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What is possible with the free template? can you use it for ure business? Can you change the html, css and jquery?


Read here about the Regular license – http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

And the copyright on the bottom of the page, can you delete/change that? I’m not finding it in the terms of use from the regular license. thanks for replying.

Yes, you can change it.

Increíble! Tiene una gran calidad. Gracias.

Thanks :)

I have a different idea for the pull-down menu at the top. So if I start with it open which I have figured out, how can I make it so that if they close it and go to another page it stays closed? Basically it remembers what position it was in last. I assume I would need to use cookies? Any info/help for this? Otherwise, great product! :)

What is the name of the Logo Font? (Nice Design – like the ‘Clean Style’) :)


It’s Brush Script.


Just want to say thank you! This theme is awesome and it is even more awesome that you share it for free! Thanks for your kindness!


Thanks Andy ;)

Unpacking the update.

Trying to install a theme.

Package can not be installed. No theme style.css style sheet.

Theme Installation failed.


Be attentive. It’s not a WordPress theme, it’s HTML template :)

It purchased the wrong theme. Is it possible to change the theme of WordPress?

Unfortunately, there is no a WordPress version of this theme.

OK, i Got it, i Like it, clean, functional, responsive and BLAZING FAST. Well Documented. ¿ Any way to make a sitemap for Google Webmaster EASY ?, please. I need the SEO to be perfect. THANKS for the great work.

It’s not a customization, i’ll do it, i’m just trying to find out a tool to do it. I don’t wanna damage the source code with too much external code.


thanks for your beautiful themes! ZERGE!

I have good designed plan of social theme in the photoshop .PSD i need Cooperation to programming it to real website you can help me?! this plan is so big idea never seen before this template can be new order to visitors or maybe buyers

best regards!

crax.core@yahoo.com contact me

Hi craxcore,

Unfortunately, at the moment we are very busy with other projects

I wish you bests ZERGE if you decide to accept this project every time, please contact me! my PSD file is ready to send you for cooperation kindly

please Excuose me about typing at False word of your name ZERGE! at first! my mistake

No problem ;)

Hello, Love the template, thanks! What would it take to add a music player to the site?


You can use any HTML code for this (iframe, etc.)

One more question, the slide show on the index page where is the html file to change the 940×400 pix? What is the size of the image in inches? Can the size be changed to 1000×600?

It depends on image size.

Amazing Job!,

GLWS man

Thanks ;)

Nice theme. Thank you, ZERGE Good Luck for your work and sale. :-)

Thank you! :)

Little small thing. I’m probably just being stupid. I’m trying to edit the arrow on the very top of the page , the one to discover the contact section, because i want to change it for an bigger icon. but everytime i do it, i broke the code. i found out, isn’t an icon. What can i do?

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify?

Nevermind.. i’m working on it and it’s been great. http://beta.hamacaweb.com now i’m just trying to force an .htaccess rewrite to not show the .html (pretty pretty) and it’s working but the page dosen’t show correctly look like it brokes the code…EX: http://beta.hamacaweb.com/blog/

Amazing Job!, goodl luck :)

Thanks ;)

It says style.css is missng when i upload

anyway chance of it being converted in the future?

Not planned.

Hello Thank you for this Zerge Loving template I wanted to ask you whether you can change the purchase button at the top right or even leave?

may be above and below the logo Photomin Replace?

thank you very much you are the greatfull User i see that the Humanity is still available thank you for that

Hi Zerge !

I have another question since I can also delete the text here or leave must you do that ?

@ 2012 All Rights Reserved. Designed by ZERGE for Themeforest.

This can be changed to whatever you want.

Hi Zerge,

Is there any way to make the slider display a vimeo clip? Thanks for this amazing theme.!

Perfect, thank you very much.

<stong>ZERGE!!! UR my GOD!

I’m not a very good programmer, and I need urgently to upload a provisional portfolio of my stuff. So I arrived to this page and thanks to your awesome job, I can see the light again. I’m very thankful!!! Good vibes from México :)

Thanks :)

Do I get the Regular License even If I download it for free ?

Yes. Each user is entitled to one free regular license.

<stong>ZERGE!!! UR my GOD!

I’m not a very good programmer

I Love this