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Great theme! I purchased it and am having a great time customizing my site. However…

I have one question: How do I get rid of the “categories” line as well as the line spanning left off of it. To see what I’m referring to, please visit my site ( ) and look on the upper right hand corner.


Okay so I have fixed it by going to: Themes/Customization/Static Front Page and then selecting the Page with the image which I want to use for my home-page as both the “Front Page” as well as the “Post Page”.

My site:

HOWEVER , now the image has what appears to be an auto-refresh-rate of 6 seconds (the same time I selected to use for the timing of my slideshows). How do I get rid of it? Even better, how would I get a welcome screen with an image that you have to click to enter the site? Is this something that I should get a CSS person to customize for me? Cheers!


You’ll need some HTML to get the image click to work, css won’t do.

To have a clickable image in mainpage ( replaced with the featured home image slider )

edit index.php

Replace lines 51 to 92 with

<a href="http://your-target-link-path-here">
<img src="http://your-image-path" alt="featured" />

Replace paths with correct url to link and image.


Hey- great theme! Is it possible at all to have the thumbails in the gallery on the right side instead of at the bottom? (My nav menu is on the left). I’m having trouble with the thumbnails jumping up and down too dramatically when I have a vertical image.


You can use CSS to re-position the thumbnails. Having it aligned to the right or left is possible. You’ll need to narrow the thumbnail container width and posistion it via CSS . If you can contact a css developer on this.


I just purchased and successfully uploaded my theme to my website! I’ve added two new pages with my photos, but I can’t seem to get the links to the pages to show on my website. Any ideas/help?

Also, the portrait pictures on the main page are too big. Is there any way to shrink them to an appropriate size (the landscape photos)?


Clarification: I would like the pages where my photos are to show up where “HOME” is on my website.

Please disregard my question about menus! I’ve finally got it. :)

However, I’m still wondering about resizing the images that show up during the slideshow.

PS. Sorry for all of the comments! Last one, promise.


Best if you resize the images manually. Doing it from theme resizing script my alter the image quality a bit. You can set resize on using theme options.


My question is quite the same as from sandimas59: Is it possible at all to have the thumbails in the gallery on the TOP or LEFT instead of at the bottom? (My nav menu is on the right).

This would be just perfect.


Yes, this can be done but will require CSS customization. If you can contact a css developer the customization will be easy. It’ll need to position the thumbnails block using css position absolute, and make some spacing on top the image.



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Thank you

Hi there!

I’ve been using your Photo Nexus theme for some time now. I like it a lot :)

I’d like to update the theme from 2.0 version that I have at the moment, to the current version 2.0.5 , but I couldn’t find any instructions on which files need to be updated? I don’t want to loose my customized changes.

Would you be so kind to let me know what would be the best way to do a smooth update, i.e. updating the changed files only?

Thank you.


Following are files changed from 2.0 to 2.0.6


If you could use a Diff app to compare files that’s changed in your theme will be great. For best practice do make a backup of the theme before overwriting.


Hi imaginem,

Done. Everything seams to work nicely :) Thank you!

Hey imaginem,

I have a rather wide logo on the right side of my website. If I scroll to the right after opening my site, I can fit the images in the gallery as well as the entire logo.

Is there any way to adjust the left side margins so that when someone opens my website it is automatically set so they can see the entire logo and the image in the gallery slideshow?

Here’s my website for reference:

Thanks so much for all the help, I really appreciate it.


Hi Cedar,

Logo width plus the gallery space takes up about 1250px in your layout. This is more than the recommended width. It should be around 960px as a standard web site width.

You can still widen / narrow layouts by modifying following classes/IDs

edit style.css





All of them have width properties. The main-wrap width needs to be the sum of photo-sidebar and featured/gallerycontainer.


Hi again,

I would like to add a page (not a post and not a gallery) with different images and link each one to a different vimeo video in a lightbox.

1/ I tried a couple of plugins (Lightbox Plus, WP Video Lightbox) but I cannot figure out how to make lightbox to work.

2/ Also, I am wondering is there any possibility to be able to play videos directly from my server (I do have them on my server) and not going through the vimeo service?

I am wondering if you would be so kind to help me with this?


I seem to be missing the template for the featured slideshow on the homepage. I’m currently using the gallery template for the homepage….how can i ammend /access this?

Thanks, Rebecca


My question is also concerning the thumbails in the gallery on the TOP or LEFT instead of BOTTOM .

I know you can’t do the CSS customization yourself because it’s a lot of work and I read you sugested to hire a css developer.

However, I’d like to try to edit it myself first before hiring someone if I fail to do it.

Can you at least give me a first clue where to start? Which codes in which files should be looked over ?

Thank you!


I like this theme a lot, and I’m considering to buy it. I have only one problem : it seems in the demos and websites I saw that there is no navigation possible between pictures with the keys left or right. Is there a way to make this happen (like an option, a bit of CSS ) ?

Best Regards,

Hi :)

I like Your theme. It’s almost perfect, but it would be great if You could add navigation with arrows on gallery pages. It would be much more user-friendly then :) – my site, not finished yet :)

btw: Fonts You have picked don’t work well with Polish language ;)

It would be great also to see arrows working on Lightbox but it doesn’t.

So users have to close the picture and then open another :(

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Please use for support related questions.

Thank you

Not all of my images are re-sizing correctly. I was wondering what I needed to change in order for each image to re-size to an appropriate size (not taking up the majority of page and pushing thumbnails out of sight) See website – —the second image will give you an indication of what I am referring too. Thanks for the great template!

Hi there, I’m interested in your theme but wanted to find out if the background colors are able to be changed and if the title box is adjustable to be able to fit a wider logo? Thanks!

I need some help updating the PhotoNexus theme. I tried contacting the author directly via ThemeForest, but received no response. I’m running version 1.8 and when I tried upgrading to WordPress 3.0 many moons ago, it tore the theme a part. I didn’t have time to mess with this, so just reverted back to what I was running before. Now I’m ready to dive in and get everything current. Is there someone monitoring these posts connected with the PhotoNexus theme that I can hire to help out? A third-party programmer who knows their way around this theme would be great too. Thanks! My website is located here: