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I have two galleries of photos…each are 100 photos. Is it possible to set up the photos to be displayed 20 images on 5 pages, or will all 100 be on one page? Is there an option to add next button at the bottom of the page? Thanks

Hi WPExplorer, I have a pre-purchase question (Love the theme and have a customer for it) Do you have the .mo and .po files, the customer I have in mind is in Portugal so I need all the contacts page, portfolio categories etc to be in Portuguese. Thanks, Filipe

Yes the default .mo/.po files are included.

Really like the theme, couple of questions before I purchase

1. need my logo to be right justified – can I do this by changing the CSS, would then the navigation bar drop below the logo on the right hand side.

2. when you click on an image for more details – can it include a fuller description

Many thanks

1. You can do this by adding some custom CSS to the site, yes. The navigation is placed absolutely so it would be behind the logo, you would have to tweak that also.

2. You can have as much text as you want for your galleries.

For the logo, what size is the font?

The default logo size in the theme is 2.4em, but your logo can be any size you want, the theme will adjust accordingly ;)

Love the theme!

I notice it uses RoyalSlider which I am familiar with. Is it possible for me to modify the slideshow in a gallery to include thumbnails? If so could you point me in the direction in your code to add that?

Loving the theme so far; however I have a question for the homepage gallery. I noticed that in your tutorial in the documentation of how to set up the theme to look like in the demo, you used something called HP Slides in the admin panel to set up the home page gallery. Where do I get this plugin from? I’m running Wordpress 4.0 if you’re wondering :)

hello, my series are many names for categories but in the page “apparence” “theme option page ” there is nothing at ” homepage gallery category ” how to make if i want it apparaise display page Home the category I want. thank you in advance

hello and sorry for my English which is very bad. In theme options you can select a category so that it will be displayed when you open your web site. The problem is that in the window “apparence” “theme options” there is no category name which appears in “category homepage gallery” how to make for my category are present if I want to introduce my website in a particular category. kind regards

Hello, I’m updates wordpress .. You Were right, everything works fine ... I’ll be more Careful from now … Thank you and good day. best regards JP

hello . In theme options you can select a category so that it will be displayed when you open your web site. The problem is that in the window “apparence” “theme options” there is no category name which appears in “category homepage gallery” how to make for my category are present if I want to introduce my website in a particular category. kind regards

The categories should display automatically if you have added them and they are NOT empty: http://wpexplorer-themes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/photojax-cats.png

hello and thank you for your reply … I think I’m well editing my categories. http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=554974galleriescategory.jpg but, they do not appear in the menu appearance !!! http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=134743apparence.jpg thank you for your help

Your WordPress looks really really outdated, can you please update WordPress and see if that helps?

I just updated my website and now the galleries are not opening at all on the i-phone although they work fine on the desktop. I am using Safari on the phone. I made sure I have all the updates from Wordpress installed. What can I do? I see how helpful you have been with other people’s problems and am hoping you can help with this! Thanks….

Do you have the same error when testing my live demo?

Hi, I really love this theme but I would like to know if and how it is possible to put the sidebar on the blog part further on the left from the posts ?

See my website: http://www.marysweet.fr/

Thanks in advance

Hello, can we have access to admin and make some changes to the theme to understand if it is satisfies to our requirements to purchase it.

It’s not possible.

Hello I wonder if it is possible to have a thumbnail appearing when i put a link on Facebook to a gallerie.

When I put this link on my macbook page, no image appear… http://cyrilbecquart.altivue.com/?galleries=inde2


You’ll want to setup Open Graph metadata so it can use your “featured image” for your facebook image.

I personally use Yoast SEO for all my on page SEO and it has this functionality built-in. But Facebook does cache links, so it may not work on these older posts after setting up Open Graph so you should be testing on new links.

Hello, I just got a message from OVH telling me I have to go on a newer version of PHP ” jeanpierrerieu.fr currently uses: PHP 5.2 Some of your sites are using an outdated version of PHP. We advise you to upgrade to a newer version, ideally PHP 5.5 or 5.6.” Could you say how? Thank you in advance Friendly JP www.jeanpierrerieu.fr

This is outside the scope of the theme. Updating your PHP version is done server side. You’ll need to ask your webhost how to do that.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but had a couple of questions. I’m new to this website building caper so excuse the basic questions…

- Can it be set up to have a stand alone front page with about 10 photos on rotation so it’s a different image time you refresh ?

- Can the thumbnail images on the features page be horizontal instead of vertical images ?

- Can I have an online store on it to sell books through paypal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance


Hello, Always very happy with this theme I’d like to know if it is possible, for example by adding a plugin, to see an image in HTML on my site “www.jeanpierrerieu.fr”. This is an image “virtual tour” of this kind there: http://archeologie.culture.fr/chauvet/fr/visiter-grotte. Thank you in advance to tell me if there is a solution and good weekend

Sorry I am not aware of any plugin that adds this functionality.

Hello, I`d like to buy this theme but I have question. Can I add the shop to the site?

The theme doesn’t include shop support by default. Our “Total Theme” on the other hand does have full support for the WooCommerce plugin.

Hello i am trying to create a gallery with visible nearby images, but i only get gallery with images that are shown one by one. What is the default image gallery plugin for this theme or how can i set up gallery with nearby images? this galery with images nearby supose to be default as it shows in demo. But i can’t create the same gallery. Thank you

hello, I’m changing my theme to customize it, and for that I create a child theme. But I’ll have to ask a beginner question (sorry): The title of the site and titles galleries are “h2” and I’d like to know how to transform the site title in “h1” (if this is not not annoying for the operation or for SEO) because I want to change the font of the title of the site but not the font of the titles of galleries. Thank you beforehand. Best regards… www.jeanpierrerieu.fr

The best thing to do is to just add custom CSS to your site to change the site title. Example:

#logo a {
 font-family: 'Arial';
 font-size: 24px;

This way you don’t have to edit any template files.

Hello and thank you for your support that allows me to customize this wonderful theme. With a little advance I wish you my best wishes for the coming year;-) JP www.jeanpierrerieu.fr


Best wishes to you too ;)

Hi. I wonder if you’re thinking about updating this theme in the future. The last update was nearly 2 years ago. Thanks.

As long as there isn’t any issues there isn’t a need for an update. If you ever run into any bugs/problems let me know and I’ll definitely update things!

- AJ


Can I change the font in this theme?

And the most important for me: is it possible if you click on one image without album? so every single image comes up in lightbox?

Can I change the columns/manory?

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay over the weekend.

1. There aren’t any built-in font options but you can use custom CSS or 3rd party plugin for this.

2. All items must be setup as an album there isn’t a function built-in for lightbox.

You may want to check out my newer theme “Total” though which has includes a page builder so you can create unlimited lightbox style galleries and it also has full options to alter every font and more!

There are many people using the Total theme for Photography sites and they love it, maybe worth checking out ;)

- AJ