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ignore my previous post. It is working correctly now!

All I had to do is set permission to the Cache file correctly.

Thanks, Henk.


You’re welcome. Drop a line if you need any help.



Would it be possible to have the categories to be expandable?

Meaning, when I click on a category, it expands in order to show the subcategories (when applicable), like

Category1 > Category2 Category3 > Category4

In this case, clicking on category 1 would show:

Category1 Subcat1 Subcat2 Subcat3 Category2 Category3 > Category4

Would this be possible? What do you charge to have this customized for me?

Thanks in advance, Henk.


Yup it’s possible to add expandable submenus. Could you mail me with your url via my profile n’ i’ll get back the information.

Can the images that scroll on the home screen be made to link to posts or pages? Thanks


Photo nexus is a compact gallery site. I’ve not included managing text content to it. As most of it generated dynamically, linking images to posts is not included in the current version.

However you can create Pages and link it in the Sidebar menu.

Hope this was helpful.

Thank you.

I’m totally clueless when it comes to this kinda stuff but I’m having some issues setting up my categories. I create them in wp-admin, but when I check the site it says no categories. Am I supposed to create a post in them? I noticed it said something about that in the help file.



Could you send me your URL via my profile mail link.

I’ll check your site and reply back.


Two days ago, I (Henkos) sent you a mail via your profile. But i didn’t hear anything back.

It’s about having categories that expand on click.

Can you please get back to me as soon as you can?

Thanks! Henk.


Henkos, I got your mail. I’ll be sending you details on it.

hi guys, does anyone know how to change the order around of the categories??

Hello guys. I just bought this beautiful theme yesterday. I try to change logo to mine, but I couldn’t.. Please help…. Tee

I use fpt program to replace images/logo.gif I don,t know why…

It’s ok now.. host problem.. another question.. How can I add more page? and more space for page ? I am not programmer. and How many categories can add and will be show on main page ? or Can I do the drop down for sub categories? I try to read posts but still don’t understand. I am new for website but still learn… Thanks in advance Tee


You can change the order of the categories by using the following plugin


You can add the pages by login into WP Admin of wordpress and creating Pages. You can then link the creates pages to Categories by editing the index.php

You can add as many categories as you like. If you want a drop down menu of categories then you’ll have to edit and include the code into the category list.

Let me know if you need anymore help.

Hi! I’m going to use your template as a backbone for a site at

I’m having trouble figuring out why the posts marked “Featured” aren’t showing up on the homepage.

Also, I was interested to know which contact form you used.




I think you have the default frontpage set to the aboutpage.

Could you goto WP ADMIN > Settings > Readings >

And set the: Front page displays To : Your latest posts

Do let me know if this resolves.


Forgot to tell you about the contact form.

I’ve mentioned about it in the Help_file.txt with the link to the plugin.

Contact Form 7

hi guys, i have an issue where the pics on the featured page are not displayed in the correct way. the images that were imported vary in resolution but i thought the theme would resize to display correctly in the slideshow mode.


It would crop, but to stretch would result in loss of quality.

But you can over-ride it by setting:

Edit index.php

You’ll find a line with phpThumb

in the same line there’s the value zc=0

Set it to zc=1

you can do the same by editing the archive.php which are for the categories.