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Prepurchase question here… There aren’t many themes out there to sell photos and I’m glad you have one! You also give the option of selling different size pictures. Great! But can we set a different price for different picture sizes, without creating a different item?

So, as I select a different size, the price changes.

Hope its possible!


surly it is possible, the price will change automatically as the sizes gets selected.

Hello that such I want to get this theme looks great but on the demo page is not paying with paypal … If you bring this method of payment or would have to put some plug in

I did purchase this theme and it is spectacular. I really like it. Just wondering when it will become responsive? That would be cool.

Is there an alternative to Magic Zoom? Is there another plugin that is less costly?

demo.xml data link pls or send me a email

Hi, my theme version is 1.0.1 so is any new version avaiable ? Thanks!

Hello. I just sent email about a problem I’m having with file downloads. Please help asap. thank you.

Anyone figure out how to get the demo up and running? Maybe I need the demo.xml file too?

Hi, another pre purchase Q

I have a hard time figuring out ig you can do a bulk upload also Can people buy the image both as download and/or print.?

Looking forward to you’re response


1. Yes you can do bulk product uploads 2. If a person buys a product she/he will receive a download link

So no matter what they’ll receive a download link (just want to be 100% sure I understand)

The reason why i’m asking is that there isn’t a possibility to sell prints separately without them receiving the download link?


Well, there are plenty of options to set it up

Hi, is there a chance you will develop the same theme for woocommerce. Thanks.

Working on it

How do you change what featured products appear on this themes homepage….I’ve viewed all the video tutorials but none of them show you how to do this. Can anyone help me?

Please email us for help

Update for WP 3.7 support coming? Any chance of responsive design? I know you said you were working on an update a few months ago..Thanks for a great theme!

Any update? Thank you.

Hey I am wanting to remove the product description from the latest products widget.

Do you know how I can do this?

Cheers Linda

I have purchased your theme and it looks fantastic! Great Work. Can you please supply a dummy_data.xml file as this will make it much easier and quicker to get the site up and running. I can not seem to find it within the downloaded package. Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you in advance!

Still wait for your email… Please send it to

For more than a year that is not updated.. so is any update planned????

We still using this theme, and is very important for 1,313 buyers. Thanks!

Love that you created a photography market place. So many forget that Artist businesses are in business to sell their art. Is there a way to create license packages rather than license images by size? My clients license images for specific uses including prints. Would love to see a fluid site like this. Thanks

You can create any type of products you want. you may create licenses that can be downloaded after purchase

Will you please give a statement for your Update-Policy, as you mentioned many times. Just say no you do not update any more – or you will do – but no sparetime this year, maybe next year in august 2014… There was your plan for a next release already some months ago, so I was waiting and waiting… So for now i found a different Theme for customers…

I usually don’t leave any comments on my purchases but I am really disappointed by this theme. Not Responsive, not customizable, complicated configuration, doesn’t work so well with an existant Store. I think it’s a very expensive theme for what it offers. Hope my comment will help others NOT TO buy it and will push the author to update it ASAP. Good luck.

Hello Please please email us @ we will be glad to help you customize the theme

can you send me a demo content ?

Hi, this theme is very complicated to set up… I keep getting lost every time I try it… IT doesn’t come with the demo content and set-up. Please provide demo content. It is very pricey for how complicated it is.