Discussion on Moon - Photography Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Discussion on Moon - Photography Portfolio Theme for WordPress

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Theme seems broken for 8.x PHP versions (Fatal Error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported)

For me the fix was to replace all occurances of {0} with [0] in the file /wp-content/themes/moon-by-osetin/inc/wp-less/lessc.inc.php

BTW: Advanced Custom Fields PRO with version 6.1.6 which has XSS vulnerabilities is outdated on pinsupreme.com. It would be nice to provide the latest version 6.1.8 on pinsupreme.com!

PLEASE Urgent! the theme is farting all the time. It’s not compatible with current servers? it’s causing permanent errors. What should I do to stop getting a “FATAL ERROR” every 5 minutes? Thanks for answering! Séverine

Hi! it’s urgent! I try to setup the shop page on Moon theme via woocommerce. On product page (single product) I can’t load multiple photos through product gallery. It appears only the main product image. Why?

Hi, The sale products page in woocommerce does not display the images of the products at the same size, which is why their pagination is a mess. how can i solve this problem? Thanks, Stelian P.

Hello, I’ve purchase the theme MOON with Woocommerce. On page product page I can’t load the product gallery . Only appears the product image. Can anyone please tell me why?

are you planning on updating this theme?

Is it possible that now this theme does not support new PHP versions like PHP 8? I want to install a new version of PHP and now it’s not compatible. Any advice or help?

Your recent update is braking my whole wordpress.


This WP theme is not ready for newer PHP updates !!!!!

hi, i bought the moon photography theme today and i installed it in my website www.fotoquid.com but everything crashed.wordpress installed without the moon theme works perfectly but after installing the moon theme it has the following error: “A critical error has occurred on your website. – Learn more about troubleshooting in WordPress.”. you can see this by typing www.fotoquid.com. Entering safe mode with the link that WP sent me and going to the themes page I read at the top left “Error: This theme failed to load properly and was paused within the admin backend.” the wordpres version is 6.1.1 and php version is 7.4.33. Also the sistem send me this email:Dettagli dell’errore Un errore di E_COMPILE_ERROR è stato causato nella linea 724 del file /home2/fotoquid/public_html/wp-content/themes/moon-by-osetin/inc/wp-less/lessc.inc.php. Messaggio di errore: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported. how can I solve this problem? thank you very much. Antonio

I asked for a refund but after a week I still had no response regarding the technical problem or the refund (I repeat, the theme is no longer working with the new version of wordpress).

17 days without a tecnical solution or refund…

A dutiful update: the refund request forwarded to Themeforest was successful.

Hi, your “Moon – Photography Portfolio” theme was last updated on Jan 28, 2019. Since then a lot has changed in Wordpress. You have bundled Advanced Custom Fields PRO which is totally outdated, and is with many bugs since last update happened years ago. Your theme also comes with many JSON files and 100s of JavaScripts(.JS) files that might need critical updates. Do you think the theme is still safe and not due a comprehensive update even after 30 months of deep sleep????

Bundled plugins are updated and can be downloaded from pinpreme.com by registering your theme purchase code. This way you don’t need to update the theme every time a bundled plugin is updated.

Theme is just a set of styles, not sure why you think it would not be safe – Wordpress core is the one that’s processing all the data, theme has no access to any of that and only styles the output of the wordpres core

Thanks a lot! These words from the developer means a lot and are quite comforting. There are a few recommended plugins I do not wish to install and activate but the Install Nag never goes away even after clicking on the cross(x), it just comes back immediately after refreshing the page. Any code to disable the nag like this: (This theme recommends the following plugins: One Click Demo Import, SoundCloud Shortcode and WooCommerce….Begin installing plugins)?

Never mind. I got it at line 28 at theme function file: /inc/activate-plugins.php that needed to comment.

Hi. In a previous message, you stated: “I have also a cool new site map for images lined up in my updates roadmap, which will allow you to generate an images site map and even pick images you want to be removed from indexing”

I’m assuming this is the “Images Sitemap Builder” within the theme. I have uploaded the xml sitemap generated this way to Google Search Console twice now, but it will only index the posts, not the individual gallery photos within the post. It doesn’t even recognize that there are images in the gallery of that post. I have tried this both with the “protect images from copying” option turned on and off, but it won’t index the images.

Is this a known issue with the theme, or is there a way to overcome it? Thanks.

I am also looking for an answer to this question provided previously:

I would like to publish a video post. With Youtube videos this is easy and no problem. But I cannot realize it with a video from my own media library. Also in the documentation I did not find any information about this. The video should appear in the right panel in full width. Could you please help me?

I bought this theme long ago, but the project didnt get though. Now as I installed it (latest version) on PHP 8.0.x or 8.1.5 it didnt work with or without nginx . Got wordpress error. In 7.4.29 it dont threw this error. Any idea? Thank you

Hello Guys, I have just bought the theme, and I wanted to activate it with my purchase code, but I keep getting a message in which I can’t access the theme settings. Can you help me please ?

Hi, hmm that’s weird, what kind of message are you seeing?

Hey Osetin I have looked in the old comments if I could find a similar problem in the meantime, and there was another user to whom you have advised to install all the required plugins, such as ACF, in order to be able to access the theme settings. And it worked like a charm. Thanks a lot. It was helpful three years ago, and It was helpful now as well :D

Hi there, the licence key you gave me it says I can’t use it because it has been using by another domain. But how come it has been using by another domain when I activated the theme few days for for mypixelphotography.com without any issue? Now I moved to AWS and installed theme theme after moving to new hosting and failed to activate? Themes are supposed to have a lifetime license. Right? I sent you an email as well

Yes, you have a lifetime license. But you can only use it on one website at a time. You can manage your licenses on pinsupreme.com by creating account

On the photo gallery posts the sorting feature does not seem to work in the front end. The photos are displayed in a random order.Has anyone noticed this? It is a bit weird in a very good theme overall.

Hmm, can you provide a screen recording to explain the issue? Also check your browser console to see if there are any JS errors, might be caused by other plugins

I checked the browser console. There are no JS errors there or any other errors there. Please see here : https://prnt.sc/2185qer and https://prnt.sc/2185vs2

had it in the basket until i noticed last update was 2019. To bad looks like what i was looking for

Why would it stop you from buying it? It’s a good thing that you don’t need to worry about updates and incompatibility. We build our themes following WordPress standards and don’t rely on third party plugins too much, that allows our themes to just work, without worrying about updates or some third party plugin that theme relies on to get broken…if you check our demo – it runs on the latest Wordpress version and php 8 with no issues whatsoever…

Makes sense, when I purchase products from this market the first thing I look at is latest updates because In the beginning I realized Envato allowed old products to continue for sale years after development and they are garbage and the no return policy just steams me. So when there are no updates it means the product is abandoned and just a cash cow for the developer, I dont mind paying for a good product and getting a license to use legally But I do mind waisting my dollars. I purchase loads of products and dont have time to read each ones description about how solid they are, it’s the update that I look at. I would like to use your product but I have made my point.

Thanks for letting me know

I want up video in post,

Are you planning to update this theme soon?

Is something broken?


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