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Hi there, thank you for the prompt answer, even if i posted in the wrong place. I apologize for that. Now my galleries are in hompage but this is not really what i want. Well, what i like to have in homepage are the macro categories and not the single galleries. For example gallery category ‘My travels’ (in home) and when the user click on it a page with all my sub galleries ( Dubai,Iceland,etc) opens.I have already tried to create categories assigned to the various 0galleries categories’ but it doesnt work..Where am i wrong? Thank you

If you go and edit the homepage you should be able to select a different template that displays categories instead – https://cl.ly/1H150X051P00

Hi WPExplorer, please, how can i change the theme font? What file to edit? Thank you. I wolud like to change the font of the titles of th macro categories in homepage…Thanks a lot, Max

The easiest way to alter fonts and design I believe is using a plugin such as this one – https://codecanyon.net/item/yellow-pencil-visual-css-style-editor/11322180 – otherwise you will have to use custom CSS and PHP to load your custom fonts.

Now if you just want to change some fonts you could also just use a free plugin like this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/

Hi WPExplorer,

Just bought your Photojax theme, installed it and followed the instructions like a 100 times. But the galleries are not showing up on the homepage as on any of the gallerie pages. Images and thumbnails are not showing.

You can find the stagin website here: http://bit.do/test-photojax

Thanks in advance

Oh thank you this helps. This error happens in older PHP versions not supported by WordPress. WordPress technically recommends PHP version 7+ – https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ – but even upgrading to at least 5.6 should fix any errors. If your host can update to 7.0 it’s ideal because its a lot faster if they can’t then they should at least update to version 5.6 to fully support WordPress.

- AJ

Thanks, An php upgrade to 5.6 did the trick. It’s working now.


Hi, how do I change the logo, navigation and body font?


Thank you for your patience over the weekend.

  • You can go to Appearance > Theme Options to select your custom logo – https://cl.ly/kSZ6
  • You create and edit your main menu at Appearance > Menu
  • There aren’t options built-in for fonts but you can do this via a 3rd party plugin or Custom CSS. If you want to use Custom CSS it’s very easy like this:
body {
    font-family: Georgia;

- AJ

Hi! I’ve purchased this theme a few years ago and I’m really happy! Back then I’ve changed the number of elements on the home from 4 to 5 per row. But now I don’t remember anymore how to change it back. I’d appreciate if you could you please help me out here. Thanks in advance


You don’t see it like this: https://cl.ly/of39

I did push out an update last year, do you want to try updating the theme? You can do so either by re-downloading the theme and updating via FTP or using the Envato Market plugin – http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-market-plugin-guide/

- AJ

Hi AJ, thanks for the quick reply. I’m sure that will do the trick ;) Thank You!

If you run into any issues let me know!

- AJ