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I will need to install one more WP in domaina/fr/ because your product doesn’t suppport WPML. Am I need one more licence or one licence covers it?

One license covers it don’t worry ;)

Ok great. Thank you!

Thinking of buying this theme- Is it possible to link videos (via YouTube/Video) in the tile columns instead of still images?

Hi, yes, you can show videos in tiles ;)

Consedering to buy … how could I integrate some ads in this theme (standard formats ) ? Thanks for your feedback and insights !

Hi, we don’t have any ad support right now unfortunately.

Hello, I have a problem (I purchased this template). My notebook has FHD 15.6” display. It’s in Chrome. If I choose in Menu → Home styles → Natural sizes, I get incorrect displaying of images on display with its normal size (100%). Displaying of images is right only if I choose reduced size (90% or less). And it needed to guess this feature! See screens for both cases here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19OvfF3f7WadTx38gZhKAI0UJuTdGZv6D

P.S. Before, in the previous versions (I bought Moon one year ago), there wasn’t this problem. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for replay. I understand. But I see the same problem in comment from Simoorg on p.20 (Comments, 5 months ago), with the sample. I have the same displaying in his version of Menu Style – Padding Around.


Is it happening on page load or when you change column sizes using the customizer?Looks like you have some custom settings for zoom which is preventing it from calculating the size. Out of 10,000+ theme users only two so far are having that issue, so it might be something with your particular setup. Can you try a different browser and let me know

Hi, 1. It was happening exactly during of loading this page: http://moon.pinsupreme.com/natural-sizes/ 2. You were totally right with your suggestion about display Scaling Options: I had a 175% scale “for text, apps and other items” and Custom scaling size 130%. Here are screens with my scaling levels: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CI1ebxlJbg-Iz8O9urtRnC63W2RYYb01

Once I have turned the first level to 125% scale, the problem with displaying of columns have disappeared. I think this situation can happen again with someone else, so now the reason is known exactly. Thank you for fast replays!

Hi. I need change text of the “View Portfolio”, “Share”, “Like” buttons. Is it possible to change them? Thanks!

Hi, sure, please create a support request at osetin.ticksy.com and our specialist will be happy to assist


A lot of the templates in the theme need updating to be compatible with updated woocommerce plugin – can you please update the theme so that it is compatible.

Hi, actually they are already compatible, the reason you see the message is because we are using a custom layouts for wooCommerce products to fit them in our masonry grid, and wooCommerce can’t correctly identify a version so that’s the reason it shows that notice. Unless you see that something is broken for you – it should be working perfectly fine.


First I like to thank you for your great support. :)

Before I purchase this theme, how many plugins do i need to activate with and without Woocommerce to have the same functionality as in your demo?

Maybe I do not need Woo, you may know better: I only want to add a kind of unique article number a customer can select to receive, no shop with prices and bills. It will be used for freebies, gift aways. The photos are used to show the article to the user. So I do not know if I need Woo for that.

I saw I can test the theme? Perhaps this is a good idea, to make sure it will run on the shared Amazon server?

I like this theme very much, :)

Let me know what you propose. Best Wishes, Stefan

Hi, to get the shop functionality you need a woocommerce plugin. If you don’t need shop processing you dont need that plugin.


Goody Purchased

Mobile version – Question: When viewing http://moon.pinsupreme.com/carl-zeiss-2/ on mobile, you can see the Title only for a few posts. For example [Always telling the truth] only posts with Format “standard” will show the Title on Mobile, but not format “gallery” how can I make it so I can see the title regardless of the post format? Hope you understand. Thanks

Basically the script decides if the titles should be visible or not and the font size of the title depending on item width and height. So for example if the height or width of the tile is less then 240 pixels it will hide them, because otherwise there is a chance that it wont fit inside a tile. It is done to prevent an ugly look of a tile when you for example select 5 rows or photos for the layout, and then it might look good for someone with a bigger screen and won’t look so good when someone is viewing it from an ipad for example, so it automatically decides the font size and wether it should show the title at all. Here you can see that your first post has a height of 237px (it calculates it based on its proportion and width of a screen), that’s why its below a breakpoint to hide a title: https://cl.ly/0W0e393G3r0e

