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Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thanks JOGJAfile :-)

great work, good luck with sales

Thanks imax9 :-)

Nailed it! Really digging this one!

Thanks Mike :-)

Thanks RoundedHexagon :-)

I’m really liking this one! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks PixelMoxie :-)

Really loving this theme! Only problem I have, is that the “follow” button doesnt show up on the home page. Is there a way to fix that?

Hi kevinacastaneda!

Please find this bit of code and delete it:

#tumblr_controls { display: none !important; }

I will fix this in the next update :-)


Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

You’re welcome :-)

Hi. Great work here. I like this template a lot. One question: is there a way to control the alignment/margins of the body type below photos? I have rather large photos and the captions look a bit strange because they’re so compact.


Hi Borracho,

Sure, you can always tweak the CSS. Please let me know the address of your site and I’ll make you a suggestion. Send me an email to support (at) Thanks!

Hi there! I purchased you theme and really dig it, however I’m having the same problem where I can’t see the add or follow button and thats a big issue right now, I tried using text wrangler to find #tumblr_controls { display: none !important; } and delete, but its not in there. Im a designer/photographer by trade and not a coder :( Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!

Hi again,

I checked it and it’s on line 840-842. You can open it in TextWrangler and edit it out. Then copy all and paste in Tumblr.

Concerning refund, you’ll have to contact Envato as they are the ones selling the theme.


thank you that worked!!

Thanks alexandercho :-)

Nice elegant theme, excellent support! Good luck, misspato!

Thanks Oddy_S :-)

Hi Patricia – very nice theme :)

Some questions though;

1. Can the main background image be changed to a solid color? 2. How are thumbnail squares sized? Meaning – will any size image be re-sized to fit the default square dimensions? 3. Do those thumbnails need the hovers… not sure I’d have enough text for that many thumbs :)


Hi chas68!

Here are the answers:

1 – Yes it can :-) 2 – Thumbnail size is based on the site’s grid, so it really depends on the window size. Each page has 4 thumbnails / 4 columns. 3 – I never tried without any content to make the hover state empty, so I’m not sure if only the color would show.

I hope this helps.

Very Nice and Efficient Theme! Have to say it is a very smart work and process to install and customize as you wish. Great Doc! If only Premium Tumblr Theme could be that way… I am very satisfied, and my client is very very happy.
Just a little question I sent to you by e-mail.

Thanks so much :-) I’ve replied all emails now, so I think you should be receiving your answer.

Hi! I really like your theme! Can I have more than seven tags in the tags navigation bar? What happens if I add a photoset? Will the homepage show a thumbnail that once clicked takes me to the whole photoset?

Thanks so much! :)

Hi again,

Here are my replies:

1 – Sure, you’ll have 7 empty slots to fill with any words you prefer.

2 – It isn’t available at the moment, but I will add it to the requests list for a future update :-)

3 – Tumblr doesn’t have titles for photo posts (unfortunately) so the text that will appear is the caption text – I’m using the Bold in the first paragraph to make a ‘fake’ title in photo posts.

Regarding Firefox – I couldn’t reproduce that error, so that I could figure out what it is… I’m seing all okay here, so it might be a weird glitch in that specific version…

I hope this helps :-)


Thanks again! :)

You’re welcome :-)

Hi guys, can I delete Exif tool in this theme? Cause I do not really want to share this info)

Hi Citrys!

You have an option that is active by default (Show Camera Exif) that you can check off and it no longer appears :-)

Hello nice theme,do you have any suggest size for the image to be posted ? Marco

I’ve another issue:when I tag a photo with a more than one navigation tag,it is shown only in the first one.

Hi MarcoK63,

You can post any size, but as the photo will appear inside a square mask, it will fit horizontal images to their height (meaning, it will take the height and crop the width from that measure). So don’t use any white or coloured margins to the photo as it will look strange.

Regarding tags, it will show on all tags. But you need to add these tags on the Customize Panel. Use only simple tags for navigation.

I hope this helps.

Great theme! Love it! :-) customizing right now…

Thanks srtam! Please let me know in case you need help :-)

Hi, really great design. I purchased it yesterday and I’m customizing my site as we speak. Two questions: 1. Is it possible to decide how much text the hovers include (I would just want it to include the heading)? 2. Is it possible to hide the dates in the posts? If you can help me that would be great!

Hi juliusvonwright,

Thanks for purchasing my theme :-)

Regarding your questions: It’s not possible, unfortunately to choose the amount of text or just using the title because photo post don’t have title (so I had to use the caption). I will try to figure out if there’s another way around this in a future update. As for the second, it’s the same. I will add these two requests in a future update.

Hello misspato,

this seem is looking wonderful!! I have a few questions for you to clarify a few things before I purchase it.

1: If you click the thumbnails, the displayed photos on each post is 1280px wide. What would happen if I post a photo that is only 700px wide? Would it appear in the middle (centered) with more white space on the side (this would be ideal for me), or would the theme automatically enlarge the photo to fill the 1280px width..? Do I need to add a custom css if I want the photo to be displayed in 700px wide?

2: When you create your own nav tag items (the one under the logo), such as Shoes, Bags, etc, and write a text post (images with text), how would the post know it’s going under which nav rage items? Is there an easy setting I can do for each post? This “assigning a nav tag for posts” is different from adding hashtags (#shoes #shoelove #boots, etc) to the post to appear on Tumblr, correct?

Hi again! I replied you using the support site :-) Thanks!

LOL that was easy, thank you so much. It might be good if you guys could include the note in the PDF – “preview may not work, make to sure to save it to see how it’s working.” :) THANK YOU!

Will do that in my next update :-) Thanks for the feedback!

Is it possible to have a second logo for retina displays/high resolution displays? thanks in advance marja

Hi Marja,

Not at this time, but I will add to the future updates list.


Hi! Love this so far! Two things I’m having trouble with.

1) On images which are horizontal, when you view the post page, the image is pushed far to the right. I can’t figure out who it’s not centering up. I’m trying to get it the width of the bar of tools above it. See example:

I do have small images enabled

2) I can’t get the exif data to work. I just uploaded that last picture and I know it has exif data but it’s not coming up, and I have it enabled. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help and for a great theme!

Hi Shekira,

Thanks for buying my theme :-)

I think you just found a bug. I will take notice of it and fix it in the next update.

Until then, please paste this in the Customize Panel > Advanced > Custom CSS:

@media only screen and (min-width: 581px){ .img-photo img { width: auto; max-width: 100%; } }

Please don’t use the smaller images, it will make images fit the width of the text column.

As for the exif data, it is working on the demo theme (, but I’m not really sure how to check it an image as that info in a Tumblr compatible form.

I hope this helps.

That fixed it! Thank you! Yeah, it’s not hugely important but I thought it was a cool feature to have the EXIF data, I don’t know how you would check it either. :/ Maybe I’ll just watch the thread here to see if it happens to anyone else and if they come up with a reason for it. I’m sure it’s something to do with the way I’m saving it. Thanks for your help! Beautiful theme!

Please post if you find anything that might be useful :-) I will do so as well. Thanks!