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hey imaginem, just taking a look, this really is a nice theme.

reckon you could send the revision so I can add descriptions/links/etc to the images posts as well. would the comments be applicable in this.

would it be possible to have a separate page, with ‘normal’ blog type entires on it (eg news updates) as well?

reckon its feasible on some posts to show a video (eg vimeo, flv etc) instead of a jpeg? how would this work in terms of adding the thumbnail?



The theme doesn’t support video as of this moment.

You can add separate pages (not posts), and use it as a regular wordpress content page with this version. Adding a post instead of a page would determine the script to look for an image and display.

As of now the script pulls the titles. I’ll help you replace content there. Send me a direct mail me using the profile.


Hi I’m a new user/blogger. I can’t seem to get the pictures to show as shown here.. . I seek your assistance please. I brought my web hosting from and got rapid blog with it. So no cpanel access to check on weather PHP 4 .3 is installed or not. thanks


You’ll need to set the cache directory which is located in the theme root directory with ‘write’ access permission. That would get it running.


Great theme…a really innovative use of Wordpress and I’m really considering this theme. One quick question…will this theme work with LightBox?


Thank you.

Not right now. But with some additional JQuery code it would.

This is really nice. I want to turn in into a portfolio site, can I add some text on each image? Am gonna go broke in this site. lol.


It supports text descriptions. I’ve included to display the Title Text at the bottom of every image.


Hi there, I have quite some questions to ask, but it’d be best if you just visit my site

I need to know how do I publish images? I tried making a new blog post with images and categorized it but somehow it doesn’t work.

Also, how do i customize the contact page?

I also tried making pages to show images it doesn’t work too. Maybe what I’m doing now is completely wrong. I need your help to set this up. Please email me

my site URL is (as you can see nothing is shown there)

simmytan…read the Help_File.txt and it explains everything. It’s not as simple as just posting a photo. You have to use the custom fields (name of ‘images’ with the full url to the actual photo). I set mine up tonight without a hitch. I thought it was fairly well documented.

Hi there Coplan (as well as Mondre)

Sorry that I overlook the help.txt file, I managed to follow the instruction and set up the page finally. The only problem I am still having is adjusting the column width, ideally, I would like my images to be view in 800×533 format, is that possible ? I tweaked the index template and it worked but it also overlaped on the category bar. I know I need to change the attributes of the other columns as well but I tried editing CSS but I just don’t know where to do that. If anyone can shed some light i’ll be glad, thanks in advance.


Your website is displaying images properly.

To set up the About and Contact, please create a Page for each of them and enter the Page ID in the Admin Options About and Contact ID fields.

Send me a mail if you have problems with it.

Cheers, Mondre

Hi simmytan,

Right now it’s set to width 730px.

Edit the CSS file, in your case it’s the dark_style.css and replace the bits which says 730px to 800px

I’ve sent you instructions on it to your email.

Regards, Mondre’

Highly recommend this theme, the seller is great and very very helpful. ?even to such noob like myself) . Very very quick respond too. Thanks again !!


Happy to help.

Thank you.

Hi there,

great theme

Quick noob question, How to I get a pic to display by default on the home screen?

Im able to add images fine to categories but I dont know where to put my post for the default/home screen?



Make a category called ‘Featured’ and add your post to it. The home page will pull all the posts in the featured category and do the slides.


Is there any limitation on the image size or it is suppose to be a certain size?


You can customize the size to your requirements. Image height x width and if you want it either cropped or not.