If you want to disable this behavior and always show the title, add this code to your theme settings -> appearance -> customize css field:

.masonry-items.items-with-description .masonry-item.item-size-xs .slide-quick-info-visible-box .slide-quick-title { display: block; }

I will try to add a setting that allows site owners to decide if they want the script to hide the title, but just so you know out of many thousands of customers you are the only one who requested it, but I can see why you got confused about it hiding the title since both of your images are very similar in proportion, its just a matter of 3px difference which brought it below a breakpoint.

Thanks, you’re right. I just replaced the image with different dimensions and now the title is visible on my iPhone, thanks! Great theme btw, very unique and perfect for what I needed.

Awesome, it’s nice to see someone who understands what he is doing.

I have a spam issue with the social sharing on the theme. Can you help with that please.

Can I simply NOT use social media sharing on my site? if yes where do i disable it?

If your site was infected I would strongly suggest you do a clean install instead, because disabling social share is not a solution, social share is done on facebook/pinterest/twitter side, not on a theme side, theme is just using those services to share posts, theme itself is not able to share anything. Sorry to hear that your site was infected but I strongly recommend you clean installing everything on a new hosting, we are using wpengine.com btw and it is working great for us for many years. Alternatively you can search for a developer on Envato Studio who can help you with clean install as well.

Hi, infection cleaned. Thanks again for your advice. PS: I can see that you still do support, even when our initial support has expired. Thank you for your great service. B.

You are welcome ;) glad you fixed it ;)

Hello, any plans to update this theme soon? Thanks

Hi, what kind of update? Is something broken for you?

Not at all, your theme and support are simply amazing. I was wondering if “related products” may be added and, if products may be may have a gallery of pictures, rather than only one currently. Thanks.

Good suggestions. I will look into those for possible future update, thank you

Hi, I’m trying the mobile version 2, which is nice, but the pages show the background image i set for the left panel, above the beginning of the text. And i need this background for desktop version. Is there a fix? am i doing something wrong? thanks

Try adding this code to your theme settings -> appearance -> customize css field:

.mobile-style-version2 .content-left.with-image-bg .content-bg-image { position: absolute!important; } 

Yessss! thanks my friend. you are really nice!

You are welcome ;)

Hi again, I have a question; perhaps it was answered before (I tried reading all comments possible) – after installing the Demo, is it possible to adjust/edit the Likes count on posts? I am working from the Demo version which has helped me greatly so I’d like to continue using it but knowing I can edit such values would be helpful. Thanks

Hi, If you have access to database – you can find “likes” values for each post in wp_postmeta table with key _osetin_vote, number of votes is stored in meta_value column: https://cl.ly/2v1T1Y2b0t1r

Excellent! Thanks

Hi, I understand your theme has Image Theft Detection. Theme Settings – General: Protect Images from Copying. I thought that if I disabled this option the users were able to right click and Save Image As… however the images are from background so technically users won’t be able to save any image. There’s a slider running & if we replace it with div image, the effects & layers will not be working anymore?

My only option to have users “save” images is by enabling the download option you have on the theme?

Thanks, I apologize for being so annoying with my questions but perhaps it can help others.

I think it will be very difficult to change it to img tags. Can you elaborate why do you not want them to download images using a button instead?

Thanks for your response. I feel that it will save user’s time.

For example to Download the image, there are two new windows opened before the user can save the image.

User has to click the Download button which takes you to a new window page, from there you still cannot save the image so you have to choose the Image Size first, then it takes you to the second new window where you finally can save the image as.

On mobile this happens also, 2 new windows on your browser. That would make 3 windows opened from my site for a mobile user, just for one image.

I just can’t imagine users who have to download more than one image.

Now I am just telling you from personal experience, I am a photographer and from time to time I take pictures of events for free so I re-direct people from Facebook to my webpage. I did this last week and 400+ people visited my wepage to download their image, only to find out they couldn’t.

