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Hi All,

If you have any support questions, we kindly ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

where all the Pexeto items support is handled – registration takes less than a minute. Thank you :)


Hey, awesome theme! I have just one problem. Last image in slider gallery is not complete. Please check:



Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!

Sorry, but I want my answer here ;)

I’m sorry but the only place our support is handled is in our support system, here we reply to pre-purhcase questions only. If I answer your question here, it wouldn’t be fair to all the other users that use our support system.

P.S. I had a quick look and it is the first time I see such kind of problem, so there isn’t an answer in one sentence. I think it is something that is related with your installation only and we will have to investigate this further and do some tests and I think it will take more than one comment to find what is causing this.

G’day Pexeto!
Love the Wordpress Theme! :)

I’ve been through the demo and have some feedback and a few questions. Here goes!

The Dark Transparent theme/skin rocks! :P
Any chance of a light transparent too?
Or are CSS changes only required?

On the following page, I found that the last image (“Image with Caption”) seems to not behave correctly… It appears to open a page when clicked, and when clicked again, just opens a plain white page with the image/photo itself – no lightbox or anything! :(

The RHS block labelled “Photography Projects” – do these tiled thumbnails randomise themselves and both display in different sequence AND update / change when new content is added to the site? (or must photos be added to a specific page/element for them to appear here?)

  • When viewing the Slider Grid Gallery (default), the bottom slider (scroll bar) is not very obvious or clear. i.e. the left/right arrows aren’t pronouce / obvious enough. Therefore, can this be made taller, without pushing the content up (i.e. reducing the margin above the scroll bar). Or does the slider scrollbar have an absolute position?
  • Would be nice if you could use the mouse to drag through the photos too (L/R) instead of only clicking on arrows.
  • Would be nice if there was a very slow creep, where the images slowly slid (at adjustable speed) ;)

How does the “Load More” work? Do you specify the number of images to load by default, then tell the “Load More” to load an additional 20 or xx images upon each click? (Well not images, but gallery preview images – linking to content).

The jQuery accordian doesn’t appear to be very fluid – with the last 30% of contracting/expanding being very shakey and moving too quickly, moving rest of page content too…

The font examples are BRILLIANT ! Do they change the body font style too? or just the heading/sub-heading/info fonts?

Look forward to your feedback and answers to these questions!
p.s. You should have a FAQ section for standard questions you no doubt receive all the time! :P
p.p.s. Not a fan of the right click javascript block. I was wanting to make some tweaks and changes to the pages via Google Chrome developer tools – to try and change it to white etc… :P


Thanks for the ‘responsive’ reply! :)

  • Are all images automatically resized – i.e. Full size images uploaded (3 megapixel for example), then resized to 1000px by 1000px (full size image), then resized to 400px by 500px (normal image), and then 50×50 for thumbnail, etc.
  • So when images are loaded / clicked, they are not trying to load the full size images and so on?
  • If you change the setting for the size of the thumbnails – are all the thumbnails then re-created? (so not to be distorted).
  • So the CSS can easily be changed to accommodate a non-black theme?
  • Sorry, my question isn’t about the caption. The question is why does the image (when clicked) not behave correctly? Is this a bug you need to fix???
  • Perhaps it needs a #prettyphoto block around it? As it OPENS the image in a NEW TAB – just the image, white background, nothing else. :?
  • See here @
  • Would be nice if there was a very slow creep (movement), where the images slowly slides (at adjustable speed). Does this make sense? So the images move slowly … along … the …. screen ….?
  • Scroll-bar height – Great! I’m not a fan of lots of padding, and rather have padding at top of page, than at bottom or sides. Thanks.
  • Oh! New Question: Can the layout be changed to VERTICAL instead of HORIZONTAL ? :)
  • So this covers how many to initially load, then how many to load when “load more” is clicked? Right?
  • Or is there a separate setting for initial images loaded on page load?

Cheers mate!


