Discussion on Photographer WordPress Theme

Discussion on Photographer WordPress Theme

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Hi, im using your theme, but im modifying homepage for SEO purposes. Could i use a Shortcode to show in a row my 5 portfolio items or only can be used in the portfolio page template?

Hi, unfortunately it is not available by default.

HI, i´ve purchased this theme and works fine. Is possible to set up a gallery with only 1 column? I use this option when i need to create a gallery but theme set it to 2-3 columns auto mode. I need to create a gallery with only one column for best view on mobile devices. Thank you.

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


yveslac Purchased

Documentation isn’t great. trying to create tabs and despite the doc i cannot set it up doc is not up to date, in the shortcode list there are 2 tab options: tab_wrap and tab wheb only one short code in doc. same, how to set mutliple tabs… dunno

doc doesn’t explains how it works. sorry but spent an hour trying but cannot get it working

Hi, you can have multiple tabs like this;

[tab_wrap titles="PHOTO,VIDEO"]

[tab]There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum.[/tab]

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Hi, I see Last Update is 6 August 2022. Will be updates the next years? Is there a Prevision? thanks.

Hi, now everything works smoothly and yes we will release new updates if needed.

Have a nice day!

I’ve bought the theme and I can’t find where puc content to the footer. Is there a footer? thanks

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forum and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


before i make the purchase i want to check if you have an option to make the homepage grid shows the images randomly from all categories?

Hi, there is a random option for image location for every time you visit page, but all images a static gallery.


I have not been able to register for your forums. Your contact page does not work. And neither does the lost password option.

Hi, please send us a message titled “can’t register to the forums” via the contact form on our profile page and let us register you manually;



Hi, Can you please help me? I have a friend who have a wp site that is currently have your Photographer theme installed, it is version: 2.3.6. What would be the best way to manage the theme update ? I think we don’t have the purchase code on the site. The questing is if we purchase new license of your theme… would you be able to help guide us to update to your current version? or should we just build a new site?

Hi, yes you can update your theme on your current site but you need to be able to access the envato profile you have purchased the theme, if you can’t access that profile you will need to buy a new license from any account. Please see the post below for more;



Hello Pizelwars

I was seen your template, but I was wondering if I can personalize the template background, Just want to know this before proceeding with the purchase. Do you have some screenshot from Wordpress panel? I would like to see the options available.

Regards JPC

Hi, unfortunately it is not available by default, you can customize colors, fonts etc.

Have a nice day!

So, which colors can I customize?

You can customize link color and link hover color, since this is a minimal design there are not much colors to customize. If you are looking for a more customizable photography theme, you may check out our newest theme for photographers;



Hi, unfortunately we haven’t tested the theme for RTL support.

Hi, Are you using elementor or visual composer? How do we create a page layout?

Hi, we used a few simple shortcodes on some pages, but the theme should be compatible with page builders.


Hi, I buy the theme but when I try to install it wordpress give me this error: Nel tema manca il foglio di stile style.css. How Can I resolve this problem? Thanks. Silvia

Hi, please see this link;


if you need more help, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hi, I was able to install it but I find only blank pages. How can I install the preset pages? Thanks

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hello, How can I add phone number field in contact form as well as Captcha to avoid getting spam messages?

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hello theme author.

I am interested in your theme. I am a webmaster and am considering this for a photographer client. His current theme is a free Wordpress theme which I put together as a starter website. It is now time to upgrade.

The gallery plugin ‘NextGen’ has deprecated their legacy options and is not working properly.

  1. Do you have gallery plugin add ons in this theme? I use ‘GlobalGallery’ for my website and am very satisfied with that.
  2. I like to have many lightbox options. How many gallery lightbox options are included with your theme?
  3. I notice that a comment posted a year ago asked about ‘masonry’ layout for galleries and you said it was not available by default. Is it available now?

Masonry’ layout is what will work best for this client. I’m ready to rock and roll with your theme and tech support if I can get clarity on my questions at your earliest convenience.



