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Fantastic Design! Well done dude :)

Thanks! :D

Nice Work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank jeff :D

looks nice ,GLWS :)

Thanks :D

wow… i’m really impressed :) its a wonderful work mate

Thanks mate :)

Well done mate! Awesome styling!

Thanks mate :)

Nice one mate! All the best :)

Thank you ;)

Thank you so much :)

Good Work! Congrats! Good Luck with Sale :)

Thanks :D

nice work..

Thanks mabuc :)

Really great !! GLWS :-)

Thanks :)

awesome work bro.. good luck!

Thanks kabayan :)

Good job my friend :D

Thank you :D

Hi guys! wordpress version of this theme is already available here in tf check out Photo – Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Hello, is there a HTML version of this? not a wordpress fan and would therefore appreciate a HTML version for my custom codding.



Sorry we don’t have any html version of this one but if you like we have a wp version which is very demand now a days. Thank you :)

Repeat – it seems I have issue with my email. Do you interested in partnership for WP themes development? I am willing to negotiate the 50/50 terms. You can give me permission via themeforest website. So the themeforest team could see and support the reliability of the contract. Thanks.

hey Im struggling to upload my theme with WP. it says its missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi this theme is not a WordPress theme.. This is only a pure PSD Template. But we have a WordPress theme on that.

Thanks, Louie