- Image resizing – for the different sections resizing is handled in a different way. In most sections (such as gallery thumbnails) the Timthumb resizing script is used, which doesn’t require regenerating the thumbnails when you change the default size. The only section where the images are not resized is the image preview in gallery (either in the slider or in the lightbox), as very often people want to show the original large version of the images.
- Skins – If you have some CSS knowlegde, you can change it – the CSS is well organized.
- Image Styles/Layout – this is not a bug, as I mentioned above, this is the default way WordPress links images – to their single pages. But if you, for example add a “lightbox” rel attribute to the image, it will be opened in lightbox. Or you can just remove this link or change it to something else.
- Slider view – there aren’t options included to change the way the gallery slides or its orientation (from horizontal to vertical).
- Load more – it is one option for both initial load number and additional load number. If you set 10 – 10 items will be loaded initially and 10 items will be loaded on every additional loading.



Thèmes endommagés

Les thèmes suivants sont installés, mais incomplets. Les thèmes doivent avoir au moins une feuille de style et un modèle.

Nom Description themeforest-894193-photolux-photography-portfolio-wordpress-theme La feuille de style manque.


I guess you might be trying to upload the whole zip file that you have downloaded and this is not correct, because this file contains not only the theme, but PhotoShop files, documentation, etc. You have to unzip the download zip file and there you should see the zipped theme and after that you can upload it from the Install Themes section of the admin panel.

For more information you can refer to the “Activating the theme” section of the documentation included or watch the installation videos here: If you still experience any problems, I would like to ask you to use our support system here:
as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!

Hi, is this also an iphone – ipad theme? You know what i mean? Like your theme “expression”?


The theme contains some mobile device optimizations and looks and works well on the mobile devices, however it is not completely responsive as our Expression theme. We are currently working on a responsive update of Photolux, so if everything goes well with it (all the elements can be made responsive), I hope we will be able to release the update soon.


I’m looking at all the items of the photolux theme. Is there also a way to display the images of the portfolio into a RSS feed? Is that also available in the theme? Or is there a way to see the images of a category in a RSS feed?

Tnx, Jan

Hi Jan,

By default WordPress shows only the excerpt in the feed without any images. I did a quick search in the plugin repository and found this plugin that shows the featured image in the feed, so it may provide an option to show all the other image attachments as well. You can also look for other plugins – there may be others as well. Generally you can test this with any theme – you can create a post and add image attachments to it by using the “Add media” button of the post – if you find a plugin that adds the images to a standard post feed, it should be working with the theme’s portfolio item feed as well.

Hi, Really nice site! Question before I buy:

When you advance on the horizontal sliding gallery using the arrows, the “slide” is a little jittery / jumpy. Is there a way to smooth the images when they slide in?



Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

We have done lots of optimizations for the slider to make its animation as smooth as possible, but it is not only the code that this depends on – how smooth the animation is depends on the browser you use and the way it renders the animations and also it depends on your computer performance.


This theme looks awesome and I am interested. Couple of questions before I buy it:

1. does the theme work properly on iPhone, iPod and iPad? 2. does it have Shopping Cart?



I’m glad you like the theme :) Here are my answers:

1. Yes, it looks and works well on i-devices – we have included some optimizations for mobile devices. I have tested it on two different iPhones and an iPad and it works well on them – you can test the demo yourself as well if you have such a device.
2. Shopping cart functionality is usually added by a plugin – the theme doesn’t include such kind of functionality. There are lots of e-commerce plugins available that you can embed with the theme.

Hello Your theme looks great man! :) I’m ready to purchase this but I need to know first… Right after that can you help to change the actual 290px width (Portfolio) x 150 px width ? (I need more images on the actual portfolio page) Thank you and…Good life there!


Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

There is an option included to change the default image width, so yes – you can easily change it to 150 pixels or whatever size you like.

Delicious teplate – Is it possible to insert a gallery with coverflow on the page – do you have an idea/experience?



If you are referring to a gallery animation similar to the album cover gallery on the Apple devices – the theme doesn’t support such kind of gallery, so you may also check some plugins for this. The slider in the gallery is quite similar to this though.

