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Hi The theme shows size options for each print. Is it possible to have a diferent cost for each theme? At the moment each size shows the same cost. Thank you

Hi, could you please tell me how to create a drop down menu from the galleries please? Thank you


I am looking for the demo .xml file for this.

I have emailed you but sadly you haven’t got back to me.


Like most of you, i was looking for the sample data file. I now have this file. If you require it, please tweet me on @bentenwilliams

I need help asap getting my checkout page to function correctly. On the demo, it has proceed to checkout to the right with the total. Mine just dumps everything on one page with no styling like in the demo. How can I resolve this?

Where can I find the sample data? I tried your website but the link is broken. Please help as I am doing this for a client.

Purchased theme and need sample data. Please provide.

hello there,

i have a question about this theme: you have this sample product page:

there is an option to select different size. is there a possibility to set the price for the product for each size? please reply soon.

thank you


I saw on a previous comment a few pages back you resolved a question regarding changing the coupon to show days hours etc. with this code:

$(’#count_down’).countdown({until: new Date(<?php echo $exp[‘year’] ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘month’]-1 ?>, <?php echo $exp[‘day’]?>), format: ‘dHMS’, timeSeparator:’:’, layout:’ {dn} day(s) {hnn}:{mnn}:{snn} ’, labels: [’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’], labels1:[’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’, ’’]});

I attempted to apply this to my theme but it just leaves the area with time remaining as empty. I have since reverted back to the hours only feature but would prefer it to be days hours minutes. Any reason you can see why the above code may not be correct?


Also, is it possible to remove the product descriptions on the product page/store?

Have looked through previous comments and your tutorial videos and could not find an answer.


Hi, Is there a way to upload the entire theme “as is” in demo, so it’s ready to be studied and replaced each product/category? I mean all: pages, pics, setting and categories. Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you very much. I’m going to upload all. Do I have to run the .sql file via browser?

Is it compatible with woocommerce? What will get lost if I convert the plugins?

Hi, I’m having trouble fixing the error

/nfs/c08/h02/mnt/118359/domains/ on line 17 - See more at:

Can you please guide me step by step what to change where?

thanks, I just emailed you :)

Transparent Ideas, Just emailed you, we are having a problem on getting the state fields to work on the check out form. Please confirm receipt of email. Appreciate the support.

How can I center my logo? I uploaded and it is not properly centered. Looked in style sheet but didn’t find any code related to logo. Thanks! my site is

Email us for help

I am trying to upload the assets in the piecemaker but I’m getting a blank page after uploading… please help.

Transparetideas, Sent an email for support, can you take a look and respond. Thanks!

Hi, In my home,, you see the categories slider working properly, BUT it doen’t show the prices, all the products only in home, are shown as zero euros. But in the product post, everything works properly. One more thing: to have a bigger featured img (like in your description site) where do I have to set it up? Thanks for the past help, really. And for the future.

Where is the support?!? We all need the demo content.

The support is here, please email to