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Dear All,

How to remove url (link) from slider on main page?


what a great theme you have created :)

There are several things we wonder about though and I try to read through the comments.. I just cant find an answer, so..

1. Default size on images?

2. Can slider size be altered? Visualize a Category and product list on the left sidebar, on the same plane as the slider. Possible?

3. Our top menu seems to be overlapped by the bar itself. Certainly dont know how to fix it.

4. Changing the font on the theme. I have tried to change it in Editor, but nothing happens. Are google fonts available?

5. When I try to set up store, the images are all wrong. They are small and dont have a zoom option like on demo site.

6. List view and grid view are not available like on demo site?

7. I only seem to list 2 products side by side, when clearly the demo site can atleast have 3 products side by side. What am I ding wrong?

8. Do you provide a xml for the demo content?

You can access our site and take a look-see for yourself if you want. It is far from complete, but we hope to get it done by May. That means we need your help for a sec.

Thank you for a super theme. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Please contact our support at

Hi. I emailed already twice but I still didn’t get any respond. My client purchased this theme. I am taking care now of putting everything together for him. BUt there are many things that make me stuck on the page. I wanted to tell you first that the theme is really great. The demo that I see looks awesome. My client thought that we can install the theme and it will look exactly like your demo and we can just swipe text and images. Why doesn’t it work that way? It would be so much easier.

Here is link to the web site:

Now-as you see on the HOME page: 1) what should be the size of the images for the slideshow to look nice,like on your demo? 2) why do I get under it the title of the page? (HOME)How to remove it? 3) How to remove the day and comments that appear under? 4)Am I able to build folders from the Products slides? When somebody clicks “Events” we want them to take to folder with events and inside it will be other folders with events from different days.

ABOUT: 1) Is it possible to have 2 columns on the page? I tried to use 2 columns, short codes and for some reason it wasn’t working for me.I just want 2 columns, no sidebar, no blog styled comments,, meta,categories under, or next. Just plain 2 columns.

CONTACT: 1) It looks all messed up. I contacted the developer of the plugin and was told it is the issue on your side and I should contact you. They said it is sth with style sheet. Can you please look into it and let me know where is the mistake? How to fix it?

Those are only problems that I came across now. I hope it will get easier later.

If you need any additional info,like my client name etc., please let me know. I will provide you with all the info.

Thank you and please, please get to me as a soon as possible.

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

The ticket id will be sent with the first reply from stuff

HOw long does it usually take to get respond? I feel you guys have very poor support. I am waiting for help to fix my web site and nobody is writing me back.

usually we respond from 12 – 24 hours, but we have days off on weekends so monday through firday

Is there a downloadable XML file for Phomedia?

Yes, please email us

Thank you…I did last night.

Hi there,

I put in a support ticket in regards to compatibility with the latest version of WP E-Commerce and WP 3.8. Last time I tried to update from WP 3.4 to 3.5 on the theme, jQuery broke. Has this been addressed? I see that the sidebar says it is compatible with 3.8, but the theme itself is still at version 1.01 and your last updated date is Sept. 2012 on ThemeForest. Thanks for your reply in advance.

Please send over ftp access to we will update the theme

Yea I’m with schwartzen. I’m a little nervous to update to the next version of wordpress and WP E-commerce. How did the update go Schwartzen?

Hi. I have had to clients purchase this theme. They too have had some serious issues with using the theme. First is there any demo data, XML that can be installed to make the theme look just like the demo? 2nd, can you help with getting the theme compatible with the latest WP and also WP E-commerce?

Hello, Yes we can help you with all of that, please email us to

Hi i have a question on the product page instead of the addition information is there a way to add a box tabs if possible how can i do it thank you

Hello You may use a plugin for that, i’ve sent you the link

Hi Guys

I’ve been on the support forum and left a couple of tickets. No one has responded as of yet and I’m trying to get a site signed off by Friday.

Is there anybody out there?



Did you get the ticket ID

No because your system doesn’t provide them after sending through our enquires???

Man, we love this theme very much, but how come it’s not responsive!! Are you making a new one for photo stock? will you make this one responsive? what do you recommend? we need one urgently. thanks

Hi, don’t we deserve a reply from you?

Really sorry for the delay. You can email if it is something urgent to


Ive set up a site, everything was nice and easy :-) I showed a client and the checkout page won’t work. All i get is and image of a shopping cart.

Any ideas please? Jonathan

Please help

please send over ftp access to your site

Sent them :-)

hi, tried to follow the installation instructions, i even gave it to a web designer and even he is confused by this site…we upload images and created a page for them..but they dont show on the web site .

the logo only comes up half showing even when i re-size it.

why isnt it as simple as other wp themes?

and wheres the link to the tutorial please.

forgive me but this is one of the most difficult themes

i’m guessing theres no one to help?...the tutorial video only shows how to get the cart feature to work…but i need help uploading my site pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay

Please tell us what hosting you are using

Hi I am having issues with the gallery it is repeating itself as you can see here

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


Sure thing, but where will I send it?

Hi, Can you tell me where I send the ftp details, as I am not posting right here?

its possible to hide single product page ? i want to the product image popup when i clicked it, not go to the single produvt page.. thanks :D

Yes there is but there must be some customisation done. Please e-mail us.

Does the theme work with 3.9.1? I’m wanting to update, but don’t want the site to break.


Hi there

Do you do Consulting as well when I Need some help with the Installation and configuration? If yes, what would be you hourly rate?


2 years without any update? Why?

point, will update soon.

Hi. I emailed the author twice already looking for demo.xml data. Is it available? Still waiting on response. Does anyone have it?

Thanks Mark.

before buy this themes, there are following questions: 1. can we change the white background color into other colors? or use a picture for background? 2. Is there a secondary directory?

2. Not sure what you mean, 1. Yes with css