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Hi, is there a chance that you help me solve one problem. I would like to have larger images in galleries-category section and in full screen. Is that possible? Now the height is 573px, I would like to be 700px, and in full screen 1000px height. Please have a look if you have some time!

my test site url is: www.mariozupancic.com/mzp

You have to edit your template files:

  • js/royalslider-init.js
autoScaleSliderHeight: 900,
  • content-galleries.php
<?php echo aq_resize( wp_get_attachment_url( $wpex_gallery_single_attachment->ID ), 9999, 700, false ); ?>

If you make it a really large number then it might look better full-width, then you can tweak your css to make sure it looks good still smaller.

hi, is there any way that I can go straight into a gallery without having to see the featured image and then clicking on it? thanks

So basically, you just want to link to the galleries in the menu…its very easy. These already exist…example:


When you are in your WP menu dashboard, click on “Screen Options” on the top right of the site and make sure the Galleries are enabled so you can add them to your menu.

great – thanks

Hi there! I buyed this theme and I’d like to ask you a question, if you can help me. Forgive my english I will try to make you understand.

Home page galleries: when an image is smaller than the default “frame”, the box arond the image has a grey background colour. I’d like to change that and make it white, so that I won’t see this different colour around images, white will blend with the general background (i use light skin mode). How can I do this?

Thanks a lot and congrats for the theme :)

Yes chace cleared and code added to bottom of style.css.. No changes… :_(

Unfortunately I can’t help any further without looking at the URL in question to make sure the CSS is being added correctly.

I tried for hours now to figure out how to edit the “Galleries Categories”. I even imported the sample data in hope that it might help but it’s very confusing. The “Galleries Category” don’t show up in the Menu-Panel but with the sample data I see the custom fields. Only the “Blog-Post”-Categories are shown but not the “Galleries Category” (in your example “Lifestyle”, “Fashion”, “Photoshopped”). Where can I edit that? Thank you

this screenshot might help: http://postimg.org/image/shw1ej7kd/

Hello! thanx for your theme! - How to change font there in main menu? - How to change size of thumbnails ? I want them to be square.

thanx alot!

I answered your question about the font above in your second comment

Please see here on how to change the thumbnail size: http://themeforest.net/item/photojax-minimalist-ajax-photography-portfolio/3767783/faqs/17188


Pagination doesn’t seem to work. http://d.pr/i/pIqE Website: http://andersvinje.com

I somewhat explained this earlier. The slider is responsive. For example I have a large monitor, so the image is exactly the same. The slider is always in the viewport, so it will shrink/expand depending on the monitor. This fixes issues with people using small laptops (they dont have to scroll to see the full image)


So it looks like you did the edits correctly ;)

If you just want 1 picture per item as you’ve showed me its extremely easy. Just insert it into the post as you have done, then remove it as an attachment – in the post editor in the gallery metabox click the red x to remove it as an attachment, if there are no attachments there wont be any slider.

I’m not seeing any fullscreen issue…

I understand completely now! Thanks for taking your time to explain it so simple for me. Everything is just the way I want it! I’m somewhat perfectionist, so I might bother you again with something.

Anyway, thanks for your patience. Really appreciated it! Outstanding service. I will recommend you, and I will buy from you again!

Have a nice day or night, depending where you are :)

That’s great news! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 8-)

Afternoon for me here in Vegas.

Hello! Tell me plz – Where I can change a font type and font color in main menu? http://f3.s.qip.ru/pgTu29tK.png (Photojax Minimalist AJAX Photography Portfolio)

Thanx! 8-)

thanx amigo! will try it to do. ))


ps: I responded your last comment with how to edit the thumbnails. In case you missed it!

many thanks! I have already found the answer to the first message about it ))

I have uploaded this theme but have noticed the following:

1> There does not seem to be any enclosed documentation. Where can I find them? 2> I have configured my front page and the different galleries are appearing. However, when I click upon a gallery, instead of the slider appearing where I can scroll left and right, the entire gallery appears and the photos sequentially display from top to bottom.

Ajax gallery is enabled, but this does not seem to be working. What should I do?

1. If you don’t find the documentation it’s probably because you only downloaded the installable theme. There are 2 links when downloading the theme, make sure to download the one with all the files/folders.

You can also find some more info on the Support tab including some links to the video guides: http://themeforest.net/item/photojax-minimalist-ajax-photography-portfolio/3767783/support

2. Sounds like you might be using the WordPress gallery inserting images into the post, rather then working with image attachments:


If you still can’t manage contact me via my profile page with a link to your site so I can see what might be wrong.

Ah – thank you. I’ve found the documentation and will review.

Love Photojax!, But I’m very new to this, and am not sure how to make my homepage have the click-able images that go to the slider galleries…I want in to look like the demo one!


Visit Appearance->Theme Options. You can upload a custom logo here.

Sorry…Not sure how I missed that….Thanks!

Excuse me, I have one little problem with the theme.

Speaking about the homepage, I can’t manage to set three (or two) columns for contents. Naturally they go under the homepage galleries, but I can’t align them in the centre of the page. They start from the very left side of the screen. Can you help me? Thx!


I’m not sure what you mean. The standard design of this theme is 4 columns, there are no built-in options to change this. Maybe I am not understanding the issue, if you can share a screenshot, that might be best ;)

oh sure I’m sorry (most of all for my english :D, I’m a bit rusty…especially with 40 degrees :D).

You can see here www.vivaioostia.it (sample contents position).

