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I recently purchased this theme and am following your installation instructions closely… However after making the gallery (and again I have followed your instructions closely) I come up with this as my gallery page:

The styling is completely off to what your theme displays. Please help me remedy this immediately.


Please email us for help

I’m looking for a theme that can help me with this: - Sell my own pictures printed on different kind of material (canvas/poster/etc) -> this can be done with this them greatly it seems.. - Sell pictures of my customers by upload on different kind of material - and later maybe Sell pictures of my customers pics from Facebook/Instagram/Flickr on different kind of material.

To sell with an upload i found a way to use Gravity Forms with WooCommerce. I like WooCommerce, but don’t know e-Commerce. Any thoughts about my main needs?

and.. is this theme up-to-date with the latest wp versions? because the last update is from september last year.

bye and thanks for the reply! Wilbert

If you feel more comfortable with woocommerce then you will probably need woocommerce theme

Hello, please, I have a couple of questions: - does is support multiple languages/localizations? - I’ve tried checkout on your sample site but I did not see the payment methods. All methods of wp commerce are supported and styled? Thanks in advance for reply. David

The theme supports laguages via WPML plugin, all th payment and shipping methods are styled

A great theme and exceptional support.

i just upgraded the wp-ecommerce to version and got the error notice—You are currently using WPeC 3.8.11. We have included a fix for a bug on the User Account management page. We are able to fix this automatically on most sites, but it appears that you have made changes to your wpsc-user-log.php page. For that reason, we have some simple instructions for you to follow to resolve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The link takes you to It says, “this documentation is our effort to, as easily as possible, assist you in upgrading your theme file to be compatibile with the latest version of WPeC”. Have you already updated the wpsc-user-log.php file? Or do you know how to easily go in and make the necessary change so that PhoMedia will work properly with the latest WPeC? I’m nervous to jump in and start playing with code I don’t know anything about. Thanks for your help!

Does anyone who has the sample data mind sending it to me, I have had horrible luck with getting the creator of this theme to send it to me, I have basically been waiting for a week now and I feel this is horrible customer service.

My email address is:

Any help is appreciated.


Nice theme but the Last update was on 12 sept. 2012? When will the new update released?

With in a week new update is coming.

Hi. Can i use this theme to sell only digital downloadable goods like mp3 ?

yes, the theme supports downloadable products

I just sent an email about some issues that came up when I did wp, plug-ins and wp-ecommerce upgrades. Please help. thx

Update So, what does it mean? With in a week new update is coming. Is there a plan of an update, the mention of one week is now 3 weeks ago….

working on it

Hi, how easy would it be to make this theme responsive, or would it be possible to create useable mobille, app version of it?

it’s an awesome theme, but would really need it to be viewable on different devices



working on it

Hi, I have one question. There is a plugging that works with this theme, so my users can upload pics to the site, so I can print them for them.

Yes they can there is a setting that enables that


Great looking theme, might be useful for my client.

However – I will really need to tweak it a bit to fit client’s corporate design but I cannot find any info about the font change, color options etc.

Is this theme customizable in any way?

Thanks for help.

Best regards,


Hello Yes the theme is customizable but through css, fonts sizes etc. We will gladly help you out with that

I just have a few questions before I purchase this theme.

1. I’m planning to have a store feature down the road, so until I do, can I remove the top bar with the cart/account information (since that would seem strange if I don’t have anything to purchase yet)?

2. I assume since the home page is full width that there is a full width option for a page layout but I don’t see that anywhere. Does that layout option exist?

3. Can I use Google fonts or change out the heading font easily?


1. Yes you may disable shop features and keep it hidden. 2. The width is 960px and is not stretched, 3. We will help you add google fonts for free


I cannot reach your website: did the url changed?

I bought this theme and installed it on a wp v3.6.

This theme version (1.0.1) is not compatible with wp > 3.3: it uses functions deprecated since version 3.4.

So please don’t mark it as compatible with wp3.5 when it is not…

The theme initialisation class is glitchy: it enqueues admin styles after admin scripts are, which is not the enqueueing order intended by wordpress.

I spotted some other glitches (some css ones) but I won’t make a list here and i am still testing the theme possibilities, I hope i won’t find many other ones.

I managed to fix some issues but I guess a lot of this theme buyers are not php and/or css professionnals, it would be nice if you please could update it asap, your 1275 $55 (and more?) customers would be happy to hear about it :)

Anyway, thanks for the theme, it looks nice.

After NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati plugin update, I’m getting this error produced by the Nextgen Phomedia Widget: Fatal error: Call to a member function id() on a non-object in /home1/facilblo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_gallery_display/class.display_type_controller.php on line 210

Please email us

Hello I’ve alraedy emailed support about my issue hopefully someone can help me….I am having trouble with the homepage widgets on my install. I’ve added 4 widgets to the upper footer area and having some difficulty with their alignment. I added the newspaper widget which aligned itself on the on the far left as I expected but when I added the next three they all lined up vertically one under another. Can you advice what I am doing wrong and how I can fix this.

i fixeed the problem!!!!

Hi, trying to put contact page together, but I get forms displayed in different areas of the page instead alignment you have:

Also you can see how one “your email” form is white, don’t understand how I would even try to fix that.

Please email us for help


i am using the latest products widget with 4 products showing but they do not update when a new product is added, any suggestions why this is?

love the theme



i am using the latest products widget with 4 products showing but they do not update when a new product is added, any suggestions why this is?

love the theme


Please email us