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That means that I can have images in both landscape and portrait in the same gallery?


You can have portrait and landscape images in the same gallery.

Great looking theme! I’m setting up a Fine Art photography web site. I just emailed with a question about larger thumbnails, I see it was asked and answered already. Since I intend to sell my art, I need to also have each photo have its own page that would have text and HTML for the sale. You would get there by clicking on the image.

Right now, when I click on the image, it just advances to the next one.

Is a photo per page an option?

Thank you



The theme doesn’t display contents for now.

Needs some additional javascripting for your effect. But that could run down to a full content theme. I’d like to keep it a compact photo gallery, but you could customize it, it’s got a structured code and is well commented.

Thank you.

heya. I can’t seem to get the images working?? here is a link.

Can you help please.





Reply sent!

Hi! I’ve been looking at many templates for WordPress for my photography portfolios, and this one looks great, simple + clean + easy for viewers to use without having to click back to return to something they saw earlier. I’ve also been looking at the Scroll template.

I really like both of them, but there are one or two elements on each template that I would like to see on the other, I’m wondering if it’s possible… On the Nexus version, I love everything about it except there is no header or space above the image, it runs straight into the top of the browser page and feels a little unbalanced.

In Scroll, there is the space between the displayed photos and content and the top of the browser, however, the “menu” is basically centered on the home page but when you go to the categories, about or contact sections, the “menu” is on the left. Is there any way for it to be one or the other regardless of which section you are in?

And last, I love the glowing thumbnails in Nexus, is there anyway to have those in Scroll instead of the numbers with hovering thumbnails?

Thanks so much for considering my questions, and truly, thanks for designing these templates!


Photo Nexus : Space for the header can be adjusted by editing the CSS file.

Photo Scroll : The menu can be centered site-wide by editing the header.php and footer.php How i’ve done it is – it looks if the page loaded is the homepage. If it is , style for the home is loaded. It’d be easy to edit this off and make the menu-bar either Centered or Left aligned site-wide.

However implementing the Photo Nexus glow thumbnails to the Scroll edition would require some work on it.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, imaginem, for responding. I have about this much

—> <

awareness of code, and zero knowledge of how to do it, so I really appreciate your clarification.

I am assuming the font used throughout the template can be changed as well?

Thanks again!


Fonts can be changed by editing the CSS file too.



I emailed you yesterday with some questions. I’ve sorted them all out, so I’m almost there, and by the way I just love your template.

What I want is an image/graphic on the index/home page but I don’t want the category listed as Featured. It seems you have the home link in the menu linked to whatever is in featured, is there a way around this. I’m quite comfortable messing with code I’m just not sure how to find what I need to edit/change.

Thanks so much


You can exclude the featured category from the menu by entering it’s ID in the admin options exclude section.

You can manually edit the menu, it’s in the header.php

Thank you.

Great theme. Just purchased and set it up. Working smoothly.

Just one question: is it possible to easily add a contact form into the contact page? If yes, do you have any recommendations on which plug-in to use?

Cheers Magniz


Yes it’s you can easily add a contact form to the theme. I’ve provided a help_file.txt with the theme which has a step by step guide to setting it up – including the contact plugin link to download and set it up.

I’ve recommended: Contact form 7

Thank you

You’re the man! Will look into that asap. Thanks!

is there a way to speed up the loading time of the images? is there such a thing as a preloader for wordpress?




I’m not sure about wordpress preloaders and how it would work on a cross browser level. Photo Nexus galleries already preloads pictures before showing a picture in full. The best thing would be to optimize the images better.


I just bought it, got it running. Thanks! I see that I have Home, About and Contact pages. I’d like to add a 4th page, called “Purchase.”

I guess I can drop the Contact page and edit the php to make it say Purchase instead, but I’d like to keep Contact. Is there an easy way to do this? If needed, I can edit the php but I’d appreciate a pointer where I could start. Thanks!

I have a second question. If I go to my main page, it shows the featured slideshow, just like it should. But if I then click on a Category, and then click the Home link, it shows that category, not the featured side show. Clearly I’ve set up something incorrectly. Can you advise?


To edit the menu you can edit the header.php

You’ll find the code set there.

  • Home ”>About ”>Contact
  • For the category to home, it could occur if you’re using permalinks.

    You can do a fix by entering an absolute url to the home path or as below

    Edit the header.php