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Hi All,

If you have any support questions, we kindly ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

where all the Pexeto items support is handled – registration takes less than a minute. Thank you :)


Is there anywhere I can find a more detailed manual than the one supplied? Bought it yesterday and it’s not clear at all how things work and come together and I cant view a sample template to figure things out.


The documentation covers every part of the theme in a detail, however if you still can’t understand how something works, you can register on our support site here:

(as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled) and explain us what you have done so far and what you can’t understand how is working. Also you may refer to the “For WordPress Beginners” section of the documentation where we also have provided some very useful instructions about working with the theme. And also you can watch the video about creating a Grid Gallery here.


How can I have the “portfolio” launch a new window (target=”_blank”) rather than in the same window in this setting?

Portfolio Setting: Custom Link/Video URL ___


We have launched a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use this system to post your support questions:

Thank you :)

Your support forum does not have any of info that I require to help me out neither does the supplied documentation. Just figuring out how the blog works, getting drop down menus to work etc. Just a consideration on the forums, I am have so many websites and forums that I am connected to, to setup another username and password seems like too many passwords to manage lately. Everywhere you go, another username and password just not a good user experience..

Our support site has a knowledgebase containing frequently asked questions and some tutorials, however if you don’t find the answer of your question in there, you can open a ticket, ask us about it and we will be happy to help you.

For some reason my Google analytic code is visible at the bottom of my page Why does this happen?

Please check my replies to your comments above.


First of all, great theme, nice documentation :)

Since yesterday, i’ve got a bug within my grid gallery pages (wich are displayed as sliders). For some reason, there are some pictures that are inserted my text (the one on the left of the slider) and the “back to gallery” button, and it comes on ALL my pages (like a signature image or something like that). Here is a link with a screenshot:

Any idea where this comes from ?

Ps: here is the link of the site:

Thanks in advance.


First of all – thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

From your comment below I can see that you have figured this out, however if you still have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support site here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!

Nevermind, i sorted it :)

Sorry but in the forum the answers are a little late… how can I increased the number of pictures to show?


I couldn’t find an user with your username registered on our support site – I guess you might be using another username. Anyway, here you can read about the regular support time – our support site is the only place where the Pexeto support is handled, so if you have opened a ticket, it will be replied within the regular support time in there. Here in the comments section we reply to pre-purchase questions only.

thank you so much for this terrific theme! i was getting very frustrated with a couple of the other themes that i had purchased because i couldn’t get them to look ‘just right’. this one is perfect!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m very happy to hear that you are satisfied with the theme :)

Is there any way to play the video in Lightbox and Grid Gallery


Yes, there is – you can see an example here (for example the “YouTube video in lightbox” item) and you can read about how to set it in the Template Pages -> Grid Gallery -> “Creating the portfolio/gallery items” section of the documentation.

If you still have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support site here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

Hey Pexeto,

this is a pre-selling question: i would like to buy your theme but are uncertain about the image organization. By now I am using NextGen – is it possible to use NextGen combined with your theme? will there be any problems? Or does your theme include an image organization like albums, galleries, adding tags to certain images (not image after image, but for groups) and so on… I need a useful image organization as I am loading albums and galleries weekly…

Thanks for giving advise or linking to tutorials, examples! Best Wishes Sin


The theme uses the image attachments to the item to show in the slider – I haven’t worked much with this plugin, so I’m not completely introduced to all of the features it provides, but if you want you can check this video to see how the images are added to the items – it is by using the default WordPress “Add Media” functionality.

Pexeto, I’ve been curious about something for the longest time. What is a SIDEBAR ? Can you point to me in your DEMO , an example of a sidebar? I guess it’s something I may never need, but I’ve been curious. I play around with the functions just for fun, I create a sidebar and I assigned it to a page, but nothing changes, so I never know what a sidebar is.



