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never mind question 3 above.

however, can you tell me how to remove the thumbnails on my featured/static page? i want to keep the thumbnails on the rest of my galleries though.


After some intensive searching through the comments, I failed to find the answer to the following. Though, I am sure I missed it.

When using “featured image” for a post (the image at the top of the page, when viewing a post), is it possible to make the image clickable to a larger view? Similar to how images are when posted into the blog post itself.

Furthermore, is it possible to make such images linkable to a lightbox kickout rather than a link to a blank page with the larger image, as per default?


Following code generates a lightbox with the featured images in post single.

Edit single.php

Replace lines 33 to 46 with the code in the pastie link

I’ll list the same code here incase the pastie link doesn’t show up

$image_id = get_post_thumbnail_id($ID, 'full'); 
$image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src($image_id,'full');  
$image_url = $image_url[0];
<a href="<?php echo $image_url; ?>" class="group">
// Show Image
echo showfeaturedimage (


Hi, When I hover over the main menu in IE8 , the wee thumbs on the Gallery pages jump up, and then down again when you hover over the thumbs. Any idea how to fix?

Hi Imaginem,

I have been trying to get the “Facebook Likes You” plugin to my website but even though i have ticked the option to display the “Like” on both front page and the pages of my website the thing only shows up in the blogs. I suspect this has something to do with some coding that needs to be done. Can you please tell me what file do i need to edit in order to see the Facebook “like” on the pages that contain the galleries ?

My website is

Chers and thanks in advance


I just checked the site and saw the facebook button active in all pages. I’m guessing this is resolved. Let me know if there’s any problems.


Hi Imaginem,

Thanks for reply. Indeed i have added it to the sidebar by pasting the code, but i also wanted to add it to the pages themselves. For instance. I would like to have different like buttons for each gallery which will point to the gallery itself. Can you let me know in which file i have to add the facebook code?


um… imaginem, can you please answer my last question! thanks.


Front page slidshow doesn’t display thumbnails by the theme. It only generates slideshow with thumbnails for the rest of the galleries.

To hide thumbnails from the galleries edit /css/gallery.css and add the following to line 1

ul#pikame { display:none; }

That will hide thumbnails for all galleries.

The frontpage shows a different slideshow using another set of script and styles.

Let me know if you need more info.


Hi Imaginem,

Great work on the theme.

My client would like to either remove or move the play/ pause buttons on the slideshow throughout the website.

Is this particularly hard to do?



You can edit css/gallery.css

Line 24

Add display none to class

.pika-imgnav a.pause {


ok i’m kind of new to this, but how do i designate my front page to be my front page? currently, i just have a page that uses the gallery template and that is connected to my my Top Menu via the Home link.

my site:

i wanted like this:

thanks again!!!

now its working. i had the reading set on a static page. its now set on my latest posts.


Thanks for notifying. :)

For the gallery template, is it possible to change the location of the “next” and “prev” buttons to under the photo instead of under the thumbnails?


You can move the prev next links using css

Edit css/gallery.css

Modify the following class something as

.pika-textnav {

You’ll also need to add some spacing to the thumbnail class as follows

.pika-stage .caption {

You can adjust the position for your preference.


Hi Imaginem,

I just wanted to let you know that the there might be a bug in the footer options or maybe it is just that the documentation is vague. I have tried to add google analytics code in there but it did not work. I have then edited the footer.php with the google analytics code and everything started to work fine.

Regards, George

Hi George,

This could be from your server having the magicquotes extension switched one. This adds slashes next to quotes for any script that inserts codes to the site. When the codes are directly entered to the footer this doesn’t happen.

If you modify the footer script code as follows this can be a solution but it’s always best to switch the magicquotes extension off. It’s soon to be outdated and not recommended in any way.

edit footer.php line 10 modify as

echo stripslashes_deep(get_option ( MTHEME . '_footer_scripts' ));


Hey, I love the update! I just have a question on the light box feature. How do I make the thumbnails in my blog open up in lightbox instead of opening to a new page? Here’s my site:



Could you enter the shortcode for thumbnails in the blog post. This will generate a set of lightbox activated thumbnails for you. The images will be generated using image attachments in the post.


One more question, how do I remove the Categories from all my pages? I only want it to show up in the blog page.


This will require some coding. Can be easily done by editing the sidebar.php and using a condition to show categories on certain pages and note others. Best if you contact a wp developer on this. I can give details on files to modify.


Is it possible to make the Photo-Menu collapse automatically in the Home page? So make it collapse by a mouse-over. Instead of collapse the menu in a new page or keep it collapse in the home page.

Regards, Vincent

Hi Vincent,

Yes this is possible either via CSS or jQuery. jQuery method can give a better interactivity to the hover functions. I’d recommend contacting a developer on this.


  • edit – the reading settings were set to static page instead of latest post


For the themes mainpage to be displayed it needs to be set to latest post. Otherwise wordpress will display a static page of your choice instead of the themes mainpage.


Hi Thanks for making such a fantastic theme! I nearly have my website perfected now, but I would like to do a few tweaks: 1) Where do I change the font colour of the password protected text (my background is black, and I can’t see it)

2) Is there a way to add padding to the images only at the top of the browser? e.g. I want the side bar to be flush with the top of the browser, but the loaded images to be 100px lower, as this will tie in better with my logo.

Many thanks



I’m interested in this template but I have one concern.

My site will have multiple languages and I don’t see this template being localization friendly.

Can you please advice?



Hello, and thx for this theme.

just a question, How to upload a photo with a high size and theme use automaticlly the 750px large ?

I do the configuration on “media” option but the theme take all the time the big size and not the “750px” size :x

if you can help me , thx.


Is there any way to display the thumbnails with their true aspect ratios, instead of cropped into a square? My client wants thumbnails to be shown vertically and horizontally so they crop the same way as their full size. Thanks!

Hi, liked your creation and would like to purchase. Need to know the image cropping option. Usually my most of the images from DSLR are in 2:3 ratio e.g. 720px x 480px; 800px x 533 px etc. But the examples showing in your demo is a bit square one, almost 4:3 format. Also, would like to know the option to enter text because I would like to publish the photo essays also.

Thanks in advance, Kaushik Ghosh, Photographer, India