Discussion on Photographica - Portfolio Tumblr Theme

Discussion on Photographica - Portfolio Tumblr Theme

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Is this for tumblr or wordpress site?

It’s for Tumblr.

Photographica does not offer infinite scroll! This feature is crucial nowadays. I have recently purchased the theme and am VERY dissapointed that infinite scroll is not offered. The navigation between pages is messy and unclear and I have already received comments about this (it only says previous, you can’t even click on specific arrows). Does Photographica plan on adding this feature soon? Otherwise i’m out.

Hi There!

Yep — that’s right. This theme doesn’t offer infinite scroll (but we don’t advertise that it does, and it isn’t available on the demo site). We don’t have any plans to add it to this theme in the near future.

Not sure where you purchased the theme from? (It doesn’t look like it was here on ThemeForest?).

I’d be happy to offer you an exchange for any of our other themes (lots of which do support infinite scroll). Either way, just drop me a message to david@themelantic.com and I’ll help out.


I think it might be a bug. Please send me an email to support (at) misspato.com so that I can send you a fix (I will add it then to the next update). Thanks!

live preview is just fullscreen image right now.

Hi Goldenbug!

I’ve checked it now and it isn’t an image, it’s the link to the demo site:


I hope this helps.


Hi, the facebook url doesn’t work. the link is always built with the tumblr url in the beginning and then the facebook link.

Hi! Please send me the link to your website to my support email – support (at) misspato.com and I’ll check it out. Thanks!


I bought your theme today, however I have trouble showing EXIF information. No matter what I do, it just doesn’t work. It’s enabled in the template, but doesn’t show.

Can you tell me what to do? Thank you! —> http://2blender.tumblr.com


Hi misspato,

thanks again for your effort. Let me know when you found a fix for the Lightbox problem.

Regarding EXIF: Well, I think I found the problem – it has to be Tumblr! What I did is the following: I turned things around and uploaded your picture to my blog and voila: It shows Exifs: http://www.2blender.com/post/91239511695/exif-test (however with a weird space in between, but still).

So my interpretation is, that Tumblr is the problem. What do you think? What should we do?

Perhaps you can contact Tumblr with this, because if I did, they’ll probably say: “this is a theme problem, contact your theme developer” ;-)

Unfortunately Tumblr isn’t quite responsive with their own issues :-( I will contact them… let’s see what they say about it.


Wonderful work on this theme! Thank you for making it!

I saw the question already posed regarding the space under the logo but I am finding that the custom CSS you suggest reduces the padding on the logo but not specifically the space between the navigation under the logo and the body content (I’m not using a site description). Is this possible to reduce?

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


Hi Michelle! Please send me an email to support (at) misspato.com and send me a link to your site so that I can suggest what you can do. Thanks!

Hey man, how to change the text colour in the post page? i want it to be white

Hi again! Please send me an email to support (at) misspato.com so that I can send you a reply. Thanks!

email sent :)

Replied :-)

Hello Again,

I continue to receive the message below when I try to access my “Ask Me” page. I do have “ask” enabled…. How can I fix?

Not Found

The URL you requested could not be found.

Hi again!

You need to switch the Ask feature in your Tumblr settings (https://www.tumblr.com/settings/) – check the ‘Let people ask questions’, then ‘Show Ask Link’ in the Customize Panel.

“Ask me Anything” Is working fine now…Thanks for the Help and quick reply!!!!!

I forgot to include my tumblr light http://bfrazierphotography.tumblr.com

Thanks Again

Issue resolved..Thanks

Hello Misspato,

Excellent Template!! I want to use a background image where the models are either to the far right or far left (so not to be block by the post) except when I upload the image it seems to always center the image.

Is there a work around or fix?

I hope I didn’t confuse things.

Thanks Bernie

LOL…I somewhat answered my own question. I used photoshop to crop the image closer to the edge…Unless you have a better solution?

Hi Bfrazierimages!

Sure, just add this to the Customizer > Advanced > Custom CSS:

html { background-position: top left; background-size: auto; }

Use ‘top left’ or ‘top right’ depending on your photo. I hope this helps :-)

Issue resolved


Any ETA on when the fix for Instagram images will be put into this wonderful theme?

Thank you Derek

Hi Derek!

Update 1.3 will be out hopefully March 13 :-) I expect that will be solved then.