The sidebar is the right area on standard pages which is next to the content and contains different widgets – for example on the Blog Page the sidebar is the section that contains the widgets Categories, Latest Projects, Search, etc. We have also included an explanation about the sidebars with screenshots in the “The Sidebars” section of the documentation.
If you still have any other questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support site here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

THanks for your answer. But, does your theme allow NExtGen or is it canibalising each other (as next gen includes image organization as well as gallery functions)... 2nd Question: Is there a possibility to divide the grid gallery layout to two sections? e.g. one part of the portfolio is left handed with an headline and the other part is right handed, with another headline? Can you limit the number of grid gallery items in 3 or 4 coloums? Thanks!


The theme should be working fine with the NextGen galleries – what I mean is that you should be able without any problems to create galleries with the plugin and use the galleries in the content. However, if you want to use the NextGen image organization into the slider of the gallery items – the gallery items display the images that are set as attchments to the item, so if the plugin has an option to assign a gallery of images as attachments to an item, then you would be able to use the plugin image organization into the gallery. Regarding the second question – the gallery doesn’t support such an option, so this would have to be accomplished with some code modifications. Regarding limiting the number of columns – this is easy to accomplish with one CSS addition – we have already created an article about this.

Just a quick question.. this thing looks perfect for me.

I’m fairly savvy with front-end dev and just semi with php/wp but I can make things happen…

Are the images in the grid gallery created via Posts? Like are those Featured Images/Thumbnails..

I ask because I’m creating a photo/caption contest backend for a client and this theme is perfect to display the submissions… but I want to make sure that I’ll be able to hack it together.

I’m using GravityForms to allow the users to enter by generating posts (and attach images)..

Provided that I’m able to code a little, will this functionality work? or at least be hackable in some way? :-)

hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks so much for the awesome theme!


Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme! :)

Yes, it makes sense. The theme uses custom post type called “portfolio” for the items and the images are added as attachments to each post. The thumbnail of the item is either set by selecting a featured image (in the same way as with standard posts), or if featured image is not selected, the first image from the attachment images will be used as a featured image. So, if you have something that converts the submissions into posts, you would just have to make sure that the post type is “portfolio” and also depending on what type of the item you would like to set (slider, lightbox, etc.) a custom meta value should be assigned to the item, but if you don’t do this, with a small code modification it will be easy to set a default value if none is assigned.

Thank you for the awesome theme. I really want to buy it and use it on my site. But I’m unable to purchase it via themeforest – the transaction via paypal or moneybooker is failing everytime I try. I have also logged one ticket on Envato support (#253529) – I have not got any response yet. Can you please let me know any other way I can purchase this theme?

I really hope that the Envato support will reply to your ticket soon, as we as authors don’t have any control over this. One more thing you can try is to try from another browser/computer – there may be some settings on yours that causes the problem.

Although I did not receive any response for my ticket from Envato support, I could successfully purchase this theme. I just tried different options and one of them worked… :) Thanks a lot! Looking forward to playing with it….

It’s good to hear this, I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

I’m seeing some issues with this theme in ie7 & ie8. Specifically, the logo is not displaying and when I tried to add an image directly in the theme a jquery element was added that interferes with the image. Do you have any fixes for that?


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!

P.S. When posting please also provide a link to your site so we can have a look.

Hi I post on your support page a ticket. I want to know if it is posible and how to add the cufon font to nav menu. thanks.


I can see that our support moderator has already posted a reply to your ticket – you can check it on our support system :)

Hi! Thank you for the good theme.


Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :)

Pexeto! Just open a ticket in support site. Please help when you can. Thanks!


You ticket has been answered, you can check it on the support site.

Hi Plexeto team, I noticed lately that due to High res images being deployed in the Portfolios, it takes a brutal amount of time to display them given the theme is Preloading the images prior to displaying the Gallery slider, this is even worse on a wireless connection, unless you’re on Wi-Fi, you wont be able to access the main page (at least in my case).

Is there a way to change the code in order to dynamically load the images as the user scrolls through instead of preloading them all in one shot after clicking on the model’s thumbnail?


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you :)