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If you use the flex slider for your homepage , is it possible to add a page into it instead a gallery ? My problem is that just the featured images from a gallery appear in the flex slider. I want to have the featured image of a page i had create to be shown there. Any suggestions how to do that ?

You can go to Appearance > Theme Options and under the Home tab select to display a single gallery on the homepage – http://cl.ly/image/2Q0q0y452H0G – that sounds like what you are looking for.

Hi, Is there a way I can download the files as per the demo as I would like my site configured in a very similar manner?

I didn’t include the sample data with this theme because it’s a photography theme and would really just hog up your server with tons of images. However, I can provide it if you want it! Send me a direct email at wpexplorer (at gmail dot com) and I’ll email over the xml file.

Hi, on the full width page template, how can I remove the blank white space including the grey line at the top and the blank white space on the left and right. So a photo I put on to the page can cover the edges along the 3 sides within right content side

Hi, thanks for sending this across, this removed the padding on the right side of the content area. However, there is still the white margin area at the top with the grey line across. Trying to have it set up such that an image place on a “full-width” template page will begin right at the top. Thanks

So, I managed to remove the grey line by removing “page-header” and display none. However there is still a plain white margin before the post begins. How can I remove this margin, so everything starts from the absolute top?


You’ll need to share the URL so I can see what you’ve done.

I purchased your PhotoPro theme back in March 2014 but the theme is not in my download section. Is there a way I could get the theme/file back?

I have the email receipt if necessary. Thank you in advance.

Please make sure you are logged into the correct account. It’s not showing the purchased label next to your username either :(

For any sales issues though you need to contact Envato directly as a author on the marketplace I don’t have access to any of that data.

Hey, my copyright showing only in homepage, i want to show also on galleries

Please log in with the correct account or purchase the theme under this account name for support. Support is for verified customers only that have the “purchased” and “supported” tags next to their username. Thanks!

Also please show me the URL with the issue so I can have a look at the problem, thanks ;)

Is it possible to add captions into the gallery photos while in the lightbox mode? Thanks

Goodmoring, do you can change the theme on one page? I wish the pictures have a title and that the title has a menu entry. Is it this possible? Thanks!

Unfortunately this isn’t possible by default. Only what you see in the live demo is possible ;)


Does this theme works with latest Wordpress 4.4.1? Because last updated date is 18 March 14.



Yes the live demo is using the latest version of WordPress. I do plan on making an update to the theme this year (a big update so it’s fully responsive and includes new gallery styles…etc) but I don’t have an ETA for that.

Please, send me demo content .xml file in alexonya@mail.ru (wrote to support itam – no unswer) :(

Thank you! Found!