Thank you my friend. Last question, Can I show subcategories in the filter menu? Something like this: I think that’s the most important feature for me, right now :) Thank you!


The categories filter supports one level of categories. Alternatively if you need to create a hierarchy, you can do this with pages – create a separate gallery for each main category which will contain all the subcategories in the filter. Then in the main menu you can add each gallery in a drop-down for example.

if i want to add video in porfolio or galleries ,can this theme be added?


Yes, you can add a video to the gallery. You can see an example of a lightbox video in the Mixed Grid Gallery page, on the “YouTube video in lightbox”. Also, another option would be to link the item to its single page where you can embed the video directly into the content of the item.


I have purchased the Photolux theme and was wondering if it would be (easily) possible to add social media button into the footer (on the right side). For instance buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

My site is:

kind regards


We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you :)

Hi all,

I’m about to purchase this item. I already have wordpress installed on my webhosting. My question is:

-Is a theme like this hard to install? Because i don’t see a tutorial how to install this theme once purchased. -I have a domainname .nl and .net is this multisite?


This theme is installed like every other theme – you can do it either with the WordPress admin or with FTP . If you want you can watch these videos we have created to see both ways of installing (the videos show an example with another theme, but the process is the same with Photolux).


Could you please tell me how many pictures can I use on each portfolio item?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Eliott,

If you are asking about the slider or lightbox – generally there isn’t a limitation. I have tested it with around 100 images and it works well (with the partial image loading enabled).

hello, ust would like to kindly ask what parameters I need from webhosting to keep it running. does it need ms sql, asp. NET or something else. my provider of hosting use linux.

also there is some admin tool or I need to open page in HTML editor and adit with extensive knowledge of code…?

when I buy I receive folder zip and change and upload on my webhosting server?



Hi Martin,

As this is a WordPress theme, you need to have WordPress installed on your server. You can check the server requirements for WordPress here, the theme itself doesn’t have any additional requirements.

Hey ! great theme !

just a little question: how can I add a facebook like button on a portfolio item ? I want the button to appear beneath the title of the portfolio item.



Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

We have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use our support system here:

to post your support questions. Thank you!


First of all, this theme looks great!

I was wondering though, I usually have images and video to showcase in my portfolio, and I saw it was possible to create a grid gallery with video and images. But is it also possible to add video to the slider? Or perhaps add a Youtube / Vimeo video in the description of the preview slider which opens in a ligthbox?



Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

The slider in the gallery supports images only, if you want to add a video one option would be to be in a lightbox (as you can see an example on the demo), or alternatively you can link the item to its single content page and embed the video directly into the content of the item.

Thanks for the quick reply.

So its not possible to add a text-link in the description to the left of the preview slider with a lightbox?

You can add a link in the description of the item – it supports all the standard elements in from the editor. Only if you want to add a lightbox to open, it should be initialized, but this is easy to accomplish – requires one line of code (we can provide the instructions on our support site).

Hi. I like the filtered Lightbox Gallery. But I would like the lightbox to browse through all the images of the gallery instead of the images of the portfolio represented by the clicked image. (In my case all portfolios will only consist of one image.) My point is to produce a fast way to go through a number of images. And I need the flexible proportions (masonry) in the portfolio gallery grid, not the fixed proportions of the quick gallery (which also seems to lack texts and category filters).

Will I be able to obtain this with Photolux or any of your other themes?


By default the gallery is designed to show a set of images to each item. If you want to make it all connected – have only one preview image per each thumbnail and links in the lightbox to the next item’s preview image, it will require a few tweaks in the code. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to make the items video items (as video items use standard lightbox initialization) and only make one small tweak (we can provide the instructions on our support site) in the code to add links in the lightbox. If you are also interested in our other themes – all of our themes that were created before Photolux work in this way (in the way you want), so you can check any of them.

Hi there,

Do you plan to make a theme responsive?



We have already started working on a responsive design update, but there are some complications because the theme was not initially designed in a responsive layout. If we manage to handle them without having to recode everything from scratch, we will release the update.

Thanks for a reply!