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Really nice :) , Good luck with sales!

Elvish craftsmanship :)

Looks awesome, good luck!

Hi, nice theme!

will it support video as well?

cheers /G

Nope, its a photography theme 8-)

Nice template! :)

Is it possible to change the animation (edit the javascript)? I think the performance on iPad isn’t as good as it can get.

I mean which animations? Open/close for the ajax, the default slider, full-width slider, entry hovers…

I’ve looked in iPad 2, iPad3 and iPad Mini and they seem pretty consistent with other sites using similar animations.

yeah its the open and close animations and the sliding. It’s working ok, but I think it can perform better with hardware acceleration.

Hum, to me it seems really smooth.

The animation does look like crap when the ThemeForest demo bar is ontop and the theme is inside the iframe, so make sure you’ve closed that ;)

Great work mate :)

Nice one! Good luck with sales :)


Clean work,Bro GLWS :)


Wonderful theme best of luck.

Looks awesome, good luck!


Great Job, Good luck with sales :)


very nice theme ! do you think it could be possible as your theme you ve created before to integrate external link , audio and video post ? thanks a lot

Glad you like it. I really wanted to keep this one Photo-centric. It would take quite a bit of modification due to the AJAX to be able to alter the way different posts work.

thanks for your quick answer all the best for your sales !

YAY!!! Finally a perfect classic theme for my photography website!! I was actually thinking on buying the Royal Slider itself and somehow put it in a custom made minimalistic theme… Your solution is exactly what I was looking for :)

You did a great choice with Royal Slider, it’s the perfect slider!

I have just a few questions about the functions of the slider when combined with your theme:

1. Is it possible to have a YouTube video as an item in a gallery, along with the images? as seen here: http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/visible-nearby/

2. Is it possible to add custom sliders, for a more appealing homepage with an animated slider, as seen here? http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/animated-blocks/

3. Any chance for a more social-friendly features? such as a Facebook Like-button for albums/images..


Glad you like it ;) Yes the Royal Slider is freaking awesome!

1. Actually I try and use only built-in WordPress functions (doing_it_right) so the way I’ve setup the theme is the slider grabs all post attachments automatically to create the slider. In order to use images/video one would have to use some sort of repeating meta option which I didn’t think was worth doing just for video support (since it is a photography theme) and isn’t as nice as using the built-in WP functionality.

2. It’s possible, since the Royal Slider (HTML/JS/CSS) is included. But I’ve only coded in the 1 style, not all of them. So if you wanted to integrate another style it would take some coding skills on your end.

3. I personally didn’t want to add any because they are ugly ;) Also due to the AJAX nature of the theme, if there was a like button when you opened a gallery it would simply like the homepage over and over again for all the galleries.

Sorry I couldn’t be more accommodating to your needs!

Congrats, looks nice, have a many, many sales ;)

Thanks anariel!

genius perfectionist.. good luck with sales :)

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like!

sortable portfolio?

No jQuery filter option. However, you can add galleries into categories and tags and show those on the front end. The demo shows some gallery category samples.

This is really great one. Love it’s minimalism and functionality! Good luck with sales WPExplorer! :)

Thanks bud!

Nice one, is it possible to completely disable the music and also remove the speaker icon?

would it be possible to have the frontpage and gallery images in landscape mode? Most of my images are in that format.

The actual gallery images have a fixed height of 700px but they can be any width up to 980px so you can have landscape 980px by 700px images in the slider.

For the actual grid, if you don’t want them so tall you can edit one file to change the height crop value – I can point you to the file.

To make them a lot wider you could to change the grid to 3 columns instead of 4 but this will require some css edits on your part.

Ok thx, I i wlll get back at you regarding the grid file if I decide to purchase