Dennis Roliff Creative


1-) The theme has built-in gallery and lightbox support, it turns default wp galleries into beautiful gallery collage layouts with lightbox support, no extra plugin is required.

2-) It has 3 types of lightbox;

https://themes.pixelwars.org/photographer/portfolio/outdoor/ https://themes.pixelwars.org/photographer/portfolio/street/ https://themes.pixelwars.org/photographer/portfolio/people/

3-) Unfortunately, masonry layout is not available for lightbox galleries, instead they have collage layout with all images having the same height in the same row.


Couple of questions: 1. Is the $75.00 a one time cost or a yearly subscription? 2. I have a WordPress site set up so how do I get this theme? Will I purchase it then install it at the site’s platform?


1-) It is a one time fee for lifetime usage.

2-) Yes, you can download theme zip file after your purchase and upload it from WordPress dashboard and start using it.


Dear Sir, I am looking for a template for my new photographer client. I like your template. Would it be possible to access to the backoffice of your template to try? My client is not at all technical and I need to be able to make sure that the management of the site is easy and accessible to someone who does not know anything about wordpress. Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards.

Hi, unfortunately we don’t offer a trial service.

Have a nice day!

am i the only one having major crash when installing wp 5.7.1 ?

Hi, we will test the theme with wp 5.7.1 in this week and will release a new update if necessary.


Tested the theme with WP 5.7.1 and it is working fine. Thanks

Theme is working fine, but I just discovered that the contact form doesn’t work anymore, and it shows instead the shortcode behind. Did you change something about the contact form? https://vladilas.ro/contact/

I didn’t want to use some external plugins because I didn’t like how they looked. I just preffer the same feeling of the actual theme.

label=”Nume” type=”name” required=”1”]contact_field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1”contact_field label=”Data evenimentului” type=”date” required=”1”contact_field label=”Sunt de acord cu trimiterea datelor mele” type=”checkbox” required=”1”

It looked like this in the original form… I had date field, checkbox…

Hi again, there must be a misunderstanding here, we have never had that extra shortcodes for the contact form from the beginning, just single contact_form shortcode, other shortcodes must be related to a plugin.

Have a nice day!

Hi Pixelwars-Team,

I’m highly interested, but before I purchase, some questions:

1. Is the template compatible with Wordpress 5.6.x (current version)?

2. Biggest asset of the theme I think are the both variants of “image wall” start-pages. Is it possible to specify the image-size of the “image wall” (1 and 2 variant)

3. For a photographer template, I’m really missing a proof-gallary for interactions with clients. So do I have to use a 3rd party plugin or will there be an updated version including this feature soon?

4. Some more gally features would be nice, like another interested person mentioned, Masonry would be great. Any plans?

5. Any options to include a “latest Instagram” feed in the footer (maybe on the contact page)? Or should this be done with a 4rd party plugin

6. Captcha feature for the contact-form is cruicial. I now, that you formerly refer to other / 3rd party features, like WpForms or ninjaforms. But – if it’s not possible to integrate this feature – it would be great to have a draft as part of the template, for some common captcha plugins.

Looking forward to hear from you and thank you :)

Hi again, while photowall is 9 columns in desktop layouts, it is already reduced to 3 columns on mobile devices, unfortunately we are not planning to add a customization option for it.

Have a nice day!

Hi there, any updates regarding PHP 7/8 and Wordpress 5.6.x compatibility? :)

Hi, not yet.


Hi, we noticed that alt texts are left empty for every [slider] items. We tried adding alt=”my image alt text” in the shortcode but it remains empty. Nothing found in the documentation about this. Would you please help us fix this theme relative SEO issue ? (We wanted to open a common issue ticket, but our support has ended)

Hi, we will fix this with the next update, probably in a week.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, great ! So we are awaiting the updated package. Thank you

can we use elementor as a page builder in this theme?

Hi, yes you can use Elementor with the theme.



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