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To edit the menu you can edit the header.php

You’ll find the code set there.

For the category to home, it could occur if you’re using permalinks.

You can do a fix by entering an absolute url to the home path or as below

EDIT Header.php


Hi Mondre -

I used your Innuendo theme for a previous client’s site and was pleased with the result.

Now I’m thinking of using photo nexus for another client but wondered if I can use it for a front page and innuendo for inner pages?

Is it possible to ‘combine’ two themes?




Good to hear.

It should be possible to combine the themes. I can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t.


Looks interesting, but can you have custom-sized images?


You can set custom size for images as well as the thumbnails.

Can you embed flash content or youtube videos in place of photos?


You’ll have to make a separate page to equip flash/videos to it. If a post is created the script would treat it as photo content.

Thanks for the answer. If I buy, would you be able to easily modify it for me to handle flash/video directly in the post?

Thank you so much for making a wonderful theme. I can’t believe both how nice my site looks and how responsive you are with support.

I was able to add another page easily, your directions for editing header.php were superb.

Now for my next question. If you go to my site:

see how the 2nd header, “Equipment” is indented?

I used the same HTML as the top title:


but it comes out indented.

Also, isn’t obeyed, the emphasized words are not in italics. I see where you reset “em” in the css, I can remove that but I’m not sure what other changes that would do. Is that the best way to get italics back? Thanks!


Thanks for any help!


You’ve got some excellent photos on your site. Great to see it working well.

Here’s your solution to the indented heading.

Following is the css code which you’ll have to paste in the dark-style.css

REPLACE .page h2 .page h2 a

ADD .page em


Forgot to tell that the previous comment pastie link has the solution for italic text too.

Great theme and great instructions that were provided!


Thank you!

I really like this website. I was wondering if I could add another tab. For example, there is Home, About, and Contact. Could I add a Services tab easily? I want to buy this template but need to know this first. Thanks!

Thanks for the help and the really nice comments about my photos.

Julie: Look back a few comments, I asked about adding a similar tab (Mine was “Purchases” and the response had the php code to do it. Easy. Check out my site, to see it working.

Don’t hesitate, buy the theme. It looks good and support is top notch.


To add another tab you’ll have to edit the header.php and another line to the menu similar to the ones already there.

You can do a reference on NotThePainter’s website he gave

Thank you for posting out the address for PhotoNexus… I did not remembered how I did get to you… the Photo-nexus is not listed in the search: Home > Browse Categories > WordPress > Creative › Photography

How is it possible to add a menu item that leads to a page inside or external? if I would like to link to a photo gallery somewhere else, to a website or to an event?? Maybe among the list of categories….

thank you for the support.


You’ll have to edit the header.php and add an extra line similar to the navigation used.

At any time you can contact me if you need help.


My site is up and running with this theme now!

It was the first time setting up a site by myself plus using only a blog theme! I soon found out how easy it was just because this seller’s instructions were very clear and helpful and it looks good!

Highly recommended!

Young. ->

Hi there.

My pictures do not appear. Somehow this is not working.

I followed (step by step) the instructions, created the custom field, called image, and copied the absolute url in the value field.


But on the site, it errors, see:

When I go to the url of the picture that errors, I got these error messages:”>”>

Can you please help me out?

Thanks, Henk.