the demo XML file, I would really appreciate it. The creator of this theme is NOT responding to any of my emails or messages and I need to get this project done by Friday. I’m really disturbed by the fact that I’ve paid $55 for a theme I can’t even use yet. SMH My email is THANKS!!