And tomorrow is March 13th so I am crossing my fingers and toes for this update!

Currently working on it :-) You should receive an email when ThemeForest publishes it.

Hello!!! LOVE this for my photography portfolio, just one question.. Please tell me I can post more than one photo on each post??!!!


Hi TashaK12!

Sure! You can see a sample here: http://photographica-theme.tumblr.com/post/47034152365/the-seagull-and-the-old-man-duis-mollis-est-non

Please let me know in case you have any other question :-)


Wondering if anyone could suggest how to decrease the amount of padding between the “logo” and the site description?


Thank you, Derek

Hi Derek!

Please add this to your Custom CSS field:

@media only screen and (min-width: 581px) {
#site-content .logo {
padding: 2em 0 0}

#site-content .nav-tags { margin-bottom: 0 }

I hope this helps :-)



Just curious if there would be any way to make this theme group blog friendly?

Would happily buy it a second time for another project, but this one is for a group.

Thank you, Derek

Hi Derek,

I will consider this in my next update (planned for March) :-)


Really hope multi-author support finds its way into the next update and if not I hope you release something new that does because you do nice work and I really am very happy with Photographica!

thank you

Hi, I noticed it shows exif info, however I’m thinking of using this for my design work and illustrations, not photos. Is there a way to hide/remove the exif info beneath the images?

Hi cobrastyle! Yes, it is optional to show the exif info :-)

Hi! How do I add navigational arrows on the photos? I’d like to be able to click on an arrow and move forward/back from one photo to the other.


Hi Huascar311!

You have navigational arrows on each page (on the gray top area, near the share icons).

I hope this helps.

Hi! Love this so far! Two things I’m having trouble with.

1) On images which are horizontal, when you view the post page, the image is pushed far to the right. I can’t figure out who it’s not centering up. I’m trying to get it the width of the bar of tools above it. See example: http://shekira.com/post/65586243118/epic-beach-battle

I do have small images enabled

2) I can’t get the exif data to work. I just uploaded that last picture and I know it has exif data but it’s not coming up, and I have it enabled. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help and for a great theme!

Hi Shekira,

Thanks for buying my theme :-)

I think you just found a bug. I will take notice of it and fix it in the next update.

Until then, please paste this in the Customize Panel > Advanced > Custom CSS:

@media only screen and (min-width: 581px){ .img-photo img { width: auto; max-width: 100%; } }

Please don’t use the smaller images, it will make images fit the width of the text column.

As for the exif data, it is working on the demo theme (http://photographica-theme.tumblr.com/post/48279337976/the-old-tree-by-the-old-church-an-aged-count-once), but I’m not really sure how to check it an image as that info in a Tumblr compatible form.

I hope this helps.

That fixed it! Thank you! Yeah, it’s not hugely important but I thought it was a cool feature to have the EXIF data, I don’t know how you would check it either. :/ Maybe I’ll just watch the thread here to see if it happens to anyone else and if they come up with a reason for it. I’m sure it’s something to do with the way I’m saving it. Thanks for your help! Beautiful theme!

Please post if you find anything that might be useful :-) I will do so as well. Thanks!

Is it possible to have a second logo for retina displays/high resolution displays? thanks in advance marja

Hi Marja,

Not at this time, but I will add to the future updates list.


Hello misspato,

this seem is looking wonderful!! I have a few questions for you to clarify a few things before I purchase it.

1: If you click the thumbnails, the displayed photos on each post is 1280px wide. What would happen if I post a photo that is only 700px wide? Would it appear in the middle (centered) with more white space on the side (this would be ideal for me), or would the theme automatically enlarge the photo to fill the 1280px width..? Do I need to add a custom css if I want the photo to be displayed in 700px wide?

2: When you create your own nav tag items (the one under the logo), such as Shoes, Bags, etc, and write a text post (images with text), how would the post know it’s going under which nav rage items? Is there an easy setting I can do for each post? This “assigning a nav tag for posts” is different from adding hashtags (#shoes #shoelove #boots, etc) to the post to appear on Tumblr, correct?

Hi again! I replied you using the support site :-) Thanks!

LOL that was easy, thank you so much. It might be good if you guys could include the note in the PDF – “preview may not work, make to sure to save it to see how it’s working.” :) THANK YOU!

Will do that in my next update :-) Thanks for the feedback!


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