Most people on mobile phones just took screen captures so it defeats the purpose. They’d stop coming to my website for pictures, I’d have to upload them to Facebook and have them compressed horribly by Facebook.

I see your point, but if you think about it – having a separate download page is beneficial because they can select a size they want and it’s only one click difference between saving from downloads page and saving clicking right mouse buttons and then clicking save.

> I did this last week and 400+ people visited my wepage to download their image, only to find out they couldn’t.

But why can’t they? You can enable downloads, did you not have it enabled.

Also many non tech computer users don’t really know that you can right click image and save it, but when they see a dedicated button to save there is a better chance they actually manage to do that. I can see your point but I also think that having 1 extra click is a small price to pay for a convinience of size selection, greater layout control and accessibility to all user types independent of their computer proficiency.

Hi, Now with the European GDPR that will take affect later this month, we need to explain to users for the EU what are the cookies we use and need to block them if the user does not consent their use on his or her browser. Now the theme has a cookie “osetin_vote” that i need to disable .is this something possible? thanks.

Hi, there are plenty of plugins that do that.

Please make another version of this theme which integrates WP USER FRONTEND PRO or any other frontend plugin to realize a fantastic photo sharing theme. There is only one photo sharing theme here on Themeforest.


bshaw36 Purchased

I really like the theme but I have a few questions about editing things. I have taken a couple Word Press online courses so Im somewhat familiar with finding things but I am struggling to find a couple enhancements.

First thing which I believe should be simple is I have updated the social networks as you describe in the manual. What I cannot find is how to update the Share settings that appear in the Share button that is at the top of the pages. Is there a way to edit this? Id prefer to change Pinterest to Instagram since that is more relevant to landscape photography.

Second I am a Cartographer and I am planning to make custom maps to use for my website. While I do like the simplicity of your dot World and US maps I was hoping to add custom maps to be used instead of the dot maps. I have circumvented this by adding images to the left panel but I wanted to see if it was possible to change the default map that it uses?

Thanks for the help!

Hi.. There are 3 types of map options in this theme : custom image, us dotted and world dotted. Are you trying to implement google maps?

There is no share on Instagram functionality in Instagram itself, the only way to post images on Instagram is by uploading them into your own account, and it should be done via a mobile app, there is not a single site on the internet that has a share on Instagram button. Instagram is not for sharing other people photos, it’s for posting your own photos.


bshaw36 Purchased

Just trying to add custom maps to the left panel like how you have the dotted maps for a gallery as well as changing the base map with pins. I think it would be nice to change the images and add pins like you have on the world map but can’t seem to find where the map images are, or where I can change their references.

Yeah I should have thought about the Instagram thing. Ill have to look into how to link my Instagram images to my website.



Jugro Purchased

Hello there, I have the following problem: When I navigate to my site on my phone (mobile layout style 2) and scroll down a little, the whole gallery I have there just drops out of view for a few hundred pixels. This continues to happen as long as I keep scrolling. Any clues?

Hi, thanks for letting me know. Can you please send more details (url, photos) via email at tamik@soziev.com so I can investigate and fix in the next update. Thanks


Jugro Purchased

Also, if I click on an image, it’s not resized correctly on the download page, its just displayed in full size, making the detail page pretty much useless.

For the image size thing – have you regenerated your thumnails after you installed the theme, your existing image sizes needs to be regenerated because they were not generated before you used a theme, here is a plugin that can do that for you in one click: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Hi! I absolutely love your theme. It looks beautiful on my desktop. When I pulled it up on my phone though (using Version 2 in the mobile page/post settings) the title and text show ups but then you have to scroll through a ton of blank white space to get to the photo gallery. Is there another setting I can adjust to get these gallery pages/homepages to load correctly on my phone with the text AND images visible?

Hi, thank you for your kind words :) Can you please create a support ticket at osetin.ticksy.com with this question so we can reply there and keep track of the issue and progress, thanks

Absolutely! Thank you!

Also, I just realized whatever issue Jurgo (the poster above me) was having is the issue I’m having. I don’t see the solution to the issue in your reply post, but just thought that might be helpful to know.