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Nice Website. Is there anything you might be able to add to speed up the loading speed of each image?


It depends on how you optimize the images. The first time when you load the images it’ll create a cache. Only happens once, as the images are cropped to size dynamically. Afterwards what you get is from the cache, which is faster.

Another nice WP Themes here, I liked it!

Thanks mabuc!

Only for one size of image? I know some artists that would like this but they have multiple size canvas’s. Could you have different shapes?


Yes you can have different size images. It’s already supported in this version.

Beautiful clean theme! Love it!

I have two questions:

1. is there an option to set custom thumbnail size (or any other way to make them bigger)? 2. does the theme support sub-albums in any way? Maybe a drop down menu for sub-categories?



Yes, you can set the thumbnails to a bigger size.

Sub categories can be created and displayed as a separate album. Although it won’t be styled to look as a sub item in the menu right now, i can do a CSS update for you to do that.



Photo Sub Categories are now supported

i really dig this theme….super clean… question: what about vertical and panoramic images for example? i assume it will maintain the height but will they be forced to fit the horizontal dimensions?


You can always customize the image dimensions. Fitting a panoramic image in photo box could throw off the design a bit. Vertical images will do fine in the theme.

Thank you for comment.

Can you add text below the images or within. Like a 150 word description. ??


It’s possible. Right now it’s set to display the title of the post. I can do a modification which can display the content of the post.

Yes I’d like to add some text to each post as well…will you be implementing this shortly?


Don’t think i’ll be implementing displaying of content under the images to the official download as it would shift the theme from Photo to Blog style.

I could send the modification which is minor on a request basis.

Hi there,

If this was to be used for commercial purposes and I needed a lot of other pages similar to the about us page such as prices, testimonials etc etc how would that display?


You could include the pages in the sidebar, or have a page in the sidebar and link all the other pages (if you have a lot) from that one would keep it neat. Anyway which works for you.

I like you template a lot and I’m finding it easy to use. Is there a way to center images that are not 730 wide instead of the default enlarging and cropping? A lot of my images are portrait oriented.


Also, I’m having trouble adding the contact page.


Thank you for purchasing Photo Nexus.

To create the template page you’d need to create a Wordpress ‘Page’ and link it up.

The images should center fine.

Could you direct mail me with your site?