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Hello there Kotofey!

I would like to get ecommerce working on my site. I have installed woocommerce on another one of my websites and it was fairly easy to set up.

But it broke straightaway on photolio. I have tried my best to get it working with this:


I have created a new woocommerce.php file by copying the page.php file, but they suggest using hooks in functions.php and that is beyond my current ability.

The main thing is that the option for background image css disappears so the default slider keeps appearing. Also the “buy” button disappears.

I am wondering if you can provide woocommerce integration? (and for vernissage too)

P.S: it would be really nice if there was an option of applying the default slider to one page only on both of these themes, because as it is now, I have to choose a black background for every single new post to stop that appearing…

Yes I am willing to buy more support if you can help me with this.

Hi there,

Unfortunately this theme is not WooCommerce ready. You need to modify theme files if you want to use it with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce integration is not planned. Sorry.

Don’t know why you have problems. You need to replace the_content(); in the copied page.php to woocommerce_content(); . Then declare WooCommerce support as written in WooCommerce manual. Then you need add CSS styles for WooCommerce elements (if needed).

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Ok no problem I will look to another ecommerce solution. Foxycart seems to work (but it is more complicated to add products).

Can you please also help with this also?

It would be really nice if there was an option of applying the default background gallery slider to one page only, because as it is now, I have to choose a black background for every single new post to stop the slideshow from automatically appearing…

What I am saying is that rather than have the slider appear on every page, have it appear on only one page. Because as my two sites based on your themes grow, I have to manually add a black background on every single new blog post & page and this is not as convenient as it could be…

Hi Kotofey! I would like to know if is possible to change the size of the photo shawned on mosaic gallery http://easysite.by/photolio/mosaic/ beacuse they are perfect for vertical photos, but not for that orizontal like landscape the photography i’m doing. wait your answer, anyway what a wonderful job! keep going mate!


Yes, it’s possible. It’s require minor modification. I can tell you what you need to modify after purchasing.

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ok perfect! not decide yet between this and vernissage Theme, ll let you know as soon as possible! thank you very much to answer so soon!

hi! im trying to upload the backup of my site to a new domain but I keep getting this message when I try to upload the theme: “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

Hi there,

Only verified users can get support. Could you use account that was used for purchasing? Thx.

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