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Hi, have already purchased and downloaded this awesome theme. In fact already started the tweaking. But I really like to have the header PHOTOS displaying above the page links as shown in your demo; CAN ’T ABLE TO DO IT IN MY SITE . PLZ HELP !!!

Hi dkgimage,

You just need to

1. Create a Page

2. Select Gallery Template from the Template selection list

3. And upload multiple images to the page.

4. Publish!

Let me know if it still does not create a slideshow for you.

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

Hi, you did not get my point… I want that the word ‘PHOTOS’ to be displayed above the page links in the Sidebar as shown in your demo. Thanks !!!


Goto wp-admin > Options > Gallery > Title for photo menu



Blog pagination is not working. It shows the “NEWER ENTRIES ” link and when it loads, it loads with the same posts as the first page, and only the first 10 posts are shown.

What’s wrong?


Can you post a link. I’ll need to check to give an accurate solution.


I still have these outstanding issues:

Hi Thanks for making such a fantastic theme! I nearly have my website perfected now, but I would like to do a few tweaks: 1) Where do I change the font colour of the password protected text (my background is black, and I can’t see it) 2) Is there a way to add padding to the images only at the top of the browser? e.g. I want the side bar to be flush with the top of the browser, but the loaded images to be 100px lower, as this will tie in better with my logo. Many thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

These need to be customized via CSS . You can easily locate the classes using firebug for firefox extension and make the changes from style.css and /css/gallery.css files.



Great theme. I was wonder if I could : - add a pluggin to have a vertical accordion menu (like jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu) to the sidebar photo menu ? - have the content of the blog sidebar in the main sidebar under the menu ?

Let me know. Thanks a lot Valerie

Hi Valerie,

This is possible. You can add menu realted codes to sidebar.php file.



Question about your does it handle a lot of thumbnails to they scroll on hover? is there a site you can point me to so i can see this?

thanks so much, Emily

Hi Emily,

Currently they don’t do carousels but list them in the second row if they exceed the width.


My apologies if this has already been addressed. I use sub-categories, but I am having two issues. The first is that sub-categories will stay collapsed until I open it. If I have sub-categories within the sub-categories those are fully expanded and they aren’t indented.

Is there anyway to make it so that the sub-sub-categories are also collapsed by default and possibly indented a fraction to offset them?


In the gallery page template, can you tell me how to move the previous & next button in between the photo description and the small thumbs (and NOT after the small thumbs like it is now). Can find the php code. Thanks in advance.


Theme Support

We just launched our new customer support forums. Please use for support related questions.

For pre-sale questions please send an email via my profile or use the contact form in the support forum.

Thank you

Is there a way to pad the images in the galleries so there is some separation from the top of the page and the image?

Thanks -George

Hi George,

You can edit /css/gallery.css

Add padding to class .pika-stage


.pika-stage { padding-top:10px; }


Hi – love the theme!

How do I get my own logo onto where ‘photo nexus’ is now? I saw the section where it says ‘path to your logo image’ but I’m an amateur – help!



You can upload an image using wordpress admin media manager and get the url – paste it to the input field.


Love the theme! I was just wondering if it would be possible to move the thumbnails from the bottom to the left of the images so they go down in rows?


You’ll need to modify the css styles in css/gallery.css file.

If you use the extension firebug for firefox – will make it very easy to locate the classes for each element. It has a click and reveal class / file function.


Hi !

I love your theme but I need a little help.

Can you tell me how to have a simple page with a unique image (no slideshow) like this : on the homepage ?

I hope you’ll can help me.

Thanks ;)


You can edit index.php replace lines 47 to 96 with following

<img src="full-image-path" alt="image" />


Thank you!

I did it, but which page template should I choose now ? gallery template ? That’s what I do and I still have a slideshow >.<

Sorry, I’m a beginner.


By default index.php should be the mainpage. Unless you’re overriding it with wp-admin > Settings > Readings

Make sure you’ve not set a static page as homepage. It should be set for ‘latest posts’ , this will give the default homepage.

Could you let me know the url. I can check where it’s going wrong.


That was it, you’re great !

Now I’ve set “lastest posts” but I don’t know how to insert an unique image.

There’s a little “missing image” at the top left corner.

Thank you for all your efforts ;)

hi, Just checked. It’s successfully displaying the image. :)

Hi !

Thanks for everything, I’d like to ask you a last thing, please.

I saw it somewhere over the answers but it was a bit too hard for me to know what to change exactly.

I think it’s in style.css or superfish.css

1 – I’d like to modify the color of the link “home”, “contact”, “facebook” when the mouse is over it. Can you tell me which stylesheet modify and which line ?

2 – Finally, I’d like to reduce the word spacing in that menu, between “home”, “contact” and “facebook”. Can you tell me which stylesheet modify and which line ? The line is very important.

Thanks so much for your patience ! ;)


1. edit /css/menu/superfish.css

Add the following

.homemenu .menu a:hover { color:#111; }

111 can be replaced with a hex color.

2. Line 76 of same file

.homemenu .menu a

Change the padding value.

padding: 0 8px;

You can lower the numerical value 8


Image Resize.. Hi, I may be missing a basic setting but I can seem to get the theme or wordpress to resize my images.. Please advise.


Could you give me a url to check on this.



I have the following problem – I can only upload images from my computer to the Gallery – How can I select images from the media library that I have uploaded previously? It will let me go to media library but won’t let me select them.



Could you check the following link

Notice the gallery link. It should be visible on all pages where attachments are present.

goto wp-admin > Pages > Click a page > Click on media upload icon

A gallery link should be visible where you can rearrange or upload more images to the present gallery.

Let me know if there’s any problems.


Hello. Is there a way to re-size images when they are uploaded? I have gone though timthumbs and allot of CSS settings but cant get it right, image height is key for controlling portraits.


You’ll need to goto Theme Options > Gallery and switch on Image resizing for galleries.

I won’t recommend dynamic image resizing for galleries as they will bloat the image size. Best would be to optimize and upload. Otherwise it will impact load time.

Let me know the url i can check if resizing is active.


Hi -

I’m loving my gallery slideshow, but every image pops up with its file name underneath it. Is there a way to make that go away entirely?



Please follow the link

Goto – wp-admin> Pages > Click on a gallery page

As marked in the screenshot.

1. Click on the media uploader.

2. You should get the ‘gallery’ link for pages where image attachments are uploaded.

3. Enter title and 4. caption text.

Titles are auto populated from image name, so you can change it by replacing the title text with your own.

Let me know if you need more info.