The code is:

[symple_column size=”one-third” position=”first”]Sample Content[/symple_column]

[symple_column size=”one-third” position=”second”]Sample Content[/symple_column]

[symple_column size=”one-third” position=”last”]Sample Content[/symple_column]

I’d like the three columns to be centered, I mean directly under the four images, thx for helping :).

Looks like the home content isn’t centered by default. You’ll have to open the file at templates/homepage.php and locate line 94 and you’ll see the home-content div…


and change to:

id="home-content" class="grid-1 clearfix" 

Thanks for letting me know of this issue! Or…contact me via my profile page for the updated file.

Is it possible to show the gallerie in the other page than homepage? If it yes, how can i do?

Thank you.

Yes, please see here: http://themeforest.net/item/photojax-minimalist-ajax-photography-portfolio/3767783/faqs/17302

Also, you can create categories for your galleries if you want multiple gallery pages with different items.

Love this gallery … Can I build an alternate template file to only pull in galleries with a specific category?

This would let me have multiple gallery pages (by using template files) and having each template only dosplay galleries of that category.


I’m not following … I have the galleries using different categories, models / direct booking AND template pages. So I’m already using a template file for the page that loads the models category (named models). All i want to do is limit the galleries to only load the galleries that are in the model category … query_posts(‘category_name=Models’) before my while (have_posts()) doesn’t work (i get no results). how would i query the gallery categories by name?

NM … i found it :-) ‘gallery_cats’ => ‘Models’ in the query

Hi. I love this theme but I am having trouble with the plug-ins. Could you give me detailed directions about how to manually upload them in my file manager and to where in my word press site. I keep getting a fatal error when I try to activate them. Thanks , Diane

I wish i could send you a screen shot of what I am seeing.

ok …now the slider is working. I have no idea what I did wrong and what I did right.

ha, well im glad its working now! Maybe you just needed to clear your browser cache and then it did it on its own.

hello i am having an issue with the option framework plug in. It wont allow me to active. was wondering if this was a compatibility issue. I purchased the photojax theme with the domain name meganbowersphotography.com

The options panel is now built-in so you don’t have to install the plugin, that’s why it won’t activate.

Maybe I need to update the docs?

I am with Ver. 1.2

Actually, I am afraid to get the theme updated because I had serious problems updating from 1.1 to 1.2 like … all images disappeared in gallery post type.

I am about to update, and wondering if the same problems would occur.

The issue before was because the admin panel was in a plugin and the plugin author updated the plugin with an error.

The theme now has the admin built-in to prevent this sort of issue. So when you update you shouldn’t have any problems, but note that everything is built-in now. So before updating please de-activate your plugins (options framework, symple shortcodes, symple galleries). and then update the theme. Everything should then work just fine.

ps: You should always keep your site backed up! I personally use VaultPress for my site so if anything happens I can fix it with a click of a button ;)

Hello, I’m setting up your Photojax theme for my friend and cant find the way to link one of the gallery thumbnail to external link (vimeo). Is there any way to do this? Marcin

You can use a plugin like this to redirect posts – http://wordpress.org/plugins/page-links-to/

The problem is the homepage is AJAXED by default, so if an item links to an external URL it’s still going to try and open it with AJAX, you’ll need a way to exclude that item from the function or disable the AJAX completely via the admin panel.

Hi! Thanks for reply. Page-links-to works but without ajax on homepage. How to exclude one item from ajax? I think that client choose this theme because of ajax…

You’ll need to edit js/ajax-galleries.js.

The line you want to alter is line 14.

var galleryItem = $('.ajax-content .gallery-entry a');

I suggest you create a new custom field for your posts, then hook that into the post_class hook so then you can give the items without ajax a unique classname and exclude them from the js function.

Hello i have created a gallery within my portfolio page but am having trouble with the images. i like how they are displayed but when clicked they take me to another page. Just wondering if there is a way to scroll through images rather than viewing them on a separate page when clicked. Site name is meganbowersphotography.com

On your portfolio page you are using the default WordPress gallery shortcode, which by default opens images in a new tab.

It wouldn’t be to hard and I can make an update to the template to enable lightbox on these galleries. Contact me via my profile page and I’ll see if I can push out the update this weekend and send you the files.


Does this theme support video at all?

Thank you.

Not in the galleries. Only in the standard blog posts or the “plain” gallery formats. Maybe in a future update though! I have some big plans for the next update..or actually most likely a new theme release ;)

Hi, is there any way to import metadata wit pictures. I think wordpress mediagallery does not import them natively. I installed NextGen Gallery plugin, but it stores the imported picture on other place as native WP core. Is there any way to use this pictures? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Actually I found out you’re right. WP really DOES import the metadata, however to import the capture field, the Name field must not be empty. There is a very nice plugin for Lightroom that would do the job namen LR/Blog which is supposed to do the job. Unfortunately this function does not work properly. Thank you for the tip with wp_read_image_metadata(). In what place should I start the reverse ingeneering of you theme? ;)

Assuming you are using the latest version: http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photojax/

You want to edit content-galleries.php line 43. Change where it currently reads…

<?php echo $attachment_meta['description']; ?>

Thank you very much. This helps a lot. Mario

Hi there,

I’ve just installed your theme on www.wissenburgfotografie.nl/wp and it works very fine. There is only one problem; IE8 isn’t working at all (the website keeps loading and we get errors). The error that occurs is the following “Object doesn’t support this property or method – query-2.0.3.min.js” and more errors that are related to .js. Any idea how we can solve this?


I see a jQuery error from a plugin called jquery-updater. Can you try removing to test?

Are you having the same problems with my live demo: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/photojax/