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Lovely, all best wishes :)

Thanks a lot :)


Thank you :)

This is an incredible theme, and I love it. there will be photographers all over the world waiting for something like this.

Could I just add something you might consider for the future :

Give the client an option of a different eye catching home page, as basically the home page is a gallery, some might want something a little more.

And secondly, what I keep getting asked for from photographers, and it is very important to some, password protected galleries.

Otherwise a wonderful theme.

Thank you for your nice words :)

You can select any page to be your home page – it doesn’t have to be a gallery.

And regarding password protected pages – WordPress provides such an option by default for default content, so you can do this with the WordPress gallery (called Quick Gallery on our demo). However, I will keep this suggestion in mind for the main Gallery :)

Nice gallery view. Where did you get preview photos?

Thank you :)

The images from the demo are from the PhotoDune marketplace.

This is really nice. Great job!

Thank you very much :)

Neat! You did a fantastic job! Love the offset gallery, I’ve used that a few times myself! :)

Thanks :)

Is that possible to have a fullscreen slideshow or something close to it on the homepage?

Thank you.


At this point there is a full width background image option, and regarding a full width slideshow – we may consider implementing one in a future update :)

This is brilliant theme, Good Luck on sells, Pexeto! Bookmarked :)

Thank you very much :)

You ar the best, Pexeto. Amazing theme, definetly would buy this :) Wish you no. 1 in best selling category! :)

Thank you again for your nice words! :)

Very impressive theme. I’d like to echo the previous post that a full screen slideshow on the homepage would make this an instant purchase.

As a photographer I like to showcase my latest work with the best possible impact right on the home page and as such would really like to see a full screen option.

Thanks :) We will be definitely considering a full width slideshow for the next update.

lovin this one ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Any plans to include some default widgets such as a flickr stream or twitter feed?

Can’t say for sure, but there are lots of widgets available in the WordPress repository, so you can just choose the ones that best suit your needs :)

Oh sure, I know that. The point is though that lots of themes now include common features such as twitter/flickr feeds as default widgets which are styled to match the theme and that’s obviously nicer than using a third-party one which may not look as good.

We will be keeping your suggestion in mind for the future updates :)

Full screen slide show option, and the option to password protect galleries without a plug-in would be awesome for a photographer like myself. I guarantee your theme would be an instate purchase without a second thought!!

Thanks for the suggestions, as mentioned above – we will be considering the full width slideshow option for the next update :)

really nice theme!

Like already asked, would be really great to have a full page slideshow in it :-) When updated i’m gonna purchase it right away!

One question, do you know if it works on a iPad or other tablet? On the iPhone the horizontal slideshow doesn’t work easy…

Great job though!

Thank you :)

I don’t have an iPad to test it, but for me it works fine on iPhone – I can slide trough all the images and it looks nice. The only difference from the computer is that there isn’t an easing animation, but this is normal as iPhone operates the scrolling animation in a different way.

Hi there!

As you can see, i bought the theme and i’m working on it :) But there is one thing so far…

The footer isn’t locked to the bottom of the brower. So if there are only 4 projects in the grid, the footer is about 50px from the browserbottom… is there a way that it will always be at the bottom and not floating? :-)

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for purchasing the theme!

I would like to ask you to use our support forum to post your support questions:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you :)

P.S. And please provide a link to your site so we can have a look.

WOW simply amazing!

Thank you very much :)

Very Great Job, wish you luck on sells. Im a new author still working on my first theme, and I hope get a nice expectation like this one ^^..

Good Luck.-

Thanks a lot and welcome to ThemeForest! I wish you good luck with your themes too :)

Nice theme!

I think to buy it, but I find the recognized problem with the Lightbox Grid Gallery again. Please, read this topic: , which is concerning of such kind of gallery. I cannot use it well.

Can I use my galleries under your beautiful theme? I still hope to find one of I need in themeforest-marketplace.

P.S. Why when I open one of photo on your Lightbox Grid Gallery, I see there only 5 photo instead of 10, which I see in the gallery on my 1920px screen? Please, look at here: There are 10 images, but when we open the first photo, we can browse only five of them in the lightbox.

P.S.S. Protected gallery is really need for photographers, that’s true.


I have read the topic you have posted a link to, but I can’t see any of the problems you have posted about the other theme in our theme demo – that gallery works in a much different way than Photolux one.

Regarding the lightbox – this is how it is designed. When you click on the lightbox, the images that you navigate trough are the images attached to that item. So, to each thumbnail you can attach lots of additional images that can be displayed as gallery within the lightbox – each item has its own lightbox gallery and when navgating trough the images in the lightbox, you navigate trough the images attached to the item whose thumbnail you have clicked, not the images within the whole gallery.

Regarding password protected pages – as I already mentioned, you can accomplish this with the Quick Gallery, and regarding the advanced grid gallery – we have already added this to our update/wishlist :)

Thanks for answers!!

If I understood you right, the one image in Grid gallery is the entry to others. I can attach to this image-entry some 300 additional images, right? And when a visitors open the image-entry, they will able to look at other 300 images through the light-box, right?

Please, put into your update-/wish-list the “play” button for light-box.

Yes, that’s right – to each thumbnail image you can attach additional images that will be opened in the lightbox.

Regarding play button – the lightbox supports this functionality, it is just disabled by default for the theme, but it is easy to enable it.

Really love what you did with this theme! Even like the general layout of the blog!

I do have a few questions though before I take the dive.


I really want to make it close to my current site, color wise, so it can in some way still have some flow w/ my current business card. Is it possible to change the color of the theme w/o having to find it in the CSS ? I know how to do somethings but not everything. Mostly looking to incorporate the blue in someway more then anything.


1. How does this theme handle portrait or vertical images? I notice far too many themes are built with landscape or horizontal images in mind and no consideration for vertical; as if photographers only shoot in horizontal. :) I know it’s a WP thing. This is also why I had to turn off the slideshow on the current theme, it handled vertical images badly.

2. This loosely relates to 1. But, how does this theme handle multiple images embedded into blog posts? Ideally, I would like it if the photo didn’t have to be clicked on once a user views a post but it’s not a deal breaker if it needs be setup like that. :)

Not sure if there is anything else but, thank you for taking the time in advance and good luck with your sales!!


Thank you for the nice words :) here are my answers:

Colors: I think you can accomplish something close to your site style with the admin panel options only (without having to edit the CSS ). If you select the light theme, after that you can choose the secondary color to be blue (the secondary color on the demo/light skin is the red one – it can be mostly seen on the blog page). You have also the option to change the colors of the other text sections as well.

1. This theme is designed to work well with both horizontal and vertical layout images – as you can see on the galleries on the demo, there are both types of layout images – they are well displayed on both the front page and slider page.

2. You can easily insert additional images to the blog – you can either insert them full width, one below another or you can embed a quick gallery within the post – here is an example of such gallery.

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this soon!

I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

Hi nice theme, is it possible to fix the Header with Logo?

Thanks :)

If you mean to set position “fixed” so they can be always visible on top – yes, this can be accomplished with 2-3 additional lines of CSS .

Hello ! Amazing theme !

- may I use outsidehosted pictures via link inside the single page of slider grid gallery ?

thank you

Thank you :)

The slider section images are the ones that are attached to the item via the WordPress Media Library, which works with uploaded to the server images only.